Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 248 - Successful Defense!

Chapter 248: Successful Defense!

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Zhou Hao killed his way into the battlefield again and was immediately targeted by the foreign races. They did not give Zhou Hao any chance to approach the siege machines.

The three siege machines from before had already been destroyed.

At this moment, one of the two siege machines below had been blocked by Commander Tie and the others. However, there was another one that had already broken through the frontline.


As a ball of blue flames spewed out, an extremely powerful and domineering energy cannon instantly bombarded the energy barrier.

Countless cracks instantly appeared on the incomparably firm energy barrier.

The entire city tower at the frontline defense line was trembling violently. It could be seen how terrifying and powerful this siege machine was.


At this moment, the second energy cannon shot out.

This time, the energy barrier was indeed completely shattered.

An even more tragic battle suddenly erupted at this moment.

Just as the siege machine was about to fire its third shot, a palm print descended.

Zhou Hao finally broke through the layers of barriers and charged over.

A Demonic Wood Palm suddenly landed. The huge siege machine was directly smashed into the ground, causing the entire ground to tremble.

However, this siege machine was not to be underestimated. It was almost completely unscathed after receiving Zhou Hao’s palm.

This was the most terrifying aspect of the siege machines. Their strength was huge, and their defense was terrifying.

Facing such siege machines, most martial artists were helpless.

However, Zhou Hao did not delay this time. 90% of his strength instantly erupted. He formed a sword with his fingers and summoned the Green Blade Profound Sword.

The Green Blade Profound Sword that was already dazzling with green light instantly became even more dazzling in his hand.

This strike was even more powerful and domineering than when he had killed the Machine Race member just now. At this moment, the extremely sharp slash also landed with a bang.

When this huge sword aura landed, the thick armor of the siege machinery was instantly sliced open like thin paper.

Zhou Hao continued to slash with his sword.

At this moment, Zhou Hao’s meridians also emitted waves of intense burning sensation.

The battle this time lasted too long.

The essence energy in his body had already been exhausted several times. However, he had recovered it each time with the help of the rare-level Energy Bar.

Although he had prepared sufficient resources, his meridians clearly had a limit.

In the short term, he definitely could not have another explosion of that level. Otherwise, who knew how long it would take for his meridians to recover.

On the city wall at the frontline of the defensive line, Ling Shuying looked at the rare-level Energy Bar in her hand that had already dimmed and was still in a daze for a long time.

What kind of treasure was this? She had already mostly recovered from her serious losses!

“Hai! I wonder how long this battle will last!”

On the city wall at the frontline of the defensive line, a martial artist sighed faintly.

An extremely tragic battle had erupted in the five spatial rifts in Huaxia this time. Among the five spatial rifts, the battle in the first spatial rift was the most dangerous.

It could be said that without President Zhou of the Supernatural Council, the first spatial rift would have been completely lost.

Whether it was the high-level humanoid Machine Race or the siege machines of the Machine Race, almost all of them had been destroyed by President Zhou alone.

The current Zhou Hao already had a very high reputation in the first spatial rift defense line.

There was even a saying among the martial artists and soldiers.

“President Zhou alone is worth an entire army!”

On the battlefield, Zhou Hao finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Although there were many foreign races, most of them did not have much intelligence and only knew to charge forward.

If not for the command of some high-level foreign races, those low-level foreign races would have already been scattered.

After the five siege machines were all destroyed, the human reinforcements arrived one after another. The foreign races saw that the situation was bad and chose to retreat temporarily.

“The foreign races have retreated!”

“That’s great!”

“We have successfully defended against the foreign races!”

“We did it!”

“How impressive! As expected of Huaxia martial artists!”

“How impressive! President Zhou!”

Seeing the foreign races retreat like a tide, the martial artists at the first spatial rift defense line could not help but cheer.

The first spatial rift defense battle this time was really too difficult and unbelievable. It could be said to be filled with ups and downs.

Even now, many martial artists were still in disbelief as they watched the foreign races retreat.

Unexpectedly, they really managed to defend against the foreign races this time!

“We succeeded!”

On the city tower, Ling Shuying had already recovered a lot because of the rare-level Energy Bar. Although her body still felt weak, it was unable to stop her current joy.

Once the first spatial rift was lost, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Seeing the foreign races gradually retreat, Zhou Hao decided to leave those foreign races alone. Although he had obtained 80 million luck points in this battle, his rare-level Energy Bars had also been used up.

Not only was the rare-level Energy Bars exhausted, but his meridians also felt a burning pain.

The current him could be considered to have exhausted all his strength.

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