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Chapter 234 - There’s Hope!

Chapter 234: There’s Hope!

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They knew that Zhou Hao was very powerful. With him joining the battle, they had a very high chance of defeating the foreign races if they worked together.

However, now that he was fighting alone, it was hard to say.

After all, the foreign races this time were powerful and there were many of them!

“Let’s go and help President Zhou!”

After being stunned for a moment, the martial artists immediately reacted.

At this moment, they could not choose to sit idly by. They had to save Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was their hope.

Many soldiers and martial artists in the first spatial rift fought as they waited for Zhou Hao to create another miracle and kill his way back safely.

However, what happened next undoubtedly shocked everyone.

After Zhou Hao killed his way into the crowd of foreign races, he was indeed immediately surrounded by many of them.

However, after being surrounded by these foreign races, Zhou Hao did not fall into danger. Instead, he started killing in all directions like a ferocious tiger that had killed its way into a pack of wolves.

All of the foreign races that approached him were either killed in a few punches or kicks, or were severely injured and on the verge of death.

From the start of the battle until now, he had single-handedly swept through these powerful foreign races that had undergone two or three mutations with ease.


“President Zhou is too powerful!”

“How impressive. He killed his way into the foreign race’s formation alone. He’s even moving freely, as if he had entered an uninhabited place!”

Zhou Hao’s hunting behavior greatly encouraged everyone. Those martial artists and soldiers no longer felt tired. Their waists were no longer sore, and their legs no longer hurt. They felt that they could continue fighting for another three days and three nights.

Zhou Hao’s strength was even stronger than they had imagined.

There was hope for the first spatial rift!

In the command room of the Green Cloud Division, the twelve higher-ups of the Green Cloud Division were all anxious like ants on a hot pan, but they were also helpless.

At this moment, shocking frontline defensive line footage was transmitted back!

“Troublesome, troublesome. I don’t know what’s going on with these foreign races. All of them seem to have gone crazy.”

In the meeting room, the higher-ups of the Green Cloud Division felt a headache. They felt as if there was a huge rock weighing down on their hearts, making them unable to breathe.

Ever since the mutation of the spatial rift, the number of spatial rifts that needed to be strictly guarded had increased to thirteen, and trouble had followed without stopping.

“The combat footage from the first spatial rift is back.”

After receiving the battle report video, everyone stopped talking and immediately checked.

Currently, the most nervous and dangerous place was the first spatial rift.

The people present all had very important missions and did not have the time to go and provide support.

They were in charge of planning and arranging the troops. If anything happened to them, the entire defensive line would be in a mess and they might lose without even putting up a fight.

Seeing the start of the video, everyone’s hearts sank even more.

In the video, the person in charge of the first spatial rift, the eighth-grade supernatural expert Tie Ruyun, was like a cloud as he constantly fought bloody in the foreign race wave. The martial artists and soldiers of the first spatial rift were also fighting valiantly and tenaciously.

However, there were too many foreign races this time. It was as if they could not kill all of them.

Many grandmasters, masters, low-level supernatural experts, and intermediate-level supernatural experts were constantly drowned in the surging flood.

Later on, the siege machines appeared among the foreign races again. They were very powerful.

The defensive barrier at the frontline could not last long before it was completely shattered.

Without the defensive barrier, an even more tragic battle also erupted at this moment.

Looking at the scene transmitted back, the higher-ups of the Green Cloud Division were very worried. The atmosphere was also extremely solemn.

The battle at the first spatial rift this time was simply unprecedentedly tragic.

One of the martial artists, who looked to be in his twenties, had his intestines blown out by the foreign race. However, he was still holding onto a foreign race member and directly detonated a grenade.

Such scenes were being played out continuously in all corners of the battlefield.

At this rate, the loss of the first spatial rift seemed to be inevitable.

Just as the higher-ups of Green Cloud Division lowered their heads as if they had lost their parents and were no longer hopeful, a green figure suddenly landed in the footage.

After this green figure rushed over to provide support, the green figure killed many powerful foreign races in the vicinity in a short period of time.

In this green figure’s hands, foreign race experts below the third-grade supernatural level were like chickens and dogs that could be easily slaughtered.

“Who is this person?!”

At this moment, some of the higher-ups of the Green Cloud Division felt their hearts ignite.

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