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Chapter 297 - Bad Situation

Chapter 297: Bad Situation

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How could they arrange for these students to train at the edge of the battlefield without any prior preparation?!

Fortunately, after this period of cultivation, everyone’s progress was not bad. At the edge of the battlefield, as long as there were no problems, they could still survive.

However, even though it was only at the edge of the battlefield, it was still a true battlefield.

“Are you afraid?” Beside Zhou Hao, Xu Ling asked nervously.

“I’m not that afraid.”


Zhou Hao said this completely to take care of Xu Ling and the surrounding people.

Why would he be afraid? Not to mention the battlefield at the frontline defense line, he had even been to the battlefield in the spatial rift.

Indeed, after hearing Zhou Hao’s words, the surrounding people immediately felt much better.

They were not the only ones who were afraid. Even Zhou Hao was a little afraid.

“Instructor Yang Hui, isn’t it a little too early for us to enter the edge of the battlefield? We’re not ready yet.”

At this moment of life and death, some students had no choice but to speak up.

“That’s right, Instructor. We’ve only been here a few months.”

“I think we should wait until we all cultivate to the grandmaster level before entering the battlefield.”

Some students were well aware of the danger of the frontline battlefield. Now, they had even proposed to cultivate to the grandmaster level before entering the battlefield.

All of them had very good talent. It was only a matter of time before they cultivated to the grandmaster level.

“I also want you to cultivate for a while longer. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time left.”

“Today, go down and prepare well for the day. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll bring you to the edge of the battlefield to undergo special training for thirty days.”

“You can quit now. However, those who quit will never be recruited again.”


Yang Hui spoke quickly and did not give everyone a chance to ask.

Although it was very dangerous to enter the edge of the battlefield, no students chose to quit.

If they chose to quit now, all of their previous efforts would have been in vain.

However, if they did not choose to quit at this moment, their parents would have raised them in vain if they died on the frontline defense line.

“We’re in big trouble now.”

Yuan Cheng’s face was filled with a bitter smile. Previously, they were only in the outermost training area. They all wanted to die.

Now that they were directly entering the edge of the battlefield, they did not know if they could last until the end of the special training and return alive.

“I wonder if we can work together?”

“Since we’ll be on the battlefield, we can do anything, right?”

“After all, martial artists only have two rules on the battlefield. One is to stay alive and the other is to kill enemies.”

“No one should care about how we save our lives or kill our enemies.” Xu Ling thought for a moment and said.

If they were alone at the edge of the battlefield, accidents would inevitably occur due to their lack of experience.

However, if everyone worked together, then surviving at the edge of the battlefield for 30 days should not be a problem.

“Let’s go and buy some resources first. Shall we go together?”

Zhang Yi thought for a moment and felt that the priority now was to prepare various resources and items that he might need. After all, he had to survive on the battlefield for 30 days!

“We’ve gone too far this time. We’ve only just entered the master level and we’re actually going to the frontline battlefield.” Yuan Cheng complained helplessly.

“That’s right. I wonder how many people will return alive in the end.”

Zhang Yi was not optimistic either. Although the training grounds and the other areas were dangerous, they were still not too dangerous. In those areas, their safety was still guaranteed.

“Don’t worry. The frontline battlefield, especially the periphery, is not that dangerous.”

“Most of the time, a battle won’t break out for half a month or even several months.”

“Moreover, with the experts at the frontline, the defense forces, and the protection of the energy barrier, the threat that the foreign races pose won’t really be that high.”

Zhou Hao had already visited the frontline many times, so he was naturally more familiar with that place.

The frontline sounded terrifying, but it was actually not that bad.

After all, there were still many soldiers at the frontline who were fine despite not even having a master-level cultivation.

“I almost believed you. You make it sound like you’ve been to the frontline!”

Yun Yan stuck out her tongue, thinking that Zhou Hao was pretending to be relaxed.

After all, in her opinion, Zhou Hao was just like them and had never been to the frontline.

“Ahem… what are the two of you doing?”

Xu Ling’s face was dark. Yun Yan had always been dressed very casually, and this time was no exception.

Her snow-white long legs and charming curves made it difficult for one to look away.

The way she stuck out her tongue just now was even more seductive.

If this continued, Zhou Hao might make a mistake one day!

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