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Chapter 221 - Zhou Hao Is Amazing!

Chapter 221: Zhou Hao Is Amazing!

All of them had disheveled hair and dirty faces and were in a sorry state. Some had almost died on the way.

Zhou Hao, Xu Ling, and Yun Yan were completely unlike the others. Not to mention being full of energy, they did not have any injuries at all. Even their clothes were not damaged at all.

The other students felt strange, but Lu Zhan did not find it to be strange.

He had seen Zhou Hao attack with his own eyes, so he knew very well how heaven-defying and terrifying Zhou Hao was.

Ji Yufan had long arrived here, but he had completely lost his previous confidence and superiority. He was in a sorry state and looked depressed.

In fact, he had killed countless beasts and had gained a lot. His strength had also advanced a step further.

However, when he saw Zhou Hao, his smile disappeared. His pride as a peak-level genius from a prestigious family had also disappeared.

He knew the danger here better than anyone.

After entering this training area, he encountered many dangers one after another. His body was already covered in injuries, and his clothes were tattered.

On the other hand, Zhou Hao’s clothes were brand new and he looked relaxed. It was obvious how powerful he was!

In other words, although he was now one step closer to Zhou Hao, there was still a considerable gap between the two of them.

However, Ji Yufan quickly understood.

Cultivation in the Martial Dao was vast and long. Without a special physique and a powerful family background, one could not get far.

Most of the peak-level experts came from such factions or had the support of other peak-level experts.

As a person with no special physique, no heaven-defying talent, and no family background, it was already extremely difficult for Zhou Hao to go further on the martial path, let alone become a top-level expert.

Zhou Hao’s lead was only temporary!

After some time, he, Ji Yufan, would definitely let Zhou Hao know what cruelty was!

Seeing Ji Yufan’s meaningful smile, Zhou Hao also smiled.

Ji Yufan’s family background was extraordinary, his appearance was handsome, and his talent was outstanding. He was perfect in all aspects. Unfortunately, he was a fool…

“We’ll go back the way we came. When we return to the training camp, this training will be over.” After everyone arrived, Xu Ling said.

Many students here were injured. Fortunately, no one had died.


The surrounding students had no objections to Xu Ling’s suggestion.

The strongest people here were Xu Ling, Ji Yufan, Lu Zhan, and Zhou Hao.

Ji Yufan was arrogant and did not get along with others, so he definitely would not lead everyone out of the training area.

Zhou Hao and Xu Ling were together, and Lu Zhan had already agreed to Xu Ling’s suggestion.

In this situation, everyone naturally should follow Xu Ling.

Unsurprisingly, Ji Yufan had only come here to rest temporarily. When everyone returned together, he felt that it was beneath him to travel with them.

Although many students were very displeased, no one dared to say anything to Young Master Ji.

The increase in numbers made everyone more courageous, but the risk of being exposed was also much higher.

It was just like walking on the road. A small ant might be very difficult to notice, but a large group of small ants was very obvious.

At this moment, more and more foreign races were attracted by them.

Almost every time they advanced for a distance, a battle would occur.

Zhou Hao was in the crowd and did not have the opportunity to show off.

After everyone attacked together, secret techniques covered the sky and earth, directly drowning ordinary foreign races.

The one who was truly in the limelight was Lu Zhan, who was attacking in the front.

Of course, Lu Zhan’s original intention was to seize all opportunities to train himself.

He knew very well how powerful Zhou Hao was. In order to quickly reduce the distance between him and Zhou Hao, he had to work extremely hard!


When a Black-Winged Giant Lizard appeared, Lu Zhan, who was in the lead, was directly blasted flying as he spat out blood.

“Peak-level master-level demon beast! It could even be considered as a half-step grandmaster-level demon beast!”

The expressions of many students instantly turned pale, and a strong sense of helplessness surged into their hearts.

Was it really appropriate for a demon beast of this level to appear here?

They had only arrived at the Seventh Fortress for a short period of time, but they were already facing such basic demon beasts. This was too much of an honor for them.

“Let’s gather together and slowly retreat. We can’t escape alone, or we’ll be defeated one by one!”

“That’s right. No one is allowed to run alone. Otherwise, they will be deemed traitors!”

“Don’t be afraid. There are so many of us. We can kill it together with some effort!” Many students said.

Although they said that they were unyielding, they were not confident at all. All of them were afraid to death.


After the Black-Winged Giant Lizard slowly took a few steps forward, a student was so frightened that his limbs went limp and he sat on the ground. He even needed someone to support him when he walked.

However, no one laughed because everyone was very afraid now.

Even Xu Ling and Yun Yan were not optimistic. Although Zhou Hao was powerful, he was not invincible.

In this situation, even Zhou Hao was unable to establish the cauldron!

“It’s here!”

“Be careful!”

“Save me!”

“Quick, ask the instructor for help!”

As the Black-Winged Giant Lizard suddenly increased its speed, the students were directly at a loss and started talking at once.

On the cliff, Su Mengying was also prepared to help.

She was not the one who had arranged for the Black-Winged Giant Lizard to appear here. It was actually very unreasonable for the students to fight this lizard.

However, the frontline defense line was too large, so it was inevitable that there would be some who escaped.


Who knew that at this moment, Zhou Hao would head in the opposite direction!

As the others retreated crazily, he rushed towards the armored Black-Winged Giant Lizard.

Just as many students felt their legs turn weak from fear, Zhou Hao jumped up and suddenly chopped down with his axe.

With a single swing of the axe, silence reigned!

This axe drew a huge silver line in the air.

Under his ax, the huge horn on the armored Black-Winged Giant Lizard’s forehead was instantly cut off.

The Black-Winged Giant Lizard was immediately horrified to the extreme. It did not stop and immediately fled in fear.


“Zhou Hao is awesome! How impressive!”

“This, this, this…”

“How is this possible?”

“How powerful!”

“How impressive!”

Many students were stunned, and their jaws fell to the ground. All of them looked at Zhou Hao in disbelief, as if they had seen a ghost!

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