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Chapter 963 - -huge exotic beast  

Chapter 963: Chapter 963-huge exotic beast

Everyone’s footsteps continued to speed up.

Zhou Hao took the opportunity to take out the ancient jade from his storage space.

Zhou Hao knew that if he wanted to pass through the cave smoothly, it would be impossible to rely on the defensive barrier.

In truth, they had no idea what the mutated beasts they were facing were like.

If he really met them head-on, he might not have a good ending.

Moreover, if this mutated beast could still detect their presence even after it had concealed its aura, they would have to find a suitable opportunity to counterattack immediately.

Now was the best time to improve his strength.

Zhou Hao had to quickly increase his strength before he encountered the mutated beast.

Zhou Hao’s expression was extremely serious. He immediately picked up the ancient jade in his hand and tried to absorb the energy source within it.

When he felt the energy source continuously flowing into his body, the expression on his face finally seemed to relax a little.

At that moment, Zhou Hao took a deep breath and immediately raised his hand. He could feel the power constantly spreading out, as if it was extending infinitely in the surroundings.

In that instant, Zhou Hao could even sense that the space around him seemed to be constantly distorting!

It was as if the space around Zhou Hao was being torn apart by the powerful energy source.

A powerful force whistled out continuously. In the next moment, Zhou Hao felt a powerful and violent force whizzing out of his body. It did not take long for him to realize that something was wrong.

This aura was extremely powerful. It filled his body and made him feel hot all over. It was as if there was an endless power waiting to be unleashed!

Zhou Hao’s head was buzzing.

He couldn’t control himself and let out a roar. The surroundings suddenly seemed to be collapsing and the earth was splitting apart. There was an extremely violent explosion.

The sound echoed in the narrow cave, scaring the people who were following Zhou Hao and running away. Their bodies trembled violently, and their breathing became rapid.

“Oh no, Zhou Hao, the protective barrier on your body has shattered.”

When Qiao Nina, who was beside Zhou Hao, saw the aura from Zhou Hao’s body gradually spreading out, her expression changed. She hurriedly followed after him and said anxiously,””Zhou Hao, Zhou Hao, what are you doing? your defensive barrier is about to break!”

At this moment, Zhou Hao’s body was being continuously injected with an incomparably huge amount of energy. He could not control himself at all.

In order to maintain his consciousness, he immediately bit the tip of his tongue. A fishy and sweet smell immediately filled his mouth, and blood immediately flowed down the corner of his mouth.

In the next second, something that shocked Jonina happened.

The blood flowing from the corner of Zhou Hao’s mouth seemed to be drawn by the Jade, and was rapidly being absorbed by the Jade!

Zhou Hao’s eyes flashed with a sharp glint as he allowed the energy source to enter his body.

Soon, Zhou Hao’s body was surrounded by something similar to the electric current that surrounded the treasures in the spaceship earlier. It whizzed and swept toward Zhou Hao.

At that moment, an invisible force of deterrence spread out and enveloped the surrounding people.

An invisible force gathered in an instant. The ancient jade in Zhou Hao’s hand also emitted a strange blue light!

“This is …”

Jonina’s expression was one of shock. She looked at the piece of ancient jade in shock and muttered to herself for a long time, unable to say a single word.

Such a powerful force was actually contained in this small piece of ancient jade. This piece of ancient jade was definitely not that simple!

As the road in front of them became wider and wider, the cave that was as high as a thirty-story building was so wide that it could accommodate twenty people. They could even walk side by side.

The road behind Liang Wenyuan did not continue to close. They seemed to have come to a space condensed by a huge natural cave.

At this moment, Jonina, who was following behind Zhou Hao, was the first to notice that something was not right in the distance.

“Zhou Hao!” She shouted in shock. Zhou Hao! Don’t go any further, there’s … There’s danger ahead!”

Zhou Hao’s speed was so fast that he did not even slow down. When he heard what Jonina said to him, he immediately opened his eyes and looked forward.

At the forefront was an extremely huge mutated black bear Beast. Its head was already as tall as a ten-story building, and its body was well-built and huge. From afar, its eyes were almost bigger than a human’s head.

When they saw this, the faces of the people behind Zhou Hao changed.

Liang Wenyuan, who was standing the furthest away, immediately stopped in his tracks. His eyes were filled with fear and disbelief. He was extremely frightened and overwhelmed with shock!

Just as he was about to retreat, he stepped on a stone on the ground and almost fell.

It was the gray-haired man who held Liang Wenyuan in time, preventing him from falling to the ground.

Although the gray-haired man was also scared, he had seen Zhou Hao’s strength before. He knew that Zhou Hao was no ordinary person, so he didn’t show any fear when facing the mutated beast.

With Zhou Hao as his source of confidence, the gray-haired man naturally wasn’t afraid. However, it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t panicking in the face of such a powerful mutated beast.

After all, such a fierce and huge exotic beast could probably stomp them to death with a single stomp in front of them, who didn’t have high-tech weapons!

Crushing him into a meat patty would probably be an easy task, as easy as blowing off dust!

A coward like Liang Wenyuan would probably wet his pants when he saw such a ferocious exotic beast, not daring to step forward and fight it.

At this moment, he could only hide behind the crowd in fear and trepidation as he looked at the gray-haired man in front of him. He also began to stutter, unable to say anything at all.

He was so frightened that his face turned pale and his scalp went numb. His breathing began to become rapid, and his entire back was soaked with sweat. He looked very miserable.

“I … I told you not to come here. Is that okay now?”

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