Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 215 - Nothing Is Hard As Long As You’re Willing to Work Hard!

Chapter 215: Nothing Is Hard As Long As You’re Willing to Work Hard!


This time, Zhou Hao did not use his essence energy and directly killed the Green-Eyed Black Wolf.

Instead, he used his usual strength as a master to fight the Green-Eyed Black Wolf.

Be it the Demon Race, the Insect Race, or the Machine Race, they all had top-notch experts.

With President Zhou’s identity, he could attack at any time. However, as student Zhou Hao, Zhou Hao needed to keep a low profile.

As long as these foreign races did not know who President Zhou was, he would always be safe. No matter what he did, he would not be specially targeted by the foreign races and would be able to act freely.


Zhou Hao punched out and directly caused an explosion in the air.

Under the cover of the armor, the might of his punch was even stronger and terrifying. After all, Zhou Hao’s might could actually evenly match the Green-Eyed Black Wolf!

“How powerful!”

Lu Zhan’s charging figure stopped.

After entering the Seventh Elite Training Camp, he had been cultivating diligently from morning to night, so he improved very quickly.

This was a true awakening process. When this process ended, Lu Zhan would see a completely different world.

Therefore, after Zhou Hao exchanged blows with the Green-Eyed Black Wolf, he immediately understood that Zhou Hao’s strength was far stronger than he had imagined.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After repelling the Green-Eyed Black Wolf with a punch, Zhou Hao pounced forward again.

Then, a pair of iron fists directly caused an explosion with a storm-like attack.

The incomparably terrifying Green-Eyed Black Wolf was directly blasted back repeatedly.

In the beginning, Lu Zhan was only surprised at Zhou Hao’s strength. Now, the surprise in his eyes directly turned to shock!

Originally, the other students were at the first level, Yuan Cheng and the other outstanding students were at the second level, and Zhou Hao, Ji Yufan, and Xu Ling were at the third level.

Although there was a gap between them and Zhou Hao, it was at most a level. If they continued to work hard, the gap would continue to shrink. It was definitely only a matter of time before they caught up to Zhou Hao.

But now, Lu Zhan realized that he was wrong. He was ridiculously wrong!

Zhou Haojue was at least already standing on the fifth level. Compared to him, Ji Yufan, Xu Ling, and the others, Zhou Hao was at least two levels higher and was far ahead! In the Seventh Elite Training Camp, he was fully deserving of being the number one elite!


On the other side, Zhou Hao roared and suddenly lashed out with his leg.

Before Lu Zhan could figure out what was going on, a black figure rushed out.

This black figure was extremely fast. It was actually a Red-Tailed Python. Its strength was not inferior to the Green-Eyed Black Wolf at all.

Because it contained poison, the danger level was even higher than the Green-Eyed Black Wolf!

“Let me help you!”

As soon as Lu Zhan finished speaking, he realized that he had spoken nonsense.

This was because even in a one-on-two situation, Zhou Hao still managed to firmly gain the upper hand and even began to continuously suppress the Green-Eyed Black Wolf and the Red-Tailed Python!

Lu Zhan was once again surprised and shocked.

In the violent wind, Lu Zhan was completely dumbfounded as he looked at the scene in front of him in bewilderment. He seemed to have become completely petrified.

He had already overestimated Zhou Hao’s strength and even confirmed that Zhou Hao was at least two levels stronger than all of them.

But now, he suddenly realized that he had still underestimated Zhou Hao!

Both the Green-Eyed Black Wolf and the Red-Tailed Python could easily kill him. But now, Zhou Hao was actually not at a disadvantage even though he was fighting the two of them alone. It could be seen how powerful Zhou Hao was!

Lu Zhan was naturally unaware that he was still underestimating Zhou Hao. After all, Zhou Hao was not at the fifth level but had instead surpassed all the levels.


The shadow of a condensed silver crescent axe flashed as Zhou Hao slashed the Red-Tailed Python into two.

Then, he swung his axe down and directly turned the huge python head into meat paste!

This axe was an intermediate-level item obtained from opening the mystery box. It was not that impressive, but it was more than enough to deal with these demon beasts.

Its material and toughness had already far surpassed most grandmasters’ weapons.

In Lu Zhan’s eyes, this was simply a divine weapon!

The Red-Tailed Python’s body was incomparably tough. If not for the core area of the weapon’s explosive power hitting the Red-Tailed Python, it would not have been able to blast it into meat paste.

However, Zhou Hao had done this with ease.

At this moment, a monstrous fighting spirit ignited in Lu Zhan’s heart. Zhou Hao had become his only goal and direction.

After this, he would work even harder and cultivate even more crazily. He had to surpass Zhou Hao!

Although Zhou Hao was very powerful, Lu Zhan was confident in himself!

There was nothing difficult in this world as long as one was willing to work hard!

Zhou Hao naturally did not know what Lu Zhan was thinking at this moment. Otherwise, he might subconsciously reveal a strange expression.

It was naturally a good thing to have a goal. However, many goals needed to be set realistically based on the actual situation and could not be set blindly…

While Zhou Hao was fighting the Green-Eyed Black Wolf and the Red-Tailed Python, Yang Hui and the other four figures appeared on a cliff.

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