Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 964 - -difficult times  

Chapter 964: Chapter 964-difficult times

Liang Wenyuan was so frightened that his tone of voice began to tremble and tremble.

Although he had already reached the ninth grade martial Saint realm, and before he joined this group of people, he had spoken very beautifully and looked very confident. He was just playing a psychological battle with them.

He just wanted to make them think that he was a powerful expert before joining. This way, the other party would be more willing to let him join and would not suspect him.

However, Liang Wenyuan didn’t realize that joining this place was far more dangerous than he had imagined!

He had killed one person right from the start. That pretty girl called Lilia had been struck by the barrier at the entrance of the spaceship and turned into a charred corpse!

Every time he thought of this, he felt that it was really unbelievable!

A living person had been killed right in front of him. This had been a shadow in Liang Wenyuan’s heart until now.

Liang Wenyuan was so frightened that his expression changed. He turned around and wanted to leave, but at this moment, where could he go?

After all, there was only one way out of this cave, and it had been sealed by the mysterious barrier behind it. They had no chance of leaving at all, so they could only choose one of the two here.

Otherwise, he would have to bite the bullet and fight it out with the mutated black bear exotic beast with such a powerful aura. Otherwise, he would just be eaten by it.

Liang Wenyuan’s eyes were filled with horror. He was so terrified that his entire body trembled.

He trembled as he retreated and hid behind the crowd. No matter what, even if he was going to die, he would be the last one to die. He would make this group of people his scapegoats!

Zhou Hao looked warily at the mutated black bear in the distance. He made a hand gesture, indicating for everyone to quiet down.

Everyone held their breath and looked in the direction Zhou Hao pointed out.

“Look, this mutated black bear exotic beast seems to be here to hibernate. Its breathing is even, and it doesn’t even blink its eyes. It clearly didn’t notice where we are at all.”

Zhou Hao turned around and looked at the group of people. He consoled them,””So, as long as we’re careful and don’t let him discover us, there won’t be any problems.”

This short sentence immediately gave everyone a lot of confidence.

They glanced around with fear on their faces. The mutated black bear in the distance was indeed the same as Zhou Hao had said!

This made the originally nervous and vigilant people relax a little.

Liang Wenyuan also heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he laughed and said,””Hehe, so you’re hibernating. Then …”

“Ahem, we have to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, if we attract its attention, we’ll all be finished.”

Liang Wenyuan’s words had some basis. After all, this place was where the exotic beast lived. No one knew how much potential danger there was in the surroundings.

The only thing they could do now was to get away from this exotic beast as soon as possible.

“But how are we supposed to get out?”

Jonina calmed herself down and couldn’t help but look around. However, she couldn’t see any way out. There seemed to be faint rays of light behind the mutated beast. Could it be …

The door to the outside world had already been blocked by this mutated black bear.

At this critical moment, Liang Wenyuan, who was behind him, suddenly tripped over something.

“Aiyo!” He yelped and then looked at his feet in confusion.

When he saw clearly what had tripped him, his head immediately buzzed and exploded. He felt all the hair on his body stand on end, and he couldn’t even stand steadily.

“F * ck me … What the f * ck is this thing? it scared me to death!”

Liang Wenyuan cried out in shock, scaring everyone into looking in the direction that Liang Wenyuan was looking at.

Jonina’s face was filled with dissatisfaction. She looked at the mutated black bear Beast in front of her with a frown, then shouted angrily,””That’s enough. You’re so loud. Are you worried that you won’t be able to wake up the mutated black bear Beast and it’ll eat us all?”

Liang Wenyuan was drenched in cold sweat. He could not help but look at Qiao Nina with fear and trepidation. He pointed at the ground beneath his feet.

“You guys … Take a look for yourselves. What is this?”

As the lights were extremely dim, everyone was only looking at the road in the distance and the surrounding walls. They did not notice what was under their feet at all.

Now, Liang Wenyuan’s scream made him lower his head in shock and look at the scene under his feet.

It would have been better if they hadn’t looked, but the moment they did, they almost fainted from shock.

There were a few piles of white bones on the ground!

Moreover, looking at the degree of decomposition of these bones, it should have been a long time.

Liang Wenyuan was so nervous that his face turned pale and his breathing became labored. At that moment, he felt as if he was surrounded by despair. He did not even have the strength to move forward.

“We’re done for! This time, we’re done for!”

Liang Wenyuan simply sat down on the ground, his face dispirited. There was no way out now. If he wanted to leave this place, he had to pass through the mutated black bear’s back. This was simply something that felt extremely impossible just by thinking about it!

At this moment, even the gray-haired man who had been calmly following behind Zhou Hao at the beginning was instantly frightened by this scene.

The aura of the mutated black bear was simply too strong. The gray-haired man didn’t have any time to react, and was immediately suppressed and fell heavily to the ground.

“We’re done for. Such a powerful aura is not something we can stop …”

The gray-haired man subconsciously felt that even Zhou Hao might not be able to do anything against such a powerful aura. Hence, he stammered in fear.

“Not really? I don’t think so. ”

Zhou Hao smiled and slowly said,””Although the aura of the mutated black bear is strong, it’s not like there’s no way to break it.”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he immediately took out the ancient jade that he always carried with him. His face was filled with a calm smile.

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