Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 958 - An absolute plan    

Chapter 958: An absolute plan


However, before Liang Wenyuan could finish his sentence, the gray-haired man shook his head and said in a very serious tone,””No,”

“I’ve already said that all of our high-tech equipment will malfunction at any time. If the magnetic field of the forbidden land is in chaos, it will be a disaster for us.”

After hearing what the gray-haired man said, Liang Wenyuan shut his mouth and did not say anything more.

It was undeniable that the gray-haired man was right.

If the equipment didn’t malfunction, then everything would be fine. However, once their equipment malfunctioned, they would face a destructive blow and disaster!

Therefore, he had to be prepared for everything in order to deal with any unexpected situation.

“What should we do now?”

Liang Wenyuan frowned and looked at the gray-haired man. The gray-haired man was the one who understood the situation in the forbidden land the best.

He could only follow the arrangements of the gray-haired man and Zhou Hao.

“Let’s find a hidden cave and hide for a while. We’ll move forward between 2 to 6 in the afternoon.”

“It’s autumn in the forbidden land. It’s also a cool and pleasant time, but we have to make use of this time to hurry.”

“Because even if we managed to escape from the poisonous fog, the forbidden land is still winter. It’s not something we can handle.”

This short sentence made everyone’s expression turn even more serious.

They muttered to themselves for a moment, but did not say anything. They simply packed their bags and immediately prepared to continue moving forward.

As time passed by, everyone gradually began to feel how uncomfortable it was to be burned by the scorching sun.

Their entire bodies were extremely sticky, and sweat flowed down their cheeks. Even their breathing became rapid, and they felt as if their strength was about to be roasted dry by the scorching sun.

Just as everyone was about to be exhausted, Zhou Hao’s gaze swept across the area and discovered a dark cave three meters away.

So, he immediately waved to the crowd, pointed to the distance, and said seriously,””Let’s go over there. There’s a cave there, we should be able to hide for a while. ”

Everyone looked in the direction Zhou Hao was pointing at. Sure enough, they saw the entrance to a cave. However, the cave was very small and could only accommodate one person at a time.

However, this was still better than nothing. Right now, they were about to be roasted by the scorching sun. They had to get in as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be bad if they delayed and their lives were in danger.

“Let’s go, let’s hurry over!”

The gray-haired man immediately waved his hand at the crowd and quickly followed behind Zhou Hao, rushing towards the cave.

The rest of them gathered their spirits and quickly walked towards the cave.

Ten minutes later, the scorching sun had already evaporated the surrounding air, filling it with a scorching heat.

It felt like he was in a sauna. Even breathing was difficult.

The group finally reached the entrance of the cave.

However, just as she reached the entrance, Jonina suddenly stopped at the doorway.

Her face was filled with anxiety and uneasiness. Then, she suddenly pulled Thunder, who was walking forward, and said hesitantly,””This cave doesn’t seem to be that simple. Are we really going in?”

Jonina couldn’t help but bite her lips. Her expression was extremely uneasy as she worriedly said,””I’m worried that it’ll be dangerous inside …”

“What do you mean by dangerous?”

Just as Qiao Nina was hesitating, Liang Wenyuan, who was beside her, could not help but scold her unhappily,””If we don’t go in now, it’ll be really dangerous later!”

Liang Wenyuan immediately walked in front of Qiao Nina and said with an extremely serious expression,””You’re not going in, are you? if you don’t go in, I’ll go in. The sun outside will dry you up. If you don’t go in, you’ll be sun-dried to death!”

Liang Wenyuan suppressed the nervousness and anxiety in his heart and said urgently,””Alright, alright, stop talking nonsense. Let’s go in first!”

After that, Liang Wenyuan strode toward the entrance of the cave without a care.

This scene made the rest of the People’s faces darken.

This kid was really a loner.

The group of people did not continue to say anything. They directly strode forward and quickly walked forward.

Soon, everyone had arrived at the cave.

At the moment, it was indeed extremely important for them to avoid the scorching sun as soon as possible.

When they first walked in, the surroundings were indeed very narrow. It was so narrow that even a slightly fatter person would not be able to enter.

However, this was not a difficult task for them.

Fortunately, these few people were all relatively slender, and they squeezed in easily.

The deeper they went, the wider the space became.

Liang Wenyuan couldn’t help but look around. Then, he said hesitantly,””No, we can’t see the road ahead. We have to use something to light up the path.”

After hearing this, Jonina, who was behind him, immediately took out a strong flashlight that was specially used for combat.

However, the magnetic field here was also chaotic, and he couldn’t turn on his flashlight.

Zhou Hao, who was standing at the side, did not say anything. He immediately held the ancient jade in his hands and began to channel the energy in his body into the ancient jade.

In the next instant, the ancient jade emitted an extremely glaring light, instantly illuminating the surrounding environment.

A strange look flashed across Zhou Hao’s eyes. He immediately waved to the people behind him and said,””Alright, we can continue moving forward.”

They saw that their surroundings were lit up, but it was still a narrow tunnel. Although it was a little narrow, the further they went, the wider the road became. It was also a psychological comfort.

It was extremely cool inside the cave, which was a sharp contrast to the outside.

It was quiet all around, and only the sound of people’s footsteps could be heard.

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