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Chapter 219 - : Insta-kill

Chapter 219: Insta-kill

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“Zhou Hao, what are you doing? Come back quickly!”

Seeing Zhou Hao take out an ax charm and actually lead the way to kill the Hundred Feet Worm, Xu Ling immediately shouted anxiously.

Yun Yan was also scared silly.



However, Xu Ling and Yun Yan’s worries vanished in the next moment. Immediately after, the two of them stopped in their tracks, their eyes revealing shock.

Zhou Hao’s figure directly flashed like a flowing light phantom, flashing three times around the Hundred Feet Worm and drawing three crescent axe lights.

Then, the huge Hundred Feet Worm was directly dismembered by him, its limbs falling to the ground!

Xu Ling and Yun Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The two of them were already so shocked that their entire bodies went numb. Their tongues were tied, and they were unable to say a word.

The peak-level master Hundred Feet Worm was actually killed by Zhou Hao in a single move!

Although they had known since the last trial that Zhou Hao did not reveal his strength, they knew that he was definitely not weak. Otherwise, he would not have been able to finish first in the end-of-month competition.

However, the combat strength Zhou Hao displayed just now had directly exceeded their expectations.

After all, he had insta-killed a peak-level master Hundred Feet Worm!

On the cliff, Su Mengying’s body trembled in shock.

Originally, she was waiting to see Zhou Hao and the other two get beaten up by the Hundred Feet Worm before showing up to save them. She did not expect Zhou Hao to instantly kill the Hundred Feet Worm!

Yun Yan and Xu Ling did not notice it, but she did!

Just now, Zhou Hao had not waved his axe three times. Instead, he had waved his axe seven times in an instant, directly dismembering the Hundred Feet Worm on the spot!

However, Xu Ling and Yun Yan were wrong, and so was the beautiful vice dean.

Zhou Hao did not swing his axe seven times just now. Instead, he instantly swung his axe fifty four times and sliced the Hundred Feet Worm into pieces.

After killing the Hundred Feet Worm, Zhou Hao casually waved his hand.

“Do you guys have to be so surprised? It’s not like I did anything extraordinary?”

Seeing Yun Yan and Xu Ling’s shocked expressions, Zhou Hao said casually.

“I say, aren’t you being too cocky?!” Hearing Zhou Hao say this, Xu Ling immediately said angrily.

The scene in front of them was already so shocking that it was indescribable!

In usual circumstances, the three of them would not be able to escape from the Hundred Feet Worm.

But now, Zhou Hao had actually killed this Hundred Feet Worm in a single move!

They had previously thought that they were overestimating Zhou Hao, but now, Xu Ling and Yun Yan realized that they had still underestimated him!

Unlike Yun Yan, Xu Ling was shocked and happy, but she also felt an indescribable emotion in her heart.

Zhou Hao, that bastard, had actually deceived her again!

“Zhou Hao, why don’t I know when you became so powerful, huh?” Xu Ling stepped forward and grabbed Zhou Hao’s ear as she asked in a strange tone.

Zhou Hao wanted to retort that Xu Ling never asked but chose to keep quiet.

At this moment, it was more appropriate for him to apologize.

“Hehe, I just wanted to give you a surprise,” Zhou Hao replied decisively, no longer as high-spirited as before.

After all, even a hero couldn’t get past a beauty.

“Surprise? I think it’s more like shock!” Zhou Hao’s words successfully consoled Xu Ling. Her tone could not help but lighten up and did not continue to pester him.

After dealing with the materials on the Hundred Feet Worm, Xu Ling and Yun Yan continued to leave in shock.

“Zhou Hao, how did you cultivate to become so powerful?”

Yun Yan was shocked and could not calm down for a long time.

The three of them had already walked far away, but she still asked curiously.

It had to be known that Zhou Hao did not have special physiques like Ji Yufan and Xu Ling, nor did he have any special bloodlines. For someone like him, it was not easy to reach this level.

“That’s right. I rarely see you put effort into your cultivation.”

Xu Ling was also very puzzled. After all, every time she went to find Zhou Hao, this guy was always lazing around.

“I didn’t really cultivate…”

Zhou Hao told the truth. His strength originated from his incomparably deep and compact foundation as well as his current Heaven Realm cultivation technique.

He had really not cultivated much himself.

The reason why he was so powerful was simple. Basically, he was in a different realm as compared to the other cultivators.

“Hai… he’s getting cocky again!”

Yun Yan felt a headache coming on. On the way, they had asked Zhou Hao many questions, but Zhou Hao always seemed to answer in a cocky way.

Zhou Hao felt wronged. He had definitely told the truth. However, many things were too unbelievable, so Xu Ling and Yun Yan did not believe him at all.

In this day and age, no one believed the truth.

“We’re in trouble again.”

After taking a few steps, Zhou Hao suddenly stopped.

In fact, he had long sensed the Black Rock Bear King in the distance.

“You guys should take this one this time.”

The previous Hundred Feet Worm contained poison and was too dangerous. Therefore, he had insta-killed it previously.

Now, although this Black Rock Bear King was dangerous, it did not have any poison. It was just nice for Yun Yan and Xu Ling to practice.

“Take what?”

Xu Ling’s beautiful eyes were filled with confusion.

She did not sense anything around her.

On the other side, Yun Yan was about to ask, but before she could finish speaking, she immediately became vigilant.

Not far away, a Black Rock Bear King the size of a tank pressed towards them step by step with a firm aura!

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