Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 227 - Becoming Famous In A Battle

Chapter 227: Becoming Famous In A Battle

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At this moment, many surrounding martial artists also laughed.

Ding Peng was also somewhat embarrassed. He was a rough man and more or less had the aura of a pugilist. What he had said just now was mainly to express his respect and gratitude towards Zhou Hao. He did not have the intention of insulting others.

After Ling Shuying got here, the other experts from the Green Cloud Division also arrived to provide support.

However, when they saw this scene, many supernatural experts were dumbfounded.

“Old Ding, what’s going on?”

Ding Peng had been a supernatural expert for a long time, and most supernatural martial artists were very familiar with him.

After everyone arrived, they also asked Ding Peng in confusion.

Seeing that Ding Peng was covered in blood and his saber was about to curl up, everyone understood that the previous battle must have been very arduous.

But now, why had the battle here ended?

Ding Peng naturally began to talk about the battle just now.

Everyone knew Ding Peng well and would never say anything rash.

Therefore, after the supernatural martial artists heard Ding Peng’s words, the confusion in their eyes also changed to surprise. Then, the surprise turned into shock!

“President Zhou?”

“Damn, is that true?”

“You’re saying that President Zhou defeated the foreign race army alone?”

The supernatural experts who were usually high and mighty were all completely dumbfounded.

Now, they all finally learned about how dangerous the previous situation was. Those foreign races had even rushed up the city wall.

Under such a dangerous situation, it was simply inconceivable for Zhou Hao to be able to kill the foreign race army alone.

As everyone spoke, they vaguely addressed Zhou Hao as the Supernatural Council’s strongest president!

After the battle here ended, Zhou Hao did not stay for long and returned to the Seventh Training Camp.

When Zhou Hao returned to his villa, the news of his battle spread like a hurricane in the martial artist circle.

In fact, many martial artists already knew about Zhou Hao’s actions in the seventh spatial rift.

This battle allowed him to become completely famous among the Huaxia martial artists.

Dean Shi Zhi and the others were very happy when they heard this news.

The current situation was getting worse and worse. Zhou Hao’s appearance had undoubtedly given them all a boost in morale!

In the villa, Zhou Hao had already opened the virtual screen of the Heaven Dao software.

He had obtained more than 40 million luck points in this battle. He had also obtained the materials of various Demon Race, Insect Race, Machine Race, and other foreign race beings. After adding them together, he had obtained a total of 600 colored energy crystals.

“Compared to blood essence, essence energy is clearly stronger.”

“However, the essence energy outside the spatial rift is very thin. Not only does it seem to circulate slowly during cultivation, but it also seems to be slow in recovery.”

After charging 600 colored energy crystals for 60 billion Heaven Dao coins, Zhou Hao also began to think if he should continue opening mystery boxes or go to the live-stream room to take a look.

Speaking of which, it seemed that he had not visited Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream for a long time.

During this period of time, he had many things to do in the real world. Last time, he wanted to go and take a look, but he ended up encountering the upgrade of the Heaven Dao software.

In Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream, ever since she started showing her face, her popularity had indeed increased a little. However, these days, it had gone back to being lukewarm.

Her live-stream ranking was now in between 70,000 and 80,000. At first, it was still stable, but recently, it gradually fell.

Facing this situation, Fairy Yue Ling could only smile bitterly.

She was already very grateful that Zhou Hao could help her this once. Therefore, these days, she did not send any messages to disturb Zhou Hao.

In Fairy Yue Ling’s opinion, a super big shot like Zhou Hao might have long forgotten about her.

“Hai, if a big shot doesn’t come, Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream will be on the verge of closing down.”

A user joked on the chat.

“Hahaha, brothers, let’s pool our resources together. Otherwise, her rankings will definitely drop below 75,000.”

Fairy Yue Ling had a gentle personality, a sweet and charming voice. Moreover, she also had a peerlessly beautiful face that could cause cities to fall.

Although there were currently no top-notch big shots helping out in the live-stream, there were still many hardcore fans.

At this moment, many fans were giving small gifts to Fairy Yue Ling. At the same time, they also hoped to be able to witness a miracle.

Regardless of whether it was gold or platinum users, one could still stand a chance at winning something. Although not many people won, their losses were still acceptable.

Suddenly, a string of words appeared on the screen of the live-stream.

“I’m just an ordinary person who has entered the live-stream room.”

Seeing these words, an excited and happy expression flashed across Fairy Yue Ling’s beautiful face.

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