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Chapter 973 - Mutation due to radiation  

Chapter 973: Mutation due to radiation

The further they walked, the more Zhou Hao could sense that they were getting closer and closer to Milky Way star.

This intense feeling made Zhou Hao’s breathing Quicken.

The radiation level around Milky Way star was very high. The further they went, they could vaguely see many mutated people who had been affected by the radiation. They were like zombies, screaming in pain and screaming.

They looked very strange. They had long horns on their heads, and their facial features were deformed. Their limbs were slender and powerful. Some had tails behind their backs, and some had wings. They looked extremely terrifying.

Furthermore, after being mutated by the radiation, they were no different from zombies. They had to be shot in the head before they could die.

Zhou Hao, the gray-haired man, and Jonina tried their best not to make a sound as they carefully moved closer to the distance.

Fortunately, this group of mutants seemed to have lost a lot of their hearing. In addition, the surrounding mutants were constantly shouting and shouting, so their voices were not as clear as before.

At the thought of this, Zhou Hao immediately led the gray-haired man and Jonina towards the other side of the hill.

Very quickly, the group had crossed the mountain.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, Zhou Hao could clearly feel that the energy source within the ancient jade was gradually becoming stronger, as if it was resonating with the Milky Way star!

Feeling this, Zhou Hao’s heart was filled with joy. He immediately walked forward.

After walking for about five minutes, the three of them saw a huge volcano in the distance.

On top of the volcano, magma was still gurgling out, looking extremely terrifying.

At the foot of the lava Mountain, there was a huge square array. The square array was formed by nine pillars. In the middle, a strange-shaped crystal slowly floated.

The crystal was dark green in color, and the stone was glowing with light. There were electric currents flashing around it. Looking at the formation, Zhou Hao suddenly thought of the barrier they had used to get the treasure on the spaceship!

That barrier was very similar to this one. It seemed that there should have been something on the nine pillars.

Zhou Hao’s face darkened. He immediately walked over and began to study it carefully.

“Is there a possibility that the forbidden land’s Milky Way star is actually something left behind by those people in the spaceship?”

Zhou Hao took a look at it, then said with a serious expression,””Otherwise, how could this place contain such a powerful energy source stone?”

“If that’s the case, then everything can be explained.”

” 10000 years ago, the people who piloted that spaceship had Milky Way star on their spaceship.”

“Because the magnetic field of the forbidden land was in chaos, their spaceship was severely damaged and crashed in the forbidden land. The Milky Way star that drove the spaceship was also lost and is now hidden in a corner of the forbidden land.”

“The spaceship is now trapped here, unable to leave. Milky Way star has also completely disrupted the magnetic field of the forbidden land, causing strong radiation to occur near the forbidden land, causing the magnetic field here to change.”

“So, I’m guessing that if we want to get the Milky Way star, we have to put the treasures we took on these nine pillars to activate the barrier.”

After Zhou Hao said this, Jonina, who was standing beside him, smiled and nodded.

“Mr. Zhou, you’re really smart. You’re right, this is the way to open the Milky Way star.”

Zhou Hao looked at Jonina in surprise. He could not help but ask,””Oh? Is that so?”

“How did miss Qiao know about this? could it be …”

“Not bad.”

Jonina’s expression instantly turned serious. She slowly stood up and said with a serious expression,””In fact, 10000 years ago, when the barrier of the forbidden land was opened, the ancestors of our planet mandaronina had come here to explore.”

“At that time, they recorded everything they saw and heard in ancient books. I happened to see the ancient book that recorded the contents of the forbidden land.”

“The way to open the barrier here is to place the nine treasures on the Flying Ship on this pillar. Then, an extremely powerful force is required to activate the barrier.”

“The people in the spaceship didn’t take Milky Way star back because they knew that even if they got the energy source stone, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place.”

“Because once the boundary of the forbidden area is closed, it will take ten thousand years for the spiritual Qi around the boundary to dissipate to its weakest point. Only then will they have a chance to leave again. After ten thousand years, they will have long turned into piles of bones.”

When she said this, Jonina’s tone actually had a hint of sadness.

Zhou Hao looked into the distance and noticed that there were a few more mutants around Milky Way star. They were walking towards them, but it seemed that the radiation here was too strong, so they could not walk over and could only wander around.

Zhou Hao’s expression turned serious. He immediately took out all the treasures he had obtained in the spaceship.

When she saw the item in Zhou Hao’s hand, Jonina’s face was filled with hesitation as she said,””But we’re still missing one treasure, the one in Liang Wenyuan’s hands.”

“Liang Wenyuan isn’t here now, and we don’t know where he is. I’m afraid this matter will be difficult to handle.”

“It’s not difficult. ”

Zhou Hao said indifferently. Then, he smiled and said softly, “I’ve already installed a tracking device on him. As long as the magnetic field is restored, we can determine his location.”

“But we don’t have much time left. The combat suits we’re wearing can only last for half a day. If we can’t find Liang Wenyuan’s exact location within half a day, then …”

Jonina’s expression was extremely serious. She then said sternly,””When the time comes, the mutants around us will notice our location.”

“If they charge at us together, even if they don’t have enough strength, they’ll still have a lot of people. We’ll be in great danger. At that time, the three of us will be in danger.”

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