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Chapter 216 - Am I That Kind of Person?

Chapter 216: Am I That Kind of Person?

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The few of them looked at Zhou Hao’s battle below and were incomparably excited.

“Be it Zhou Hao’s combat experience, usage of blood essence, or movement techniques, they are all remarkable and almost perfect!”

The usually picky Yang Hui also gave a very high evaluation this time!

“Genius! A peerless genius!” A white-bearded elder beside Yang Hui said firmly.

He had lived for most of his life and had seen many genius martial artists, but this was the first time he had seen such a perfect genius who was good at all aspects.

Other than the fact that Zhou Hao had only cultivated for a short period of time and that his strength was not very high, Zhou Hao was simply a living example of a perfect martial artist.

“It seems that our Seventh Elite Training Camp is going to rise again.”

A female martial artist dressed in formal attire bit her red lip and looked at Zhou Hao with bright eyes.

“That’s hard to say. There are many geniuses in the other six elite training camps, and they spend even more time training.”

“At the very least, Zhou Hao is definitely lacking in terms of cultivation time. And time is very difficult to make up for among geniuses.”

The other instructor was not as optimistic as Yang Hui and the others.

However, although this instructor had disappointed everyone, he still continued to speak.

“Of course, every elite training camp has its own specialties. In terms of nurturing geniuses, our Seventh Elite Training Camp also has its own specialties.”

“Compared to the other elite training camps, we still have a huge advantage. That is, we are close to the seventh spatial rift!”

“In combat, strength increases the fastest. We should keep bringing these little guys over to train in the future.”

As soon as this middle-aged man in a black training suit finished speaking, a gasp sounded.

Yang Hui and the others were all looking down in shock.

In less than ten minutes, the two master-level demon beasts were killed by Zhou Hao’s axe!

“Impressive! Among students of the same age, there are definitely no more than twenty people who can do this.”

Yang Hui praised without holding back. At the same time, his heart stirred as he looked at the black-clothed instructor.

“Iron Lion, why don’t you go and capture a few master-level demon beasts to let Zhou Hao practice?”

Of course, Iron Lion was only this instructor’s nickname. However, he did not mind this nickname.

“You sure know how to order people around. If you want it done, do it yourself.”

Yang Hui’s request was directly rejected mercilessly by Tie Liuyun.

In the forest, everything returned to calm.

After Zhou Hao sorted out the materials of the two demon beasts, Lu Zhan had yet to recover from his shock.

Although he had vowed to surpass Zhou Hao, this unlucky child was still quite shocked.

“You’re very strong!”

“But I will definitely surpass you!”

After saying this, Lu Zhan chose to leave to continue training.

It couldn’t be helped. With Zhou Hao by his side, he had no chance to attack at all, so he naturally wouldn’t be able to improve.

Zhou Hao smiled. This guy was too interesting.

Zhou Hao also completely respected Lu Zhan’s decision to leave.

After all, one shouldn’t just tag along with an expert.

In less than ten minutes, the news that Zhou Hao, a student from the Seventh Elite Training Camp, had killed two master-level demon beasts spread throughout the entire frontline defense line.

When they heard this news, all the martial artists felt that it was unbelievable.

In the eyes of most martial artists, the students of the elite training camp were all delicate children who never experienced hardship.

They really did not expect a student to be able to do this.

Especially since Yang Hui and the others had seen it with their own eyes. They had no other choice but to believe it!

As the entire frontline defense line was discussing and praising Zhou Hao, Zhou Hao had already met up with Xu Ling and Yun Yan.

After training for so many days, Xu Ling and Yun Yan’s pretty faces were filled with fatigue.

Seeing Zhou Hao’s glowing face and full expression, the two of them revealed strange expressions.

“Where did you go to hide?”

Yun Yan asked uncertainly. After all, they were both in the weakened state but Zhou Hao was full of energy and in a saturated state.

It seemed like he did not encounter any danger or battle.

“Do you think I’m that kind of person?”

Zhou Hao was speechless. Couldn’t this Yun Yan have a better impression of him?

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Xu Ling also nodded seriously and said, “Zhou Hao, did you go somewhere to hide?”


Hearing Xu Ling say this, Zhou Hao was about to vomit blood.

“Can’t you two just accept the fact that I traveled around without being injured at all?”

Zhou Hao looked at the two of them speechlessly. These two girls clearly did not trust his strength!

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