Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 235 - Turning the Tide

Chapter 235: Turning the Tide

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Zhou Hao was simply too powerful. His arrival had already turned the situation around to a certain extent.

“This is President Zhou, who has just joined the Green Cloud Division. He’s also the honorary president of the Supernatural Council.”

A higher-up who knew Zhou Hao in the meeting room immediately spoke.


After he finished speaking, even with his composure, he was still shocked by the scene in front of him.

This was because after Zhou Hao killed many foreign races around the city gate tower, he actually charged into the depths of the foreign race army without hesitation.

Doing so was extremely dangerous, and it was even very likely that he would never return!

Unless there was no other choice, no martial artist was even allowed to do so on the battlefield.

In the meeting room, many higher-ups were furious.

However, what happened next far exceeded their expectations.

This was because after Zhou Hao killed his way into the foreign race army, not only was he not quickly killed, but he also began to rampage around.

His strength had already reached a terrifying level.

The current Zhou Hao was not even a peak-level supernatural expert. He could basically be considered a quasi Heaven Realm martial artist!

With Zhou Hao constantly killing at the center of the foreign race army, the pressure on the other martial artists kept decreasing.

The originally incomparably chaotic and even somewhat defeated situation gradually stabilized.


“Kill these foreign races!”


Around the first spatial rift, the martial artists and soldiers were all filled with fighting spirit.

Although the battle was still very tragic, everyone gradually started to feel like they could win.

“Kill these foreign race bastards!”


While everyone was feeling very excited, the experienced Tie Ruyun maintained his rationality and calm. He ordered systematically, “Let’s cover for President Zhou and retreat first before we discuss further!”

Tie Ruyun was the person in charge of the first spatial rift and was an eighth-grade supernatural expert.

The armor on his body had almost completely shattered.

“Commander, why are we retreating now?”

Many supernatural experts were very puzzled.

Now that their situation was getting better, under such circumstances, they should directly kill the foreign races and return to the spatial rift.

“These foreign races have created such a huge commotion this time but don’t have many top-notch experts. There must be a problem.”

“Tell everyone to retreat to the city one after another. Make the best use of your time and completely restore the defensive barrier.”

“As long as we can defend the city and prevent them from attacking, we can reduce the pressure on the other spatial rifts.”

“In fact, after the situation on our side stabilizes, we can even send people over to support them.”

Hearing Tie Ruyun’s words, many supernatural experts came to a realization and immediately went to make the arrangements.

After making the arrangements, Tie Ruyun and the others immediately rushed to Zhou Hao’s location.

Although it was very dangerous, Zhou Hao’s safety was more important than theirs now. They vowed to protect Zhou Hao and retreat safely.

Although Zhou Hao had been killing everyone, it was undoubtedly a huge drain on him. He did not have much essence energy left.

Now, seeing that everyone had retreated to the city and Commander Tie and the others had come to receive him, Zhou Hao heaved a sigh of relief.

This was undoubtedly a good opportunity for him to obtain wealth and luck points.

It was just that with his current strength, the essence energy in his body was limited after all. If this continued, he would also not be able to withstand it.

“President Zhou, let’s return to the city first and discuss this at length. You go first, we’ll cover the retreat!” Tie Yunwu’s rough voice sounded.

Zhou Hao did not hesitate. His current state was not good, and he needed to rest and recover.

By the time Zhou Hao returned to the city tower, the preliminary cultivation of the defensive barrier around the frontline city had already been completed.

With the defense barrier around, everyone had a chance to catch their breath.

Soon, the many martial artists who had been fighting bloody battles for a long time returned to the city at the frontline.

The foreign races below began to attack the defensive barrier again, and the number of foreign race beings increased.

Fortunately, in the battle just now, the machine race’s siege equipment had already been shattered into pieces by Zhou Hao.

Before the new siege equipment was shipped over, they were basically safe.

The defensive barriers of the frontline cities were very strong and could resist most ordinary attacks.

“President Zhou, it’s all thanks to you for saving the situation this time. Otherwise, the first spatial rift would have been lost!”

In the frontline defense meeting room, Tie Ruyun expressed his gratitude for Zhou Hao’s timely rescue.

“To be able to temporarily repel this foreign race attack is the result of everyone’s hard work. I only did what I could.”

Zhou Hao was not humble nor did he flaunt his results.. Instead, he spoke the truth.

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