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Chapter 236 - Each Said Their Own Opinions

Chapter 236: Each Said Their Own Opinions

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“Hahaha, President Zhou is an honest person. I like it!” Said a bearded supernatural expert as he laughed.

The aura on his body was very violent. He seemed to have used a secret technique previously and had yet to recover.

After experiencing a life and death battle just now, their tense nerves finally relaxed. At this moment, they could not help but find joy in their suffering and laugh.

Usually, most supernatural experts were very humble.

There were indeed not many people who spoke honestly like Zhou Hao.

“Alright, the most important thing now is how to deal with the foreign races’ attack.”

“I wonder what happened in the spatial rift. There are so many foreign races rushing out of the spatial rift.”

“I suggest that we continue to reinforce the defensive barrier.”

“As long as they can’t break through the defensive barrier, it won’t affect us at all.”

“That makes sense. However, we can only strengthen the defensive barrier. The more these foreign races accumulate, the more troublesome it will be.”

In the meeting room, the supernatural martial artists expressed their opinions.

Immediately, it seemed strengthening the defensive barrier was the best solution.

“That’s not appropriate either. The shield will not win forever against the spear. No matter how powerful a defensive barrier is, it will still eventually be shattered. Especially with the existence of the Machine Race, there will soon be extremely powerful siege weapons being transported over.”

After a discussion, everyone looked at Zhou Hao.

Everyone was discussing heatedly here, so why was Zhou Hao, the strongest expert, listening with interest like a bystander? He did not even express his opinion.

Seeing everyone look at him, Zhou Hao was actually somewhat dumbfounded.

After all, how could Zhou Hao know what tactics to use? His only strategy was to dominate with his strength.

As long as he was strong enough, no matter how many foreign races came, he could still defeat them.

However, this was no easy feat.

Be it him or the martial artists of Huaxia, no one was powerful enough to suppress everything.

In such a situation, one naturally had to pay attention to strategy and tactics. However, Zhou Hao knew nothing about strategy and tactics. Naturally, he could only listen to the opinions of the surrounding supernatural experts.

“President Zhou, how do you think we should handle this matter?”

Tie Ruyun looked at Zhou Hao and asked expectantly. In his opinion, Zhou Hao’s silence probably meant that he was busy thinking of a solution.

After all, Zhou Hao could always resolve the matter at critical moments. He might even have a brilliant idea right now.

Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment and did not expect Tie Ruyun to ask him such a question. After all, If he knew anything about strategy, he would have spoken his mind long ago.

However, seeing the anticipation on everyone’s faces, he naturally had to say something.

“Ahem… Let’s hear Ling Shuying’s opinion first.”

Zhou Hao passed the attention onto Ling Shuying as if it was only natural.

As long as I don’t feel embarrassed, the others will be the ones to bear the embarrassment.

Everyone could not hide the disappointment on their faces for a moment. Originally, they thought that Zhou Hao kept a low profile, but who knew that he was really clueless.

After being stunned for a moment, Tie Ruyun was the first to react. He coughed lightly and braced himself to say, “Cough cough, since President Zhou hasn’t thought it through, let’s hear Ling Shuying’s opinion first.”

Immediately, everyone cast hopeful gazes at Ling Shuying.

Ling Shuying had been resting and recovering at the side earlier and did not participate in the discussion.

Only when everyone asked Zhou Hao to speak did she want to listen with interest.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Hao had passed the attention onto her as soon as he opened his mouth.

“Didn’t we already come up with a conclusion just now? We’ll continue to guard them tightly.”

“At the same time, we should try our best to transfer some experts to help out in the other spatial rifts.”

“After the situation in each of the spatial rifts stabilizes, we will gather our forces and gather the experts that can be transferred from the spatial rifts. Then, we will begin to defeat these foreign races one by one.”

“The interior of the various spatial rifts is complicated. Although they are interconnected, there is a very long distance between one spatial rift and another.”

“It’s different for us outside the spatial rift. It’s very easy for us to travel back and forth between the spatial rifts.”

After Ling Shuying finished speaking, she also looked at Zhou Hao and wondered if he had any better ideas. After all, this was the best solution she could currently come up with.

“I completely agree.”

Zhou Hao was too lazy to think. Moreover, Ling Shuying’s solution was very good.

Now, his essence energy had also gradually recovered.

The 100 rare-level Energy Bars in the system backpack were the source of his confidence.

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