Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 225 - : One Against Ten Thousand!

Chapter 225: One Against Ten Thousand!

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After shouting, Zhou Hao directly circulated his essence energy and used the Demonic Wood Palm of the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art cultivation technique.

Suddenly, a huge palm print smashed down from the sky.

Several Machine Race siege machines, as well as many powerful Machine Race and Demon Race beings, were all completely shattered by this huge palm print that fell from the sky.

This was the essence energy caused by a Heaven Realm technique. Using a Heaven Realm technique to kill these low-level foreign races was simply overkill.

The many martial artists and soldiers who were originally in despair were now dumbfounded.

What was going on? What level of expert had attacked?

Zhou Hao had killed two king-level demon beasts, one king-level giant insect, and even destroyed two siege machines that were extremely threatening to the martial artists and soldiers!

More interestingly, Zhou Hao’s huge palm print created a deep pit the size of a basketball court on the ground.

Because the wood essence energy was too rich, many weeds, flowers, and trees were growing crazily in the deep pit.


“Is this a gardener’s cultivation technique?”

After striking with his palm, Zhou Hao did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

After cultivating the Five Elements Grand Yan Record, he already had wood essence energy. Therefore, it was not difficult for him to use the secret technique of the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art.

However, this was also the first time he had used the Demonic Wood Palm. He did not expect the effect to be so shocking.

If he went to a barren land and slapped them a few times, wouldn’t the desert become an oasis?

Of course, this was only a thought. There were still many things that needed to be resolved!

“The reinforcements are here!”

“Everyone, don’t be nervous. This is President Zhou of the Supernatural Council!”

Zhou Hao’s palm just now was incomparably terrifying, scaring many people.

After all, many martial artists and soldiers were unfamiliar with Zhou Hao.

If Zhou Hao could kill so many foreign races and siege machines with a single palm, it meant that he could also shatter the city wall at the frontline.

After learning that Zhou Hao was the honorary president of the Supernatural Council and had repeatedly contributed to the war in the seventh spatial rift, many martial artists and soldiers were excited. They saw hope for victory.

Previously, they had been forced to retreat step by step because their upper-level combat strength was severely lacking and they were also threatened by the Machine Race’s laser cannon.

Now that President Zhou had arrived, the situation would definitely gradually stabilize!

As everyone was thinking this, Zhou Hao’s figure had already begun to move through the battlefield.

The essence energy in his body was limited, so he was unable to constantly use it to fight.

He had to make the best use of his time and kill all the foreign races he could before reinforcements arrived.

As he began to kill crazily, his luck points kept jumping visibly.

Luck points was his ultimate foundation. The higher his luck points, the more confident he became.

Previously, his luck points had been depleted. Even though his strength had improved greatly, he still felt that something was wrong.

“How powerful!”

“Damn! Is he even human?”

“Heavens, he’s simply invincible!”

“Is this the glory of a president of the Supernatural Council?”

“Too damn strong!”

Many martial artists and soldiers were dumbfounded as they watched Zhou Hao kill his way into the foreign races.

The current Zhou Hao was simply like a ferocious tiger that killed its way into a pack of wolves. He killed wherever he went. Until now, there had been no powerful foreign race that could fight Zhou Hao for a prolonged period of time.

Usually, they would be suppressed and killed in three to five rounds. At most, they would last ten rounds before losing to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao’s existence also instantly attracted most of the firepower.

“Not good! These foreign races have all surrounded and attacked President Zhou. Let’s go and support them!”

“Quick! Quick! We can’t let anything happen to President Zhou!”

“Help me up, I’ll go over and help!”

In the beginning, everyone was shocked by Zhou Hao. Now, they were incomparably worried.

These foreign races were indeed not stupid. After discovering the problem, they immediately decided to resolve the most troublesome problem.

If anything happened to Zhou Hao, the losses to Huaxia would be incalculable.

“Demonic Wood Tree Sea!”

As the countless foreign races rushed over like a tide, Zhou Hao could no longer care about conserving his essence energy.

After using the Demonic Wood Tree Sea, the surrounding thin wood essence energy was also drawn by him.

In an instant, countless vines and other plants grew crazily from the ground, riddling the nearby foreign races with holes and draining their nutrients on the spot.

As the essence energy in Zhou Hao’s body was constantly being consumed, the sea of trees also became taller and wider.

Many Demon Race, Insect Race, Machine Race, and other foreign race beings were also being devoured by the Demonic Wood Tree Sea at this moment.. The area beside Zhou Hao had become a vacuum.

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