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Chapter 233 - President Zhou Is Too Reckless!

Chapter 233: President Zhou Is Too Reckless!

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As he continued to cultivate, he waited for the Green Cloud Division’s order.

In the end, Dean Shi Zhi’s distress call arrived instead of the Green Cloud Division.

“President Zhou, I’m really sorry, but the number of Planet Earth experts is limited. I’ll have to trouble you again this time.”

Dean Shi Zhi could not help but feel very helpless after saying this, but he had no other choice.

The situation in the first spatial rift could not be delayed!

“Dean Shi Zhi, what’s the emergency?”

Zhou Hao had a good impression of Dean Shi Zhi. Now that the Green Cloud Division had not given the order, he could take on some private work.

Actually, it was not that the Green Cloud Division was too slow and took too long to pass down the order. Instead, the higher-ups of the Green Cloud Division were also very helpless at this moment.

Zhou Hao had just fought a huge battle not long ago and it was assumed that his essence energy had yet to fully recover. Thus, the higher-ups didn’t want to ask Zhou Hao to travel around and participate in the battle again.

Therefore, after hesitating for a long time, they still decided to not pass down the order.

On the other hand, Zhou Hao had already learned the situation from Dean Shi Zhi.

This time, for some reason, many spatial rifts were attacked at the same time, as if it was planned.

In particular, in the area of the first spatial rift, various foreign races surged out continuously, and the situation was extremely tragic.

Just as Zhou Hao was about to take action, Zhou Hao also received a message from the Green Cloud Division.

The Green Cloud Division: “How much of your essence energy has been recovered? If you have enough essence crystals, how long will it take for you to recover?”

This time, the Greencloud Department was clearly prepared to spend a lot of money.

They were hesitant for a long time. However, the only way to resolve the situation now seemed to be Zhou Hao!

As long as Zhou Hao could successfully resolve the problem of the spatial rift, they could transfer an expert at the frontline to support the other spatial rifts.

“I’ve already recovered, but there’s no need to give these essence crystals back.”

“I suggest that we convert these essence crystals into wealth and give it to the families of the martial artists who died in battle.”

After saying this, Zhou Hao was already prepared to attack.

Even if the Green Cloud Division had not said anything, he still knew.

The place he was going to this time was definitely the most dangerous first spatial rift.

“What? You’ve already recovered?”

In the Green Cloud Division, the martial artist in charge of contacting Zhou Hao was already completely dumbfounded.

In such a short period of time, Zhou Hao had already recovered!

This was far beyond his expectations.

He was also relieved and happy. Therefore, he hurriedly said, “The first spatial rift is in danger now. The organization hopes that you can immediately help the first spatial rift.”

“If you have any requests, feel free to tell me.”

The Green Cloud Division was very sincere this time. As long as Zhou Hao’s request was not too overboard, they would be able to satisfy it.

“There’s nothing I need right now. There’s no time to lose. I’ll go to the first spatial rift and take a look first.”

After Zhou Hao finished speaking, the martial artists of the Green Cloud Division naturally stopped talking.

After Dean Shi Zhi learned that Zhou Hao was going to the first spatial rift to provide support, tears streamed down his face. It was as if Zhou Hao wouldn’t be able to return alive this time.

The distance from the seventh fortress base to the first spatial rift was definitely not far.

However, flying at full speed, Zhou Hao easily crossed that distance.

This time, he was not the first to arrive. Before Zhou Hao, Ling Shuying and the others were already fighting bravely here.

“There are actually so many casualties!”

After arriving at the first spatial rift, Zhou Hao frowned.

They originally thought that the information regarding the Green Cloud Division and Dean Shi Zhi’s words were somewhat exaggerated.

Now, he finally understood that the situation in the first spatial rift was indeed critical.

There were many foreign races that appeared here. Some powerful foreign races had already begun to kill the soldiers and low-level martial artists.

The most terrifying thing was that the foreign races that had appeared here were all at least at the second mutation level.

Their strengths were all powerful and domineering to the limit.

With Zhou Hao’s arrival, many martial artists who were already exhausted saw hope and were shocked.

The enemies this time were really too powerful. Three experts from the Green Cloud Division had already arrived previously, but even with the three of them joining forces, they were still unable to completely stabilize the situation.

Everyone naturally had expectations for this mysterious President Zhou.

It had to be known that he had already created many miracles before this.

Facing so many foreign races that had undergone second or third mutation, it required a lot of high-level martial artists to come over to completely resolve the problem here.

However, in Huaxia, high-level martial artists had always been scarce.

As everyone was sighing with emotion, Zhou Hao had already killed his way into the crowd of foreign races.

“President Zhou, you can’t!”

“Not good!”

“It’s over. President Zhou is too rash!”

Seeing Zhou Hao kill his way into the depths of the foreign races without hesitation, the expressions of all the martial artists turned solemn.

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