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Chapter 249 - Joint Invitation

Chapter 249: Joint Invitation

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Although his meridians would become stronger every time they were slightly injured and recovered,

However, there were also limits to what his meridians could withstand. For example, if he continued to use powerful techniques without restraint, the meridians in his body might very well collapse.

If his meridians suffered such a fatal loss, Zhou Hao’s cultivation would basically be crippled.

As soon as they saw Zhou Hao return, the city gate tower at the frontline exploded with the most enthusiastic applause and cheers of all time.

“How impressive! President Zhou!”

“President Zhou is awesome!”

“President Zhou is peerless!”

One by one, the martial artists were filled with enthusiasm and indescribable excitement.

Their gazes towards Zhou Hao were filled with worship and admiration.

Zhou Hao’s arrival had injected new hope and vitality into the frontline defense line of the first spatial rift. It was also because of him that they were able to defend the first spatial rift!

“President Zhou, Minister Zhang of the Green Cloud Division invites you to the Green Cloud Division headquarters!” Commander Tie said happily.

Under normal circumstances, even the direct martial artists of the Green Cloud Division would find it very difficult to receive the invitations from the high-level officers of the Green Cloud Division.

This time, Zhou Hao had proven his worth. He was directly invited by the twelve high-level officers of the Green Cloud Division!

In the history of the entire Huaxia martial artists, Zhou Hao was the first martial artist to receive such an honor.

Compared to Commander Tie’s excitement, Zhou Hao was somewhat conflicted.

He knew that although he had already restrained himself in this battle and hid many methods and strength, he was still too dazzling in comparison to the others.

In such a special period, a special martial artist like him was definitely worth researching.

They definitely wanted to find ways to benefit from his value.

However, his heaven-defying luck points and Heaven Dao software could not be replicated.

Even if the Green Cloud Division wanted to cut him up and study him, they would not be able to figure out anything.

“Forget it, let’s make a trip.”

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Hao still decided to cooperate.

He had contributed greatly to Huaxia.

Moreover, because of Heavenly King Zhu, his platinum-level Energy Bar had contributed even more to the Huaxia martial artists and the Green Cloud Division.

Considering their relationship, Minister Zhang and the others probably wouldn’t make things difficult for him.

Moreover, it made sense for him to accept the invitation and get on good terms with those high-level officers. After all, if anything happened in the future, Zhou Hao could depend on the Green Cloud Division.

As Zhou Hao was analyzing the pros and cons, two very shocking pieces of news swept through the entire Huaxia Realm like a hurricane. Then, it swept through the five continents of Planet Earth at an incomparably terrifying speed!

The first piece of news contained some pictures, videos, and text information.

This information described the situation and situation of the battle at the first spatial rift in Huaxia.

To a certain extent, this should be considered a war secret.

However, the incident in the first spatial rift this time was too sudden, and it was very typical and unbelievable.

Therefore, the Huaxia military still decided to announce it and provide a sample for all the martial artists on Planet Earth.

If other countries and regions encountered such a crisis, they would not be flustered and helpless if they had this information.

As this information was announced, the name of President Zhou of the Huaxia Supernatural Council quickly shocked the five continents!

From these combat information, all parties were able to more or less understand how terrifying President Zhou was.

Many countries were now very envious. As expected, the Huaxia Martial Dao World now had a powerful descendant.

Be it the early Eight Heavenly Kings or the later Green Cloud 12 high-level officers, or the current President Zhou, the genius martial artists in Huaxia were simply endless!

The second piece of news also caused a commotion in the higher-ups of the Huaxia Martial Dao World. It was that President Zhou of the Supernatural Council had received a joint invitation from the twelve high-level officers of the Green Cloud Division.

This was an honor that no martial artist had ever received before. It might not happen again in the future!

As everyone was discussing Zhou Hao enthusiastically, Zhou Hao had already left for the Green Cloud Division headquarters.

The Green Cloud Division’s headquarters was built in a very hidden place. There were no markings or clear coordinates on the map of the 500-kilometer area.

Zhou Hao had just arrived at the Green Cloud Division headquarters when he saw a familiar face.

“Hahaha, Brother Zhou, I was the one who went to the frontline defense line to see you not long ago. I didn’t expect you to arrive so quickly!”

Zhu Zao was very happy. He did not have the arrogance of a Heaven Realm expert at all. After all, he had previously obtained huge benefits from Zhou Hao.

The way he looked at Zhou Hao now was as if he was looking at a shining gold mine.

Zhou Hao was indeed a gold mine. Just from this battle, Zhou Hao had already revealed many unbelievable things that were worth studying.

This was also the reason why he had invited Zhou Hao over.

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