Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 231 - Just Spend It All

Chapter 231: Just Spend It All

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Ordinary Energy Bars and even platinum-level Energy Bars were of little use to Zhou Hao.

All he wanted now was a rare-level Energy Bar.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the 10 million luck points was not enough for him to get a single rare-level Energy Bar.

At this moment, he still had more than 20 million luck points. He could split it evenly into two uses of 10 million luck points, or he could directly empty it at one time. Otherwise, he could also save up and spend it when he had 50 million luck points again.

10 million luck points only had the status of “achievable dreams” whereas 50 million luck points had the status of “blessed by Lady Luck”.

With more luck points, there would be additional effects. The effect of 20 million luck points and 10 million luck points was definitely different.

However, 20 million luck points for him to experience a qualitative change. At most, only the quantity would change.

“I’ll split it evenly!”

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Hao still decided to split the 20 million evenly.

After this, if he really couldn’t get any rare-level Energy Bars, he would save up until he had 50 million luck points before trying again.

On Planet Earth, the Heaven and Earth essence energy was very thin. After consuming it, it was very difficult for one to recover quickly.

In addition, rare-level Energy Bars could also be used as cultivation resources.

If he wanted to cultivate to the Heaven Realm on Planet Earth, he would definitely need a large number of cultivation resources.

After another 10 million luck points were instantly spent, Zhou Hao also began another round of bombardment.

“‘I’m just an ordinary person’ gave out 99 Energy Bars…”

“‘I’m just an ordinary person’ gave out 50 Energy Bars…”

“‘I’m just an ordinary person’ gave out 44 Energy Bars…”

“Awesome, awesome. The big shot is going at it again! @ I’m just an ordinary person…”

“Come on! Big shot, you have to get it!”

“I don’t think he’ll be able to get a rare-level Energy Bar. He’ll probably get a lot of ordinary Energy Bars.”

“How brutal. He’s spending so much!”

Although they were not the ones giving away the gifts, many users were still excited.

Fairy Yue Ling was somewhat guilty. Zhou Hao really wanted to get a rare-level Energy Bar, but the drop rate was too low.

Fairy Yue Ling: “Big shot, why don’t you try again next time? My live-stream might be a little shady…”

Fairy Yue Ling said timidly, praying in her heart that Zhou Hao would get a rare-level Energy Bar.

Ding! Congratulations ‘I am only an ordinary person’ for obtaining 100 rare-level Energy Bars! ‘

Unexpectedly, just as Fairy Yue Ling finished speaking, Zhou Hao suddenly got 100 rare-level Energy Bars.

A golden banner instantly appeared on the screen of all the live-stream rooms.

Rare-level Energy Bars were also rare-level items, but among the many rare-level items, the level of this item was somewhat low.

Without a doubt, all the live-streams were in an uproar.

Previously, there were also announcements of rare-level Energy Bars appearing on the screen. However, there were usually only a few or a dozen. There had never been anyone who directly got 100 rare-level Energy Bars like Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao instantly understood. It turned out that when the luck numbers turned gold, he would be able to get rare-level Energy Bars.

Just now, he was still wondering why the luck number he saw was different from the other numbers.

So that was the reason!

“Damn! This big shot is awesome! He directly changed his fate and got the rare-level Energy Bars even though it was against his odds!”

“Big shot, you’re so impressive, @ I’m just an ordinary person.”

“Too impressive, this big shot must have won all the rewards!”

“Impressive, impressive. Big shot, impressive!”

“It’s my first time seeing someone get 100 rare-level Energy Bars. As expected of a big shot! @ I’m just an ordinary person!”

I’m just an ordinary person: “You’re too kind. I was just lucky.”

Zhou Hao replied in a good mood.

Fairy Yue Ling was extremely dumbfounded. Was this really just a coincidence?

After Zhou Hao got the rare-level Energy Bars in Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream, many platinum users and diamond big shots also rushed over crazily to watch.

“Damn! As expected of a big shot! @ I’m just an ordinary person!”

“Let me rub off some luck from you. @ I’m just an ordinary person.”

Because of Zhou Hao’s appearance, Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream had become very lively.

Due to Zhou Hao’s crazy spending and also the gifts from the new users, Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream ranking was already starting to approach 60,000.

“Big shot, how many did you give away to get 100 rare-level Energy Bars? @ I’m just an ordinary person.”

A diamond-level big shot asked Zhou Hao curiously.

At this moment, the other users in the live-stream rushed to answer.

They had watched the entire process.

I’m just an ordinary person. “I’ll get going first. I’ll come again next time. @ Fairy Yue Ling.”

Zhou Hao was no longer planning on staying in the live-stream room. Since he had gotten the rare-level Energy Bars, he naturally had to test its effect.

“Roar, roar, something fishy is going on! The big shot ignored everyone but tagged Fairy Yue Ling in his message!”

“Something fishy must be going on!”

“How could this be… The fairy I idolize is already taken!”

“Damn it!”

Amidst the “wolf howls”, Zhou Hao brushed his clothes and left quietly.

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