Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 226 - The True Backbone Of Humanity!

Chapter 226: The True Backbone Of Humanity!

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“This… this…”

“Damn, a Heaven-level big shot hidden on Planet Earth?”

“How… strong!”

“President Zhou is amazing, impressive!”

The people who had been worried about Zhou Hao’s safety just now immediately realized that their worry was completely unnecessary.

This President Zhou of the Supernatural Council was simply awesome.

A single man could hold back ten thousand enemies!

After Zhou Hao appeared, the powerful foreign race beings were unable to advance any further.

On the other side, Ling Shuying, who had resolved the crisis of the other spatial rift, was dragging her exhausted body as she jumped down from the Sky Fighter. She was prepared to kill more foreign race beings as soon as possible.

After killing these foreign race beings, she would be able to rest well!

However, when Ling Shuying erupted with an overwhelming aura and landed from the sky, she was immediately dumbfounded after killing a peak-level grandmaster-level demon beast with a flying knee.

What the hell was going on?

Didn’t they say that the sixth spatial rift was about to be completely lost? Now, almost all the powerful foreign races here had been killed…

Moreover, what was going on with the distant sea of trees?

Sea of trees? Wait!

After discovering the sea of trees, Ling Shuying suddenly recalled that the cultivation technique Zhou Hao had previously obtained was the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art.

This sea of trees was one of the accompanying secret techniques of the Green Wood Spring Autumn Technique, the Demonic Wood Tree Sea

She remembered that when she was young, her grandfather used the Demonic Wood Tree Sea to create a small tree…

All along, she had thought that the Demonic Wood Tree Sea was just for gardening. She did not expect it to be so terrifying!

After Ling Shuying arrived, Zhou Hao also felt weak.

In order to resolve the many foreign races here as soon as possible, the essence energy in his body was directly consumed cleanly, without even a drop.

Of course, his gains were also huge. He directly earned more than 40 million luck points. After killing so many foreign races, he also had to obtain a lot of colored energy crystals.

On the worn-down city tower, Ling Shuying looked at Zhou Hao in disbelief.

No matter how heaven-defying Zhou Hao was, he couldn’t be so monstrous, right?

Not long ago, Zhou Hao obtained the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art from her. In the end, Zhou Hao had actually cultivated the Demonic Wood Tree Sea to such an extent!

Compared to Ling Shuying’s shock, the many martial artists at the sixth line of defense were more excited.

Previously, when the foreign races attacked the city gate tower, many people thought that the sixth defense line was going to be lost.

But now, after Zhou Hao arrived, he had forced back the foreign race army on his own.

Even though they had seen it with their own eyes, this was still an unbelievable and shocking matter.

“Clean the battlefield and repair the defensive fortifications!”

As many martial artists and soldiers were pleasantly surprised, the supernatural expert guarding the sixth spatial rift also walked out covered in blood.

This supernatural martial artist was holding a golden saber and was also extremely famous. He was called the Golden Saber Ding Peng!

Among the many supernatural martial artists in Huaxia, he was also ranked at the top.

“President Zhou, thank you for coming to the rescue in time!”

Ding Peng’s body was filled with a murderous aura, and his voice was hoarse like an owl.

Unlike most other supernatural martial artists, Ding Peng’s strength was obtained from experiencing countless life and death situations on the battlefield.

Now, even as he stood in front of Zhou Hao, Zhou Hao could sense the incomparably dense killing intent on his body!

“You’re welcome.”

Zhou Hao replied casually.

The reason why he came this time was firstly to resolve the situation and secondly, it was because of his personal matter.

Now, he had obtained a lot and his luck points had broken through 40 million again. This was almost the most luck points he had ever accumulated in a single battle.

“President Zhou, there aren’t many martial artists that I admire.”

“Old Ding doesn’t even care about those gold-plated martial artists from the training camps and fortresses.”

“However, Old Ding is completely convinced by you, President Zhou!”

“You single-handedly stopped the attack of countless foreign races. You are truly the backbone of humanity!”

At this moment, Ding Peng was extremely excited and sincere.

“Elder Ding, what’s the meaning of this?”

Beside Zhou Hao, Ling Shuying had a displeased expression.

Zhou Hao was an itinerant cultivator whereas Ling Shuying was a martial artist from the school.. Ding Peng’s words just now could basically be considered as an insult to all the martial artists that graduated from training camps.

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