Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 222 - Leading Everyone for Half a Day?

Chapter 222: Leading Everyone for Half a Day?

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Looking at the Black-Winged Giant Lizard that was escaping crazily as if its butt was on fire, the eyes of the students from the Seventh Elite Training Camp widened.

This simply overthrew their understanding!

The Black-Winged Giant Lizard was three times larger than a mammoth. It had four wings on its two ribs, and its combat strength was very powerful!

In its infancy, it had no horns on its forehead. After it gradually matured, a long horn would appear on its forehead. This also proved that its strength had reached its peak.

Among the many peak-level master-level demon beasts, the Black-Winged Giant Lizard was also ranked at the top.

Previously, Lu Zhan had only been struck by the other party and several of his bones had already been broken. If not for the protection of the armor, Lu Zhan would probably have already become a corpse.

But now, Zhou Hao had actually chopped off the horn on the Black-Winged Giant Lizard’s forehead with a single ax.

Waves of shock surged in the hearts of the students. Their gazes as they looked at Zhou Hao could no longer remain calm!

It should be known that before the end of the month competition last time, Zhou Hao was still ranked at the bottom!

It’s only been a while since then, but now, not only had Zhou Hao become the strongest of them, his strength had also reached a terrifying level!

Many boys looked at Zhou Hao with complicated gazes.

Zhang Yi, Yuan Cheng, and the others were very happy. Zhou Hao was their friend and they were naturally also happy that Zhou Hao had become stronger.

The other boys, on the other hand, were envious.

Why? Why does Zhou Hao get to be so powerful?

All the boys couldn’t help but wonder why they weren’t the ones who were so impressive.

They could not figure this out no matter how hard they tried!

Some boys also looked at Zhou Hao in admiration and were very excited.

They were unable to replicate Ji Yufan and Xu Ling’s strength. After all, the two of them both had special physiques.

Zhou Hao, on the other hand, was different. He was only an ordinary person!

Since Zhou Hao was able to reach such a height, it meant that they could also do it after working hard!

However, these students did not know that they were simply in a different realm from Zhou Hao. The result they could achieve through hard work was naturally also different.

Most of the girls looked at Zhou Hao with bright eyes.

Even Fang Yu, the Yanjing genius who had previously thought highly of himself and disdained Zhou Hao and the others, had to look at Zhou Hao in a different light now.

Zhou Hao’s current strength was already incomparable to theirs!

Xu Ling looked at the heated gazes of many girls and felt very complicated.

Of course, she still mostly felt pride.

Previously, Zhou Hao had not attacked in the team. Many students even thought that he was afraid to attack.

However, reality had given them a ruthless slap. It turned out that the reason why Zhou Hao did not attack was not because he did not dare to attack against the demon beasts, but because he felt that there was no need for him to attack at all.

In the following journey, many students were very relieved. This was because as long as Zhou Hao was around, they could directly move around in this training area.

Some students were even thinking if they should go back to kill more beasts and earn some points.

Of course, they only thought about doing so. This was because the training period was about to end. At this time, they had to return to the edge of the battlefield to complete the training.

Therefore, even if Zhou Hao agreed to return, it would be in vain.

Thinking of this, many students could not help but be very disappointed, thinking to themselves that they had missed the good opportunity to earn points.

The rest of the journey was as smooth as they had expected.

Zhou Hao was basically a walking pass!

When everyone returned to the gathering point, many people revealed puzzled expressions.

Other than Instructor Yang Hui, why was there another young woman?

Among the many students, some of them came from extraordinary backgrounds and naturally knew Vice Dean Su Mengying.

After a simple exchange, everyone learned that the beautiful young woman was actually the famous Vice Dean Su Mengying.

Many of the weapons and equipment they used, including the cultivation medicines, healing medicines, and equipment, were produced by Vice Dean Su Mengying.

Glancing at the team, Yang Hui immediately revealed a puzzled expression.

Yang Hui was confused as she saw that there was still one person missing.

Where was Ji Yufan?

Of course, this was not a big deal. There were no rules stating that everyone had to move together.

However, Ji Yufan was the only one who had yet to return. He was alone in the training area and was alone and helpless. It was still relatively dangerous.

On the other hand, Ji Yufan was feeling very smug.

The reason why he did not travel with everyone was that he had basically explored the map of the training area during this period of time.

Zhou Hao and the others might not be weak, but with so many burdens, it was unknown when they would be able to return to the gathering point.

He was different. After these days of exploration, he had already found a shortcut.

According to his estimation, Zhou Hao and the others might only arrive half a day later than him.

Although he tried his best to restrain himself, he still couldn’t hide the smug smile on his face.

On the way, they did not encounter any foreign races again and the entire journey was incomparably smooth. This made Ji Yufan even more pleased with himself, feeling that the route he had chosen was really excellent.

Of course, even if he racked his brains, he still wouldn’t have expected that the foreign races were only scared silly by Zhou Hao!

However, when he returned to the gathering point, the smile on Ji Yufan’s face disappeared.. His face darkened and gradually turned red.

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