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Chapter 246 - Ice Soul Black Crystal Secret Technique

Chapter 246: Ice Soul Black Crystal Secret Technique

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“I can deal with it. Think of a way to delay the two siege machines,” Zhou Hao said helplessly.

What gave him the greatest headache now were the two siege machines that were like ferocious beasts.

“Do I look like someone who can resolve this problem?”

Ling Shuying complained speechlessly as she fought alongside Zhou Hao.

If she could resolve the two siege machines below, why would she come here to find him?

“That’s true.” Zhou Hao nodded.

With Ling Shuying’s help, the pressure on his side decreased a lot.

Previously, in order to preserve his strength, he had not attacked with his full strength. He was prepared to unleash a thunderous attack at the critical moment and kill this high-level Machine Race member.

Now that Ling Shuying had come to help, he was even more confident!

“I’ll unleash a secret technique later to freeze this guy. Can you kill it?”

As he attacked with his full strength, Ling Shuying communicated with Zhou Hao with her mental strength.

“You can freeze this guy?”

Zhou Hao was somewhat surprised. Ling Shuying was indeed not weak, but it was a little exaggerated to say that she could freeze and restrain this guy.

“If you can freeze it, I’ll definitely be able to kill it.”

Zhou Hao did not ask further.

Ling Shuying’s choice at this moment was undoubtedly very smart.

As long as Zhou Hao could free up his hands, the situation might change.

“Alright, attack!”

After Zhou Hao finished speaking, Ling Shuying’s hands formed a series of seals like flowers and leaves.

Then, Zhou Hao clearly sensed that Ling Shuying’s body had become cold.

An extremely terrifying cold aura seemed to be constantly being refined and condensed in Ling Shuying’s dantian.

The humanoid Machine Race member opposite also revealed a puzzled expression.

Its database recorded many methods of human martial artists, but there was also a lot of information that was not available.

At this moment, it could not understand what Ling Shuying was doing.

After the intelligent core calculated at high speed, it also made a judgment. No matter what Ling Shuying wanted to do, it would kill her now!

Zhou Hao naturally saw through the intention of the Machine Race member opposite him. When the other party took out his alloy saber and rushed towards Ling Shuying, his figure moved and instantly clashed with this Machine Race member.

At the same time, Zhou Hao was still somewhat worried. His battle speed with this Machine Race member was very fast. With Ling Shuying’s strength, could she still freeze the Machine Race member on the other side?

If Ling Shuying made a mistake, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Zhou Hao did not expect to have correctly predicted the difficulties Ling Shuying was facing.

Zhou Hao and this Machine Race member’s movement speed was very fast, and only afterimages could be seen.

She was unable to accurately lock onto that Machine Race member. Moreover, that Machine Race member was very intelligent and seemed to know her and Zhou Hao’s intentions.

At this moment, the Machine Race member was actually fighting Zhou Hao in close combat, not giving them the slightest chance.


At a certain moment, Zhou Hao roared and punched out.

He knew that when Ling Shuying could not find an opportunity, he had to create an opportunity for her.

Ling Shuying naturally understood that Zhou Hao had deliberately created this opportunity for her.

Immediately, she entered a focused state.

At this moment, the world in her eyes seemed to become incomparably clear. Everything around her kept disappearing and becoming slow.

In the end, she only had one goal left.

As Ling Shuying’s cheeks puffed up, she suddenly spat out a mouthful of ice mist. At this moment, the Machine Race beings moving at high speed in midair were also frozen in the ice crystals.

At this moment, this humanoid Machine Race member was like a butterfly frozen in amber, unable to move at all.

Although Zhou Hao had never cooperated with Ling Shuying before, their timing was still very good. At the moment Ling Shuying froze this humanoid Machine Race member, Zhou Hao exploded with a domineering strike that was 90% powerful, as if a green lightning bolt had struck in the air.


A huge ball of flames suddenly exploded in midair.

A powerful air wave cloud ring instantly sent Ling Shuying flying.

Zhou Hao’s figure moved and grabbed Ling Shuying.

Then, he immediately took out a rare-level Energy Bar and placed it in Ling Shuying’s palm.

Ling Shuying’s attack just now had already caused her to consume all her strength. Now, Ling Shuying had fallen into an extremely weak state.

In the meeting room of the Green Cloud Division, Heavenly King Ling suddenly stood up. Intense killing intent erupted from his entire body. He wanted to enter the spatial rift and kill the foreign races until their blood flowed like a river.

Ling Shuying had just used the Ling Family’s Ice Soul Black Crystal Technique. The price she had to pay for using it was 10 years of her lifespan!

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