Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 214 - Be Careful!

Chapter 214: Be Careful!

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Zhou Hao had no intention of answering these users’ questions, and he also did not go to Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream.

At the same time, his luck points and funds had basically been depleted. Now, he still had to work hard to kill the foreign races to earn luck points and money.

On the one hand, he was able to draw out the legendary item this time. On the other hand, he had spent a lot.

He directly used a bankruptcy method to obtain the legendary item.

If it was already so difficult for him, it was no wonder the other users couldn’t get any legendary items.

After closing the virtual screen, Zhou Hao’s mind returned to reality.

The Heaven Realm cultivation technique he originally cultivated, the Grand Yan Record, had already surpassed the three ordinary cultivation techniques.

Now that he had improved the Grand Yan Record to the Five Elements Grand Yan Record, he could not wait to start cultivating.

After circulating his cultivation technique, Zhou Hao’s face immediately revealed ecstasy.

This Five Elements Grand Yan Record was indeed worthy of being a cultivation technique that consumed rare-level items to advance. Its effect was directly ten times that of the original Grand Yan Record!

According to the information Si Nanxun had left in his cultivation notebook, the level of the Five Elements Grand Yan Record was definitely impressive!


As he was overjoyed, Zhou Hao also snorted coldly, his aura trembling.

A black panther that was pouncing towards him was directly killed by his aura!

Fortunately, no one saw this, or they would have definitely cried from fear.

This black panther, which was comparable to a third-grade supernatural martial artist, was directly killed by Zhou Hao’s aura before it could even approach three meters. It was simply too terrifying!

After killing the black panther, Zhou Hao casually took care of its materials.

Clearing the demon beast materials now could only be said to be a habit.

In terms of value, with his current strength, it did not matter whether he collected these demon beasts or not.

After everything was settled, Zhou Hao also began to check on the training situation of Xu Ling and the others.

His senses were very powerful. Although this training area was not small, he still quickly discovered Xu Ling.

At this moment, Xu Ling and Yun Yan had already successfully met up. Although the two of them were in a somewhat sorry state, they were not injured.

Yun Yan’s dressing style was cool and bold to begin with, and it was no exception even in this trial.

Now that there were some cuts in her clothing, one could see a large area of snow-white skin at a glance. It was very pleasing to the eye.

“Xu Ling, do you feel that something is watching us?”

A strange expression appeared on Yun Yan’s beautiful face.

From the beginning, she had felt as if someone was staring at them!


Xu Ling looked around in surprise. She didn’t see the Demon Race, Insect Race, Machine Race, or other foreign races.

There should be nothing staring at them.

“I didn’t discover anything around us either, but I keep feeling like there’s a gaze observing us…”

Yun Yan puffed her cheeks. She was actually very familiar with this feeling.

It was just like how when she went shopping with Xu Ling and the others, there were always people staring at her from the streets.

This was not because she was narcissistic. Perhaps it was because of her mental strength, or perhaps it was because of her so-called sixth sense. She indeed had this feeling.

“Why… why don’t you change your clothes?”

Xu Ling hesitated for a moment and realized that Yun Yan’s current appearance was really too pleasing to the eye.

This girl’s figure was originally very voluptuous, and now, it was even filled with wild charm. Even a girl like Xu Ling blushed when she saw this.

“Oh, you’re right.”

Yun Yan nodded and immediately found a place to change.

Far away from the two of them, Zhou Hao revealed a bitter smile. Indeed, a beautiful scene could easily disappear…

However, he still wanted to ask if Yun Yan often used her blood essence power to reconstruct her body. Her figure was too perfect.

If Xu Ling was said to be a white lotus under the moonlight, then Yun Yan was simply a rose in the wind.

“Be careful!”

As Zhou Hao was sighing with emotion, a shout sounded from afar.

It was Lu Zhan, the dark horse who had suddenly risen up in the previous end-of-the-month competition.

Lu Zhan revealed a frightened expression at this moment and sighed in his heart. It was unknown what this Zhou Hao was thinking. A Green-Eyed Black Wolf had already arrived in front of him, but he still hadn’t reacted.

Actually, Zhou Hao had long discovered this Green-Eyed Black Wolf.

However, he had clearly underestimated the stupidity of the Green-Eyed Black Wolf. The bloody aura of the black panther on his body had yet to completely disappear, yet this Green-Eyed Black Wolf still dared to attack him.

The Green-Eyed Black Wolf was extremely fast, and its strength had almost reached peak master level.

Lu Zhan was extremely worried. In the Seventh Elite Training Camp, such a demon beast probably required the cooperation of the top five students to deal with.

But now, he was alone with Zhou Hao.. They were clearly not their match.

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