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Chapter 957 - The mysterious ancient jade  

Chapter 957: The mysterious ancient jade

If he could get his hands on this piece of ancient jade, then this trip would be worth it.

Zhou Hao held the ancient jade in his hand and looked at the light that was guiding them forward. His eyes immediately became very serious.

He didn’t know how to use the ancient jade.

However, he could clearly sense the power contained in the ancient jade and the barrier it had.

It was like a piece of treasure. Although he had never seen it before, once it was taken by someone, it would recognize its owner. Zhou Hao used his energy to detect it and knew what function it could activate.

Zhou Hao held his breath and tried to feel it.

In the next moment, the ancient jade suddenly burst forth with an extremely dazzling light. Boundless power whistled out and spread in front of it.

When this force burst out, there was a loud bang, and there seemed to be an endless violent aura in the surroundings, whistling and splashing.

The ray of light that had been guiding them earlier suddenly began to gradually turn transparent, as if it had been hidden.

Although the light was hidden, they could still feel the powerful force.

In the next moment, a faint yellow light emanated from the ancient jade and immediately enveloped the five of them. Then, it disappeared.


Zhou Hao’s heart was filled with joy, and he immediately said to the crowd,””There’s a hidden barrier inside this ancient jade. I’ve just opened the barrier, so the people around us can’t sense our existence. ”

“But that ray of light just now could be seen by others. I’ve already concealed the light. Now, the power of Milky Way star can only be felt by the few of us. We just need to follow the guidance of this power and walk forward to find Milky Way star.”

These short words made everyone happy.

Everyone was excited, except for Liang Wenyuan, who said anxiously,””Then let’s go now. Can you feel how far we are from Milky Way star?”

Zhou Hao raised his head and looked at him indifferently. Then, he shook his head sternly.

“We can’t be sure how far away we are from Milky Way star, but we can use other methods.”

“Because every step we take towards Milky Way star, we can clearly feel that the power is getting stronger. So we can use this as a judgment to see how far we are from Milky Way star.”

Everyone nodded immediately after hearing this. Then, they quickly followed the position closest to the energy source and sped over.

The group moved forward quickly. When it was noon, they set up a camp nearby and took a short rest. After eating something, they prepared to continue.

When it was past eleveno’ clock, everyone could clearly feel that the air was filled with an extremely hot feeling.

Everyone’s breathing started to become hurried, especially Jonina. The sweat on her forehead was also dripping down from the heat.

She couldn’t help but wipe the sweat off her forehead. Then, she looked at the people around her hesitantly and asked,””Do you feel that the surrounding weather has suddenly become hot?”

“That’s right. The temperature was just nice in the morning and the air was fresh. Why is it suddenly so hot in the afternoon?”

Liang Wenyuan was also puzzled. He couldn’t help but take off his coat. He was only wearing a white T-shirt with short sleeves, which looked cooler.

The grey-haired man’s expression changed when he heard that.

His face was filled with anxiety as he said,””Oh no… This is bad.”

“What’s wrong?”

When the group of people saw the expression on Zhou Hao’s face, they could not help but ask in confusion,””What happened?”

The gray-haired man’s face turned pale, and his expression turned ugly. He couldn’t help but nervously say to the crowd,””I don’t know if you still remember what I told you before we entered the forbidden area?”

This short sentence made everyone fall silent.


Before they entered, the gray-haired man had already told them that the forbidden land was particularly strange. Not only were there Four Seasons in a day, but there were also rain, snow, wind, and frost. They had to experience all of them in a day!

The gray-haired man said in a slightly panicked tone,”I know that all of you are ninth grade martial Saints, but I have to remind you that the magnetic field of the forbidden land is extremely unstable.”

“That’s why it’ll affect the weapons we have. If our equipment malfunctioned, we’d have to fight with our own bodies if we encountered exotic beasts.”

This short sentence caused Qiao Nina and Liang Wenyuan’s expressions to change drastically.

Even thunder, who had been calm all this time, couldn’t help but become nervous after hearing this.

Although the kogasse had reached the ninth grade martial Saint realm, they relied on the powerful weapons in their hands for the majority of their battles.

If their weapons lost their effectiveness, it would be extremely difficult for them to kill even fifth-grade martial Saints.

If the high-tech weapons really failed, their physical strength would not even reach the second stage martial Saint realm. Especially in this strange forbidden place, it would be as difficult as kindergarten students trying to escape from a scary secret room.

Halfway through his sentence, the gray-haired man could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. He then said in an extremely serious tone,””Furthermore, the Four Seasons ‘weather are all very extreme.”

“It’s true that the scenery in spring is pleasant and the climate is comfortable, which is why we don’t feel anything. However, it’s different in summer. The weather in summer is extremely hot, and it’s not something that normal people like us can bear.”

The gray-haired man wiped the sweat from his forehead and said to the crowd anxiously,””We have to find a shady place to hide as soon as possible to avoid the heat. Otherwise, the heat here will kill us.”

The short speech made the group nervous.

Liang Wenyuan couldn’t help but ask,””Can’t we just use a space tent? it can expand our resting space, and there are plenty of supplies inside. It’s much better than any cave we can find.”

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