Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 250 - Acting Cocky Again

Chapter 250: Acting Cocky Again

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Although Zhou Hao had been invited by the twelve high-level officers of the Green Cloud Division, Zhou Hao did not see these twelve big shots this time. He only saw two of them.

One of them was the smiling Heavenly King Zhu who looked like a Buddha. The other was the boss of the Green Cloud Division, Minister Zhang!

Not to mention a newbie who had just joined the Green Cloud Division, even Ling Shuying and the other elites of the Green Cloud Division rarely interacted with Minister Zhang.

This was not because Minister Zhang was too powerful, but because he had too many things on his hands.

Zhou Hao knew that although there were only two people present, everything that happened here was definitely under the watch of the other ten big shots.

“President Zhou, to cut the long story short, I invited you here because I hope you can cooperate with the Green Cloud Research Institute to conduct some data testing.”

After shaking hands with Zhou Hao, Minister Zhang sat down and went straight to the point.

Zhou Hao’s martial strength was too powerful. Once they discovered anything valuable from him, the gains would undoubtedly be huge for all the martial artists in Huaxia.

“Sure.” Zhou Hao nodded. “However, there’s nothing special about me.”

Minister Zhang nodded. He had already understood from the moment he learned that Zhou Hao was willing to come over.

Although Zhou Hao had a secret technique, it was definitely a secret technique that could not be replicated.

Otherwise, Zhou Hao would not have come over so readily. Even if he did, he would definitely have made many conditions.

After having reasonable expectations, he was naturally not disappointed.

However, since it was official business, they still had to go through checkups.

Even if they could not replicate Zhou Hao’s strength, it was still very good to have a detailed data model of Zhou Hao’s various abilities.

On the other hand, Zhou Hao had already thought about this on the way here. Therefore, he was not surprised when Minister Zhou suggested it and quickly agreed.

If he were in Minister Zhang’s position, he would have done the same.

However, his strength and specialness could not be replicated. Therefore, even if Minister Zhang asked the Green Cloud Research Institute to test his various data, it would still be a waste of time.

However, it was useless for him to say this. The others would not believe him at all and would only think that he was being selfish.


“Here are 2,000 colored energy stones. Consider it a reward for your outstanding contribution to the first spatial rift.”

At this moment, Heavenly King Zhu handed a silver box to Zhou Hao.

Clearly, this silver box was also a type of spatial device. Otherwise, it would definitely be unable to store 2,000 colored energy stones.

Zhou Hao smiled secretly. It seemed that it was a pity that this Heavenly King Zhu did not become a businessman. He had a lot of business experience.

At this moment, Heavenly King Zhu took out 2,000 colored energy stones to reward Zhou Hao. He also wanted to gain Zhou Hao’s favor and make him lower his guard so that he could ask questions later.

“Do you have any special methods for synthesizing the crystals?”

Indeed, Minister Zhang quickly got to the main topic and asked what all the Huaxia martial artists were curious about.

“The reason why my synthesis works so well is because my compatibility with the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art is very high. After the previous test, my compatibility score was 75. As I cultivate deeper, my compatibility score has already reached 90.”

Zhou Hao replied as he added some truth into his lie.

“What? Your compatibility with the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art has reached 90 points?”

Minister Zhang and Zhu Zao, the two big shots of the Green Cloud Division, were so shocked that they stood up.

When one’s compatibility with any cultivation technique reached 90 points, they were basically all existences that were guaranteed to enter the Heaven Realm.

Although Zhou Hao was now called a quasi Heaven Realm, the difference between a Heaven Realm and a quasi Heaven Realm was like the difference between the clouds and mud.

Countless quasi-Heaven Realm martial artists might be stuck at the quasi-Heaven Realm their entire lives, unable to step into the true Heaven Realm even after spending their entire lives.

However, since Zhou Hao’s compatibility with the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art was so high, then Zhou Hao’s strength could be explained.

Moreover, according to what Zhou Hao just said, his compatibility with this cultivation technique would continue to increase.

In such a situation, it was naturally not a problem for him to directly use essence energy to extract a little blood essence from energy stones.

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