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Chapter 220 - Too Monstrous!

Chapter 220: Too Monstrous!

This was also a peak-level master-level demon beast.

However, it had actually learned how to conceal its aura. No wonder they did not sense the existence of this demon beast at all just now.

Behind them, Su Mengying also followed along.

She had captured many demon beasts nearby to test Zhou Hao’s true level.

Zhou Hao’s secret axe technique just now had made her unable to completely calm down.

This brat was simply too monstrous.

On the way, she had already checked Zhou Hao’s resume.

From Zhou Hao’s resume, she could come to a very accurate conclusion.

That was, Zhou Hao was an ordinary person.

From enrollment to graduation, to entering the elite training camp of the fortress base.

Before the end of the month competition last time, Zhou Hao had not displayed anything outstanding. He was even ranked at the bottom.

However, with Zhou Hao’s stunning performance just now, Zhou Hao was indeed a monster that was in a completely different realm when it came to strength.

The only explanation was that Zhou Hao was really too good at hiding his strength!

In the beginning, Zhou Hao might have been an extremely heaven-defying genius. However, because he had yet to mature and could die at any moment, he had always hidden his edge.

It was only recently that he felt that he had the strength to protect himself that he revealed his peerless talent!

After thinking of this, Su Mengying even nodded in agreement.

In the forest below, Xu Ling and Yun Yan were already fighting a huge battle with the Black Rock Bear King.

Rather than calling it a huge battle, it would be more accurate to say that Xu Ling and Yun Yan were getting beat up.

Their strengths were simply not on the same level.

It was just that the two of them were agile and their strength was not too weak. By cooperating with each other, they could barely fight the Black Rock Bear King.

Fifteen minutes later, the two of them gradually could not hold on any longer and were in danger.

However, they did not ask Zhou Hao for help. Their combat strength needed to be slowly accumulated. The longer they persisted, the greater their improvement.

Finally, the moment the sword in Xu Ling’s hand was swatted away by the Black Rock Bear King, a huge bear palm slapped towards her head.


Xu Ling’s head did not explode. All she saw was Zhou Hao’s ax flying out.

After sensing Zhou Hao’s strength at a close distance this time, Xu Ling was even more shocked.

Even if she and Yun Yan joined forces, it would be very difficult for them to survive against the Black Rock Bear King.

However, the Black Rock Bear King was unable to withstand a single strike from Zhou Hao.

Above the mountain rocks, Su Mengying had long known how powerful Zhou Hao was. However, when she saw Zhou Hao’s stunning performance, waves still surged in her heart.

In the elite training camps of the seven fortresses, there were countless geniuses.

However, there was no one like Zhou Hao, who was already so monstrous after only being in the elite training camp for a month!

After that, Zhou Hao directly led Xu Ling and Yun Yan to sweep through everything. No matter what Insect Race, Demon Race, or rare foreign race beings they encountered, he would sweep through them.

Not long after, the three of them appeared at the rendezvous point they had previously agreed on.

Actually, it did not matter whether they arrived at the rendezvous point or not.

Zhou Hao was too good at hiding his strength.

To them, this training was a life and death training. To Zhou Hao, it was at most an ordinary mission.

What the two of them did not know was that Zhou Hao had treated this training as a picnic.

If not for the two of them traveling with him and Su Mengying following from afar, he would not have needed to take action in all the battles.

By directly releasing essence energy, he could completely turn these demon beasts and Insect Race into a bloody mist.

“The three of you are so slow.”

In the empty space of the rendezvous point, Yuan Cheng and Zhang Yi had long limped over.

Seeing that Zhou Hao and the other two had only just arrived, the two of them were somewhat smug.

“Damn, you guys aren’t injured at all?”

The smug smile on Yuan Cheng’s face quickly disappeared.

He and Zhang Yi had put their lives at risk to arrive here.

But now, Zhou Hao and the other two were full of energy. Not to mention not being injured at all, even their clothes were not dirty!

“Don’t tell me you guys haven’t encountered a battle…”

Zhang Yi asked in a daze. As soon as he said this, even he felt that it was a stupid question.

This place was filled with demon beasts and various foreign races. Even if Zhou Hao and the other two came in the sky fighter, a battle would still happen without an expert holding down the fort.

However, judging from their appearances, it did not seem like…

Zhang Yi’s doubts were quickly answered.

“Yes, but they were all dealt with by Zhou Hao.”

Yun Yan told the truth, while Yuan Cheng and Zhang Yi were somewhat dumbfounded.

Was Zhou Hao really that powerful?

Originally, only Xu Ling and the others had chosen the empty space beside the lake as their meeting point.

However, because all the demon beasts and other foreign races in the area had been killed by Zhou Hao, many students of the Seventh Training Camp subconsciously arrived here after escaping to the nearby area.

After all, this place was relatively safe!

Everyone had been in fear for many days in the training area. After discovering this time, they directly pounced onto the opportunity and gathered here.

As more and more students arrived, they looked at Xu Ling and the other two with extremely strange gazes.

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