Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 232 - Something Happened Again!

Chapter 232: Something Happened Again!

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After leaving the live-stream, Zhou Hao received Fairy Yue Ling’s message as expected.

Fairy Yue Ling: “You’re leaving too quickly. I just learned a dance and was about to dance for you!”

Zhou Hao was stunned. He did not expect this at all.

However, he was busy getting the reward just now and did not notice what Fairy Yue Ling was saying.

He didn’t even notice what Fairy Yue Ling typed on the chat just now.

After all, 10 million luck points could only buy him 60 seconds. He could not waste a second!

Zhou Hao thought for a moment and replied.

I’m just an ordinary person. “Ah? I didn’t know about that… Then sure, I’ll come back right now.”

Fairy Yue Ling: “Uh… this…”

Fairy Yue Ling was somewhat dumbfounded.

I’m just an ordinary person. “Haha, I was just joking. I’ll come again next time.”

Fairy Yue Ling: “Thank you very much for giving away the gifts in my live-stream. I’m extremely grateful! I wish you all the best!”

I’m just an ordinary person. “Fairy, you’re so sweet. I’ll come again next time.”

With that said, Zhou Hao immediately exited the Heaven Dao software.

After returning to reality, Zhou Hao immediately took out an ordinary Energy Bar.

The ordinary Energy Bar was a transparent bar and did not look special.

It was crispy when he chewed it in his mouth, but the recovery effects of ordinary Energy Bars were already very minimal.

After opening the system backpack, Zhou Hao took out a rare-level Energy Bar from one of the boxes.

Unlike ordinary Energy Bars, this rare-level Energy Bar did indeed have a very rich essence energy flow!

Moreover, not only could rare-level Energy Bars be eaten, but they could also be held in one’s palm and absorbed and refined by circulating a Heaven Realm cultivation technique.

After Zhou Hao circulated the Five Elements Grand Yan Record cultivation technique, the pure essence energy contained in this rare-level Energy Bar had already been constantly absorbed by him.

Soon, Zhou Hao’s eyes revealed deep surprise!

“This is too useful. It’s simply comparable to an essence crystal!”

At this moment, Zhou Hao was excited. Previously, he had done so many missions in the Green Cloud Division, but he had only obtained a few pieces of essence crystals.

In the end, he had only gotten the reward once and directly obtained a hundred rare-level Energy Bars, comparable to a hundred essence crystals!

After consuming a total of four rare-level Energy Bars, the essence energy that had been emptied in his body was replenished.

Zhou Hao understood that with his current strength, he could recover his exhausted essence energy by consuming four rare-level Energy Bars.

However, as time passed, after his cultivation level increased, the consumption of rare-level Energy Bars would also increase.

It took him 30 million luck points to obtain these 100 rare-level Energy Bars.

In other words, he could directly try spending 30 million luck points the next time he wanted to get more rare-level Energy Bars.

After recovering his essence energy, Zhou Hao continued to cultivate. In any case, he did not lack resources now. He could increase his strength as much as he wanted.

Zhou Hao originally thought that with sufficient resources, he should be able to cultivate properly for once.

However, before he could cultivate any longer, he received an emergency order from the Green Cloud Division!

Zhou Hao looked at the communication device and frowned.

For some reason, these foreign race beings had gradually become very restless these past few days.

Unexpectedly, something happened again!

There were five total rifts that needed help. They were the first, third, seventh, ninth, and eleventh spatial rifts.

The first spatial rift had the most serious situation. It was said that half of the martial artists at the frontline had already died in battle. The remaining people were still fighting a bloody battle and constantly losing members.

Many big shots who had never acted before also appeared one after another this time. It could be imagined how dangerous the situation was this time.

All over Huaxia, soldiers were being urgently deployed.

However, there were too few experts on Planet Earth. This time, only five spatial rifts were in danger, and they were already overwhelmed.

If all thirteen spatial rifts were in danger, then…

It was not only the Green Cloud Division that was discussing. Some of the rifts had already asked Zhou Hao for help through various channels.

After the previous battle, Zhou Hao had already become everyone’s pillar of support. It was as if as long as he was around, everyone would be safe.

Zhou Hao did not agree to these martial artists’ invitations..

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