Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 296 - Special Training

Chapter 296: Special Training

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“Why are you so happy after something big happened?”

Zhou Hao did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Looking at Zhang Yi’s excited expression, he did not seem to be worried at all.

“It’s a good thing!”

“Have you heard of the thirteenth spatial rift?”

Zhang Yi could not hide the smile on his face.

“I know. In the beginning, there were only a few spatial rifts like Huazhong and Huadong. However, after a major change, the number of spatial rifts increased to thirteen. This spatial rift is the last one.”

Zhou Hao already roughly knew what Zhang Yi was talking about.

“Zhang Yi, Zhou Hao, you’re both here?” Yuan Cheng walked over from afar.

Soon, Yun Yan and Xu Ling arrived.

“This is really great news. Also, President Zhou of the Supernatural Council is too powerful.”

During this period of time, everyone was discussing this matter. Yun Yan started to speak as soon as she arrived.

“Is that so?”

Zhou Hao’s expression was a little unnatural and vaguely smug.

His battle in the thirteenth spatial rift seemed to have spread throughout Huaxia.

In the Seventh Elite Base, everyone was discussing this matter heatedly. All of them spoke of it as if they had seen it with their own eyes.

“Of course! President Zhou of the Supernatural Council is almost the strongest expert on Planet Earth. Excluding Heaven Realm experts, of course!” Xu Ling added.

However, although there was excitement on her face, she was still very rational. It could be seen that she was simply convinced by his strength.

“What’s Heaven Realm?” Yuan Cheng asked curiously.

Hearing Yuan Cheng’s words, Zhou Hao finally felt a little normal.

He had spent a lot of effort finding out about the Heaven Realm previously so it was only normal for Yuan Cheng to not know about it.

“Heaven Realm experts are above the supernatural level. After cultivating to the peak of the ninth-grade supernatural level, there’s a possibility for one to advance to the Heaven Realm.”

“A Heaven Realm expert is also known as a Heavenly King. For example, Zhu Zao, who came to the base not long ago, is also known as Heavenly King Zhu.”

This time, the person who explained was Zhang Yi. He was more diligent and studious. He knew a lot of things that others did not.

“I wonder when we will be able to see President Zhou. I watched the video and President Zhou is simply too powerful!”

Yun Yan had clearly become a fan of “President Zhou”. Unfortunately, she did not know that President Zhou was actually right in front of her!

“Zhou Hao, you don’t seem very excited.”

Not only was Yun Yan excited, but she also felt the need to make Zhou Hao and the others just as excited.

Zhou Hao thought to himself, “What’s there to be excited about? Those are all just rumors, and President Zhou is none other than me!”

“It’s time to gather!”

The few of them had just chatted for a while when Yang Hui’s voice sounded from afar.

“Ah? We’re gathering again? Didn’t you say that we could rest for half a day?”

Yuan Cheng and the others complained in low voices, but they still immediately went to gather.

Zhou Hao was no exception. Seeing that Instructor Yang Hui had made arrangements, he treated it as entertainment and an opportunity to relax.

“In a month, the seven elite bases will have a joint competition.”

“After the exchange with the Sixth Elite Base last time, I believe you should have a clearer understanding of your strength. Although you won last time, it was purely luck. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose too badly this time, you’ll have to start the special training for a month.”

“Only on the battlefield can your strength increase to the greatest extent.”

As soon as Yang Hui said this, many students had ugly expressions and complained incessantly.

“No way, he wants special training again!”

Now, many students had already understood that the daily training in the Seventh Elite Base was done in the base.

However, if they were to undergo any special training, they would have to go to the frontline defense line or even directly train at the edge of the battlefield.

It was still fine when they arrived at the frontline defense line. Although it was dangerous, the danger was still manageable.

“I do hope to undergo special training. After all, we were too weak when we fought the students from the Sixth Elite Base.”

Zhang Yi was the one who said this.

Although they had all improved to different degrees during this period of time, when Zhang Yi thought of their battle with the students from the Sixth Elite Base, he still felt very helpless.

In the past few days, they had been improving. There was no reason that they would just stay stagnant.

“For this special training, you will not be heading to the outer area of the frontline defense line. Instead, you will be entering the edge of the battlefield.”

Yang Hui’s words were like a nuclear bomb thrown into the crowd.. It instantly caused an uproar.

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