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Chapter 959 - The world in the cave    

Chapter 959: The world in the cave


It was so quiet in the surroundings that only their footsteps could be heard, which constantly reverberated in this mountain cave.

As everyone continued to move forward, time also passed by bit by bit.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Zhou Hao’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

Seeing this, Jonina and Thunder immediately became alert.

They all stood behind Zhou Hao and looked around with serious expressions, in case something suddenly appeared.

After all, they were now in an unknown cave.

If something were to suddenly appear, they would have to struggle to escape. After all, the path to leave the cave was so narrow that their toes were almost touching their soles. When they walked, they would have to turn sideways.

Not to mention running forward, he really had no choice.

“Did you guys hear something?”

Just then, Jonina, who was walking in the middle, suddenly became alert.

She subconsciously clenched the long knife in her hand. She was so nervous that her breathing was rapid, and her face was slightly pale. She could not help but look around vigilantly, and she was so nervous that she kept swallowing her saliva.

“Don’t … Don’t scare me. I didn’t hear anything. ”

Liang Wenyuan, who was beside her, was also shocked by Qiao Nina’s words.

He scanned his surroundings nervously and suddenly felt his scalp go numb.

One must know that it was the easiest for people to be afraid in an unknown world.

If they encountered any potential danger, it might be more numbing than facing this fear.

“Shut up, don’t talk.”

Lei ting, who was standing at the side, suddenly shouted angrily.

Very quickly, the surroundings became quiet.

In the next second, the entire cave fell into silence. Only the sound of dewdrops falling could be heard, reverberating in the cave.

Everyone held their breath and listened carefully to the sounds in the distance.

Zhou Hao’s hearing was much keener than ordinary people ‘s. After hearing these words, his face immediately became serious.

“I heard a sound similar to the breathing of an exotic beast,” he couldn’t help but say softly.”Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes strong, and sometimes weak.

His short words immediately made everyone’s expression change.

Everyone turned to look at Zhou Hao in unison. They did not believe a word he said.

Only the gray-haired man had an uneasy expression on his face. He looked at Zhou Hao nervously and stammered,””B-boss, is what you said true …”


Zhou Hao’s face was extremely serious. He held his breath and carefully sensed it. Then, his face darkened and he said in a deep voice,””It seems that this mutated beast’s realm is indeed extraordinary. It seems to be even more powerful than the four mutated beasts we encountered on the spaceship.”

After hearing this, the four people’s faces turned pale.

“You … You mean to say that the exotic beast in this cave is much more powerful than the tenth grade Saint-level exotic beast from before?”

“That’s right. ”

Zhou Hao’s expression was extremely serious. He then said word by word,””If we don’t want to be discovered, we have to find a way to hide our presence.”

After he said that short sentence, he looked at the people around him seriously and said in a serious tone,””We came to this cave to avoid the scorching sun for a while, so I don’t think we need to provoke these exotic beasts.”

“The best way is to use the method in this scroll and see if there is a way to hide our auras.”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he took out the scroll that he had just taken out from the barrier of the spaceship from his storage space.

Liang Wenyuan’s eyes lit up when he saw the scroll.

He immediately looked at Zhou Hao with a smile and said eagerly,””Zhou Hao, why don’t you let me take a look? I’ve done a lot of research in this area. Maybe I can solve this problem with one look?”

Zhou Hao frowned when he heard this.

From the first time he saw Liang Wenyuan, he felt that Liang Wenyuan was not a good person.

If this kid were to get the scroll, he might think of a way to leave this place, or he might refuse to return it to him. Then, he would be finished.

In the distance, Qiao Nina could also tell that Liang Wenyuan was up to no good. Her expression was extremely serious as she frowned at Liang Wenyuan and said in a deep voice,””You’ve done research on this?”


When he saw that Qiao Nina had actually spoken to him, Liang Wenyuan suddenly felt that his method must have worked. Hence, Qiao Nina could not help but walk over and start to support him.

Thus, he spoke anxiously, enunciating each word,””Yes, yes, I’m very good at this. Just believe me!”

“That’s good. ”

Jonina smiled, then crossed her arms and looked at Liang Wenyuan. She said calmly,””Then tell us how to activate this defense and we’ll believe you.”

Liang Wenyuan was rendered speechless by her short sentence.

He didn’t really know how to do it. After all, the method was recorded in the scroll. He just wanted to trick this thing into his hands, so he just made it up. It couldn’t be taken seriously.

At the thought of this, Liang Wenyuan’s expression could not help but turn ugly.

He hesitated for a moment, then stammered,””Actually … Actually …” He said.

Liang Wenyuan stammered and stammered,”actually” for a long time, but he couldn’t say a word. His face looked a little anxious, and his breathing was a little rushed.

“The way I see it, you’re just harboring evil intentions.”

Jonina rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction, then said to everyone,””From what I know, there are indeed ways to activate the protective device and hide one’s aura in this world. However, excluding those high-tech devices, there are also some ancient methods.”

As Jonina spoke, she reached out and pointed at the ancient jade in Zhou Hao’s hand.

“The ancient jade in Mr. Zhou’s hand is a medium to activate the defensive barrier. We can use this to do this.”

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