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Chapter 960 - Energy source medium  

Chapter 960: Energy source medium

In the beginning, everyone was still a little confused and confused.

They all looked at Jonina in confusion. They did not know what Jonina’s words meant.

However, when he heard what Qiao Nina had said, Liang Wenyuan’s expression froze for a moment. Then, he glared at Qiao Nina in front of him, his heart filled with displeasure and anger.

This Jonina, she’s just trying to make things difficult for me on purpose!

Wasn’t it obvious that he was deliberately going against her?

It seemed that this woman’s goal was to get the ancient jade in Zhou Hao’s hands, and that was why she said that!

When Zhou Hao heard Jonina’s confident words, he had a puzzled expression on his face.

He could not help but look at Jonina hesitantly and asked,””You know how to set up a defensive barrier?”

“Although I don’t know how to do it, I’ve heard my master talk to me about it. It’s actually not difficult to activate the defensive barrier. It requires an energy source that contains a lot of energy as a medium.”

Jonina smiled and looked at Zhou Hao,””Mr. Zhou, if you trust me, why don’t you give me the ancient jade? I’ll try the method my teacher taught me. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to activate this barrier.”

After Zhou Hao heard this, he did not suspect Jonina.

After all, along the way, he had felt that Jonina was a very upright woman. She would not have made up such lies just to steal his treasure.

It should be known that there was still an unknown danger waiting for them ahead. If he encountered any danger at that time, none of them would be able to escape.

Hence, Zhou Hao did not hesitate and immediately handed the ancient jade to Jonina.

When Liang Wenyuan saw this, he was so angry that his nose was almost crooked.

What kind of F * cking treatment was this!

Why did Jonina have to take it just because she said she wanted it, and why did they not believe her when she said she had a way to open the barrier?

They didn’t know that the crowd had already suspected that Liang Wenyuan had ulterior motives the moment he refused to open the door for them.

Now, she didn’t trust Liang Wenyuan that much anymore and was suspicious of him.

At the thought of this, Zhou Hao’s face suddenly became extremely serious. He immediately opened the scroll and found that everything recorded in it was high-tech methods. There was no ordinary method at all. It taught how to use ordinary methods to hide one’s aura in the forbidden land.

“It doesn’t say anything. Since it’s useless, I’ll keep it.”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he immediately put the scroll into his pocket and quickly kept it in his storage space.

Liang Wenyuan, who saw this scene, couldn’t help but feel annoyed. He was so close!

But now, Zhou Hao had no intention of sharing the scroll. If he were to act too eagerly, Zhou Hao would definitely misunderstand and think that he was trying to steal the scroll!

At the thought of this, Liang Wenyuan did not dare to say anything more. He could only stay where he was and wait for them to come up with an idea to hide his aura.

At that moment, Jonina was holding the Jade that Zhou Hao had given her. She suddenly started to chant something.

The surrounding crowd instantly fell silent. Everyone held their breath and focused, not even daring to breathe loudly. They could only look at Jonina nervously, hoping that Jonina would succeed.

Time passed by the seconds and minutes. In the next second, Jonina’s face suddenly turned pale.

She couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Soon, the blood was all over the Jade.


Thunder, who had been silent all this while, suddenly shouted with a nervous expression. He subconsciously wanted to step forward and support Jonina.

However, in the next second, something shocking happened.

The blood that had splattered on the Jade was quickly absorbed by the Jade at a speed visible to the naked eye.

And very quickly, the ancient jade actually emitted a piercing light blue light!

As the light blue light gradually spread out, a light blue halo suddenly burst out in the next second and quickly flew out from the ancient jade!

After these light rings flew out, they immediately rushed straight towards the five people.

“F * ck …”

Liang Wenyuan was scared out of his wits. His face instantly turned pale, and his eyes were filled with fear. He asked in shock,””What the hell is this?”

Before they could finish their sentence, the blue light rushed into their bodies in the next second.

Immediately after, everyone felt as if their bodies were being gradually surrounded by an invisible force.

Zhou Hao also felt the power. He took a deep breath and looked at the crowd in the distance. He asked hesitantly,””Do you guys feel that your auras have become smaller?”

This short sentence made everyone’s faces turn serious.

They immediately began to sense it and suddenly realized that their auras seemed to have really begun to fade.

“It’s effective! It’s really effective!”

Upon hearing this, the gray-haired man began to adjust his breathing and tried his best to integrate this aura into his body.

Not long after, he felt his aura gradually decrease.

At that moment, the ancient jade in Jonina’s hand suddenly floated up and gradually hovered above his palm.

The ancient jade gradually emitted a series of buzzing sounds, as if it was constantly interacting with everyone.

Blood continued to flow from the corner of Jonina’s mouth. Her aura seemed to be gradually weakening.

Compared to just now, her breathing had gradually become dispirited, and her face was filled with haggardness.

In the next moment, her face contorted in extreme pain. Then, she felt the ancient jade in her hand gradually fall to the ground.

Although the energy contained in the ancient jade was extremely powerful, it was also extremely fragile.

They were like two extremes. Although they contained extremely powerful forces, they could be easily shattered if one was not careful.

Jonina panicked. Her face was filled with anxiety. She wanted to put the ancient jade away, but she did not have the time to react!

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