Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 295 - Something Big Happened!

Chapter 295: Something Big Happened!

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“Why don’t we stay here and continue to ambush the vine demons and the other Blood Race beings?”

After observing just now, Zhou Hao already wanted to take the initiative to attack instead of just reaping the benefits.

Of course, it was still as he had said just now. After these Blood Race beings suffered a huge loss, they might not return.

As for the vines, they did not have any intelligence. No one knew what these vines were thinking.

The Red Gold Flame Lion originally wanted to leave, but after hearing Zhou Hao’s words, it could not help but give up on the idea of leaving.

There was nothing wrong with staying here.

As long as the Heaven Realm and quasi Heaven Realm foreign races did not participate, the other foreign races could do nothing to them.

“Stay here and watch. If any other foreign races come, remind me. I’ll think of a way to take out the thought crystal.”

With that said, Zhou Hao walked straight towards this strange small lake.

“The lake water here has a very special corrosive effect. Only wood-element energy can resist it. I’ll try using the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art first.”

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Hao began to use the Green Wood Capturing Hand in the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art. Immediately, an illusory green palm print was condensed by him.

After condensing this illusory green palm print, he controlled the green palm print to slowly fall into the lake.

“This lake water is indeed very corrosive.” After the handprint condensed by the Green Wood Capturing Hand landed in the lake, Zhou Hao said slowly.

After his Green Wood Capturing Hand fell into the lake, it constantly disintegrated. When it fell to the bottom of the lake, it was directly divided into half.

By the time he grabbed the crystal and brought it out, most of his Green Wood Capturing Hand had already been broken down. The crystal that he had grabbed kept scattering.

In the end, he grabbed pitifully few thought crystals from the lake.

“Not bad, not bad. This crystal will be very useful in the spatial rift.”

“The foreign races are different from the humans. The foreign races usually don’t have any techniques to cultivate their mental strength. They rely on thought crystals and other treasures to replenish their strength.”

“Thought crystals are usually only born in these types of water lakes. You can even use them to trade with some foreign races.”

The Red Gold Flame Lion did not think very highly of Zhou Hao at first, but now, it also became excited.

Zhou Hao’s efficiency in collecting the thought crystals was even higher than the vine demon.

Of course, it would be another story if Zhou Hao could control many vines to collect the thought crystals.

“This is too slow. I still have to think of a way to control a group of vine demons.”

“Let’s stop here for today. I’ll come again in a while.”

“In the meantime, you have to work well with Heavenly King Zhu and the others. You are not allowed to attack humans again, understand?”

Zhou Hao planned to leave for a while and see if he could get another Beast Control Ring.

Of course, this could only depend on luck. After all, he couldn’t just get what he wanted.

With luck points on him, he would definitely be able to get rare-level treasures. However, there were too many types of rare-level treasures, so he might not be able to get the Beast Control Ring.


The Red Gold Flame Lion sneered. It naturally understood Zhou Hao’s words, but it was disdainful to answer.

After separating from the Red Gold Flame Lion, Zhou Hao was really worried that it had been killed.

After all, it was not easy to control such a demon beast.

He did not want to spend more effort to control another powerful foreign race being.

When Zhou Hao returned to the entrance of the spatial rift, he saw that a city wall had been built here. An azure transparent energy barrier enveloped the entire entrance.

The battlefield of the thirteenth spatial rift had finally moved forward. After killing the five big shots, the thirteenth spatial rift would be completely safe.

“President Zhou.”

“President Zhou, you’re back?”

“President Zhou, did you gain anything from this trip?”

After seeing Zhou Hao, the martial artists in the city hurriedly went forward and asked.

“I got some loot. Is Heavenly King Zhu still around?”

Zhou Hao did not say that he had found the crystal. This thing was indeed a treasure, but it was very difficult to obtain.

It was really possible that ordinary wood-attribute martial artists or martial artists who cultivated wood-attribute cultivation techniques would not even be able to take out a single crystal.

“Heavenly King Zhu has already left.” A martial artist immediately replied.

After hearing that Zhu Zao had left, Zhou Hao could only temporarily put this matter aside.

Originally, he was prepared to talk to Zhu Zao about the crystals. He did not expect Heavenly King Zhu to be a busy person. At this moment, Zhou Hao did not even know where Zhu Zao had gone.

Zhou Hao did not continue to stay in the thirteenth spatial rift and returned to the Seventh Elite Base.

Not long after he returned to his villa, Zhang Yi knocked on the door excitedly.

“What’s wrong, Zhang Yi?”

“Did you hear? Something big happened these past few days!” Zhang Yi said impatiently.

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