Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 247 - Experts Analyze While Laymen Watch The Show

Chapter 247: Experts Analyze While Laymen Watch The Show

“Why are you so weak?”

After resolving the humanoid Machine Race, Zhou Hao carried Ling Shuying back to the city tower.

Ling Shuying’s current state was very terrible. Her mental strength, essence energy, and blood essence power had all been exhausted.

Even her meridians had been frozen because of her secret technique.

The effect of that ultimate attack just now was very shocking. Under the Heaven Realm, there was definitely no foreign race being that could dodge or resist.

However, the aftereffects were also very serious. At this moment, Ling Shuying gave him the feeling that she was terminally ill.

“President Zhou…”


Ling Shuying was very weak at this moment, but she still could not help but speak.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhou Hao looked at Ling Shuying in confusion, not knowing what she wanted to say.

“I want to strangle you to death. Why didn’t you use such a powerful technique earlier?!”

After gathering some strength, Ling Shuying finally finished speaking.

She was really going to be angered to death by Zhou Hao. The heaven-slaying sword slash that Zhou Hao had unleashed at the end could definitely kill that Machine Race member.

However, the detestable Zhou Hao had been hiding it all along. She thought that Zhou Hao was really unable to defeat the Machine Race. In a moment of desperation, she even used her family’s secret technique.

Ling Shuying was on the battlefield just now, so she knew very well how terrifying Zhou Hao’s attack was.

She was even somewhat shocked in her heart. No matter how powerful Zhou Hao was, he was still only a quasi Heaven Realm martial artist. Despite that, he was still able to unleash so much power.


Zhou Hao did not know how to explain. It was not that he did not want to use it, but without Ling Shuying’s help, he might not have been able to kill that guy with a single slash.

However, judging from Ling Shuying’s current state, she had clearly paid a very heavy price.

“If we lose the first spatial rift this time, it’ll be your fault!”

Ling Shuying did not know what Zhou Hao had placed in her palm. She subconsciously absorbed it as she spoke fiercely to Zhou Hao.

“I’ll try my best…”

Zhou Hao smiled bitterly. If he continued to fight like this, he wouldn’t be able to do anything when his rare-level Energy Bars were exhausted.

The rare-level Energy Bars on him were limited, but these foreign races seemed endless.

After dealing with the powerful humanoid Machine Race, everyone’s mood was much better. They looked at Zhou Hao and Ling Shuying who were talking at the side and could not help but sigh.

“President Zhou and Senior Ling Shuying sure have good chemistry. They’re really a perfect match.”

“That’s right. Previously, President Zhou struggled to beat that Machine Race expert. However, right after Senior Ling Shuying helped, he was able to kill that Machine Race expert in an instant.”

“It’s just that the might of President Zhou’s final sword is too terrifying. The core of the Machine Race might have been completely destroyed. Otherwise, we could have researched it and made advancements in our armor technology.”

Most ordinary martial artists gossiped as they waited for their bodies to heal.

Those supernatural experts who were injured were still savoring Zhou Hao’s final slash!

As the saying goes, experts analyze while laymen watch the show.

Ordinary martial artists were simply unable to understand the strength and profundity of that strike, but supernatural martial artists like them could comprehend many things.

“That strike was too powerful!”

“That’s right. He probably touched the threshold of the Heaven Realm.”

Some newly-advanced supernatural martial artists did not even know about the realm above the peak of the supernatural level.

However, the martial artists of the same generation as Zhu Zao and the others knew very well.

The realm above the peak of the supernatural level was called Heaven Realm. Heaven Realm experts were also known as Heavenly Kings.

For example, Zhu Zao was honored as Heavenly King Zhu, and Ling Shuying’s father, Ling Beidou, was honored as Heavenly King Ling.

Of course, among the humans on Planet Earth, not all Heaven Realm martial artists were respected as Heavenly Kings. Only those martial artists who had made outstanding contributions to humanity could generally obtain this honor.

Otherwise, they would only be called Heaven Realm experts.

As everyone discussed, Zhou Hao had already killed his way into the battlefield.

In this battle, he had accumulated unprecedented amounts of luck points. Until now, his luck points had already reached a terrifying 60 million.

However, he only had 40 rare-level Energy Bars left. From this, it could be seen how terrifying his consumption of Energy Bars in this battle was..

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