Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 223 - Perfect timing

Chapter 223: Perfect timing

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Because he realized that other than him, everyone else had already returned!

All of them widened their eyes and stared at him.

Ji Yufan was confused. After all, their group had more people and would thus be more burdensome for them to travel around.

At this moment, Ji Yufan simply doubted his life.

Fortunately, after Ji Yufan returned, Yang Hui also started to bring everyone back to the fortress base.

The Sky Fighter was very fast, and the distance between the Seventh Elite Training Camp and the Seventh Spatial Rift was not far. Not long after, they returned to the training camp.

Looking at the familiar environment in front of them, many students sighed with emotion.

“Ah, we finally made it back.”

“That’s right. The training area is too dangerous. There were many times when I felt like I was going to die.”

“Looks like we should still cultivate diligently in the future. Look at Zhou Hao, Lu Zhan, Ji Yufan, Xu Ling, and the others. They did not have any trouble navigating the training area.”

Many students felt like they had just survived a disaster. This matter had also stimulated their fighting spirit to cultivate crazily.

Some injured students were arranged to receive treatment.

This time, it was not only Lu Zhan who was injured. Ji Yufan, who was traveling alone, was also injured. He even almost lost his arm in the training area.

Compared to Lu Zhan and Ji Yufan’s injuries, Xu Ling, Yun Yan, and the others’ injuries were not worth mentioning.

After calculating the rankings, Zhou Hao got first place as expected. Moreover, he was even more ruthless this time. With more than 26,000 points, he was ahead of the second place by more than 20,000 points!

In fact, his score was even calculated after he and Ling Shuying had switched off the sensing function of the armor when they went to kill the illusionary sound insects. Otherwise, his points would definitely have exploded.

After disbanding, everyone returned.

On the way back to their residence, all the students had mixed emotions.

Zhou Hao and Xu Ling naturally walked side by side and returned together.

This time, although many boys felt jealous, they felt even more helpless!

“Although you’re very powerful now, the path of martial arts is long and far-reaching.”

“You definitely can’t stop now just because you’re in the lead.”

At this moment, the others were mostly complimenting Zhou Hao. No matter how jealous they were, they still had to put up an act.

After all, no one wanted to offend Zhou Hao. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know how they would die.

Xu Ling was different. She had a tacit understanding of their relationship and directly reminded Zhou Hao not to stop or he would be pushed back.

“Got it.”

“However, if you want to teach me a lesson, you have to at least surpass me.”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he subconsciously stretched out his hand, planning to pat Xu Lingxiang’s shoulder.

In the end, Xu Ling rolled her eyes and glared at him until he retracted his arm back.

However, at this moment, Xu Ling suddenly gave him a big hug.

Others only saw Zhou Hao’s glory, but she knew that without a family background, a special physique, or any other outstanding advantage, Zhou Hao had done well. After all, for Zhou Hao to cultivate to this level without having any of those things, the difficulty level must have exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Zhou Hao did not understand why this girl was suddenly so proactive.

However, he still immediately responded to Xu Ling’s hug.

He would be dumb to not take advantage of this opportunity.

As for the difficulties on his cultivation path, although it wasn’t exactly difficult, it wasn’t easy either.

However, not everyone can succeed even when given the opportunity. On this aspect, Zhou Hao had done well.

After returning to his villa, Zhou Hao immediately showered and changed before thinking about what to do next.

After obtaining the Heaven-level cultivation technique this time, he had opened the door to becoming a Heaven Realm expert.

However, to become a Heaven Realm martial artist, the cultivation resources required were a terrifying astronomical figure.

It was very difficult to obtain so many resources outside the spatial rift.

And entering the spatial rift was too risky as it was filled with too many unknown factors.

The best solution was still the mystery box and the live-stream room!

When it came to mystery boxes and live-stream rooms, one naturally needed essence crystal, energy crystals, and luck points.


“Where can I get more energy crystals and luck points?”

Zhou Hao lay on his bed with a headache.

There were only so many foreign races in the seventh spatial rift. He had been lucky to encounter a few beast wave attacks and some unexpected situations.

At other times, the guards at the frontline defense line had already killed all the foreign races that needed to be attacked. It was none of his business.

After all, he was now the president of the Supernatural Council. He couldn’t shamelessly compete with the experts at the frontline for jobs, could he?

What Zhou Hao did not know was that as long as he opened his mouth, countless frontline defense lines would invite him to kill the foreign races.

Especially now that many changes had happened in the spatial rift. Moreover, there were more than thirteen spatial rifts that required high vigilance.

Just as Zhou Hao was frowning, his communication device suddenly flashed. It was a voice call from Dean Shi Zhi.

“President Zhou, I’m really sorry…”

Hearing Dean Shi Zhi’s words, Zhou Hao immediately smiled unkindly.

What did he mean by sorry? Dean Shi Zhi had contacted him at the right time.

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