Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 224 - Asura Hell

Chapter 224: Asura Hell

Previously, in order to resolve the problem of the Heaven Realm cultivation technique, he had directly used up all his luck points and energy crystals.

Now, when he saw the foreign races, he felt as if he was looking at small gold coins jumping around.

Zhou Hao’s silence made Dean Shi Zhi feel even more apologetic.

Zhou Hao was only an honorary president of the Supernatural Council that received 200 colored energy crystals every month. Now, he had to go to the frontline defense line every two to three days. No matter who it was, they would feel bad.

The life of a supernatural expert should also be valued! They couldn’t order a peak-level supernatural expert around all the time, right?

But then again, without Zhou Hao, no one would be able to resolve the crisis of the sixth spatial rift.

“Give me your phone. Why are you still hesitating at a time like this?”

Beside Dean Shi Zhi, Su Mengying also knew what he was thinking. However, at this moment, it was not the time to be bothered about these things.

“President Zhou, we know that you must be very unhappy and unwilling.”

“But there’s nothing we can do about it. Even if the sky collapses, we still need someone to hold it up. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.”

“If you have any requests, we can discuss them. However, the situation in the sixth spatial rift is currently very critical. We have to ask you to help us temporarily to stabilize the situation and buy time for the Green Cloud Division to resolve this crisis.”

At this moment, Su Mengying was trying to persuade President Zhou to come forward and relieve the pressure of the sixth spatial rift.

Zhou Hao felt wronged. He had not even said a word. Why did Dean Shi Zhi and Su Mengying assume that he was unwilling to help?

Now that he was going to the frontline defense line, he was simply happier than he was when he was returning home!

“I understand, but where’s the sixth spatial rift?”

He now knew that there were a total of thirteen dangerous spatial rifts in China.

However, other than the seventh spatial rift that was closest to him, he did not know where the other spatial rifts were.

“The exact information and coordinates have been transmitted to your communication device!”

There was an unconcealable surprise in Su Mengying’s voice. She did not expect it to be so easy to persuade President Zhou.

After the call ended, in the meeting room, Dean Shi Zhi, Instructor Yang Hui, and the others even gave Su Mengying a thumbs up.

With Zhou Hao’s help, the situation in the sixth spatial rift could definitely be stabilized to the greatest extent. They could now also buy time for the Green Cloud Division.

By the time the experts of the Green Cloud Division arrived, they would be able to completely suppress the crazy attack of the foreign races this time.

In the villa, Zhou Hao’s figure moved and directly appeared in midair. Then, he turned into a long rainbow beam and rushed towards the sixth spatial rift.

He had previously heard a very important piece of information: he needed to be faster this time.

Otherwise, the Green Cloud Division would send experts to snatch the job!

He was now also a member of the Green Cloud Division and knew very well how powerful these guys from the Green Cloud Division were.

If more than ten people like Ling Shuying came, then no matter how many foreign race experts there were, it would have nothing to do with him.

What Zhou Hao did not know was that even in the Green Cloud Division, Ling Shuying was also a top-notch expert. Not to mention ten, there were only six martial artists of her level outside the spatial rift.

Including the current Zhou Hao, there were only a total of seven people.

The other martial artists from the Green Cloud Division were all peak-level supernatural experts and below. Their strength was not much stronger than Dean Shi Zhi and the others, and they were even slightly inferior.

The sixth spatial rift had now directly transformed into the Asura Hell.

Countless foreign races had already rushed to the city at the frontline and were fighting the martial artists and soldiers guarding this place.


“Kill them and force them back. We have to hold on! Hold on!”

A supernatural expert’s armor seemed to have been pierced by a laser, and a fist-sized bloody hole was burned in his abdomen. However, he was still trying his best to command the battle.

“The situation is actually so tense!”

After Zhou Hao tore through the air and arrived, his expression became solemn.

The foreign races’ attacks were even faster and more violent than he had imagined.

This was the first time he had seen these foreign races break through the defense line and kill their way into the frontline city.

Blood had already flowed into rivers on the tall city tower. The blood belonged to both the foreign races and the human martial artists.

Everyone crazily wanted to seize back the city gate tower and kill all the foreign races, but facing the foreign races that were coming at them like a tide, they were simply unable to do anything!

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