Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 213 - The Eighth Great Wonder of the World

Chapter 213: The Eighth Great Wonder of the World

The ordinary users stared at the hundred plus high-level items. After all, this was the first time they had seen many high-level items.

Many high-level users stared at the seven rare-level items. To get seven rare-level items at once was simply the eighth great wonder of the world.

A few top users were looking at the legendary item fragment.

This was the first time in the history of the Heaven Dao software that a legendary-level item had appeared. Although it was only a fragment, it was still very terrifying.

“@ I’m just an ordinary person. Big shot, why don’t you reply? How did you do it? Also, what kind of high-end item is a legendary item fragment?”

Many users were still in a daze.

In fact, Zhou Hao was also somewhat dumbfounded. In all this time, this was the first time he had obtained a legendary-level item. The most ridiculous thing was that it was only a fragment.

This fragment was not simple. It required a total of 100 pieces to synthesize this item called the Demon Subduing Bow.

However, Zhou Hao had also verified one thing: the diamond user was probably right.

After obtaining another seven rare-level items, the shop icon on his third section became much clearer.

Based on this logic, he would get around 100 to 120 rare-level items to activate the shop function.

After spending all 100 million luck points this time, his gains were undoubtedly huge.

His backpack was now filled with high-level items. However, he was no longer interested in these high-level items. Some of them could even be given to others.

What really interested him were the seven rare-level items and a legendary-level item.

Demon Subduing Bow Fragment x1 (1 / 100), a peak-grade essence energy weapon. After collecting 100 fragments, it could be synthesized.

Currently, the Demon Subduing Bow was still in a fragmented state and Zhou Hao could only see very little information. However, Zhou Hao was still very surprised and shocked.

He did not expect this Demon Subduing Bow to be a peak-grade essence energy weapon.

Essence energy weapons were currently the privilege of Heaven Realm experts. Ordinary martial artists simply did not have the qualifications or financial resources to obtain an essence energy weapon.

Essence energy weapons were divided into low-level, intermediate-level, high-level, and peak-level. After synthesizing the Demon Subduing Bow fragment, Zhou Hao would obtain a peak-level essence energy weapon.

However, although the Demon Subduing Bow was good, accumulating fragments was bound to be an incomparably long process.

If he wanted to get the Demon Subduing Bow fragment, he would need to spend at least 100 million luck points.

In order to obtain luck points, he had to kill foreign races. But were there really so many foreign races for him to kill?

What Zhou Hao did not know was that the spatial rifts all over the world were currently undergoing subtle changes. Not long after, thirteen more spatial rifts would appear in Huaxia.

Now, the higher-ups of the other Green Cloud Division were still having a headache over this matter. However, Zhou Hao was worried that the foreign races would not be enough to kill. This was simply too much!

After checking the Demon Subduing Bow fragment, Zhou Hao looked at the Wordless Heaven Book.

This Wordless Heaven Book was what he needed now. This was because the Wordless Heaven Book could advance his Grand Yan Record by one level.

There was nothing to say. He could just use it directly!

After imprinting all the contents of the Grand Yan Record onto the Wordless Heaven Book, his Grand Yan Record also became a higher-level “Five Elements Grand Yan Record”.

“Worth it!”

Looking at the filled backpack, Zhou Hao smiled.

In certain times, it could be said that he was content with what he had. However, Zhou Hao’s gains this time had far exceeded his expectations. He had obtained a huge harvest.

The more luck points he accumulated, the more heaven-defying the effect was.

Because it was too high-profile this time, even after a long time, the chat was still filled with Zhou Hao’s legendary deeds.

Many gold and platinum users were tagging him crazily. Even many high-level diamond users were crying from greed.

Generally speaking, most diamond users were big spenders.

However, this was the first time Zhou Hao had gotten seven rare-level items and one legendary-level item.

“@ I’m just an ordinary person. Big brother, how many mystery boxes did you open?”

A diamond user with the ID “Young Master Nephew” asked curiously on the public chat.

“7 rare-level items and 1 legendary-level item at a time. Even if you opened the maximum number of boxes, you still won’t be able to get so many at a time, right? There must be something going on behind the scenes! There must be something going on!”

“Ahhh! I’m jealous, I’m completely jealous! Not to mention seven rare-level items, even if it was 1 rare-level item, I would still be overjoyed.”

“@ I’m just an ordinary person. Big shot, quickly tell me what’s going on with the legendary item. Please show everyone.”

What everyone was most interested in now was indeed the legendary item Zhou Hao had obtained.

Although the probability of obtaining a rare-level item was low, one could still occasionally see other users getting it. However, no one had ever seen anything like this.

Other users opened mystery boxes to test their luck. However, Zhou Hao would always obtain something whenever he opened them.

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