Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 206 - A Blood Loss

Chapter 206: A Blood Loss

“Old Xiao, with you gone, will the spatial rift in the north be alright?”

Dean Shi Zhi was in no mood to gossip about Ling Shuying and Zhou Hao. He was still worried about the spatial rifts everywhere.

Xiao Jiangtian was one of the Four God Generals. Like Zhou Hao, he was also a peak-level supernatural expert.

For a long time, he had been holding down the fort in the spatial rift in the north.

However, recently, there were many abnormalities in the spatial rift on this side, and the danger level was constantly increasing.

After careful consideration, the Green Cloud Division directly sent Xiao Jiangtian over.

Firstly, he wanted to understand the situation and figure out the reason. Secondly, he wanted to provide additional support just in case.

“You don’t have to worry about that. After all these years, the military has still nurtured many successors.”

“Actually, the real trouble is still over here. Even with me around, I’m worried that the situation will probably not be optimistic.”

Xiao Jiangtian’s current actions contrasted with his words. At this moment, his gossiping soul was still burning as he looked at Ling Shuying and Zhou Hao in the distance with interest. He did not seem worried at all.

Seeing that Ling Shuying was so furious at Zhou Hao that she stomped her foot, Xiao Jiangtian couldn’t help but laugh.

Dean Shi Zhi looked at Xiao Jiangtian’s smile with a confused expression. He could not help but think to himself if he had said something wrong just now. The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

On Zhou Hao’s side, he had been asking about the Green Cloud Division. However, until now, he had not given a definite answer. Just as Ling Shuying was about to explode in anger, he finally figured everything out.

“Alright, I agree to join the Green Cloud Division. What are the procedures?”

Zhou Hao now knew that with his situation, there was almost no harm in joining the Green Cloud Division.

The only downside was that he had to complete the mission quota of 10 stars per month.

This was because the Green Cloud Division’s missions were mostly combat and reconnaissance missions. These were all related to the foreign races.

If he wanted to obtain luck points, he also had to constantly kill foreign races.

All roads lead to the same destination. Therefore, killing the foreign races was killing two birds with one stone.

“That’s simple. After I help you register on the intranet of the Green Cloud Division, you can access the intranet through the communication device.”

“However, during your visit to the intranet, you have to look carefully at the rules of the Green Cloud Division. It’s best if you can memorize them.”

As Ling Shuying spoke, she began to help Zhou Hao record the basic information and open the intranet of the Green Cloud Division.

After Zhou Hao logged in, he perfected the information and completed the registration.

Soon, he saw that other than the usual martial artist regulations, there were also many confidentiality regulations.

He naturally agreed to all of them.

When Zhou Hao was registering to join the Green Cloud Division, they were also discussing him in the Green Cloud Base.

However, there was not a single person in the spacious meeting room. The twelve participants were all virtual projections.

Clearly, none of these twelve experts were in Green Cloud Base. Or rather, even if they were in Green Cloud Base, they had things to do and could only participate in a virtual meeting.

“Have you seen the data and video data sent by Ling Shuying?”

A deep voice sounded.

“I did. This President Zhou is really unbelievable.”

Another expert spoke.

“That’s right. Before cultivating essence energy, he already succeeded in cultivating the Ultimate Breaking Finger. I believe it won’t be long before an extra seat gets added to this meeting room.”

When everyone heard this, they were very surprised, but they quickly understood.

Zhou Hao’s level of monstrousness was indeed extraordinary.

All along, the few of them had been the true ceiling of the combat strength of the Chinese martial artists.

And before Zhou Hao cultivated essence energy, he had already successfully cultivated the Ultimate Breaking Finger, an essence energy cultivation technique. With this, he definitely had the qualifications to sit here in the future.

This was because cultivating an essence energy technique at the blood essence stage was extremely difficult. It was no different from creating an atomic bomb using just a few scraps of metal. Thus, all of them were very impressed.

Zhou Hao and Ling Shuying were currently at the southernmost area of the frontline defense line and the core area of the spatial rift.

Zhou Hao had already completed the registration procedures for joining the Green Cloud and had successfully accepted a one-star mission.

Looking at the one-star mission he had accepted, Zhou Hao felt like he had lost money previously.

This was because this mission was to kill 30 illusionary sound insects.

Previously, he had killed an unknown number of illusionary sound insect groups. Unfortunately, he had not joined the Green Cloud Division at that time and could not obtain any merit points.

A hundred colored energy crystals could be exchanged for a single essence crystal.

Of course, 100 merit points could also be exchanged for a single essence crystal. One could obtain 10 merit points by completing a one-star mission.

Zhou Hao had previously killed nearly 2,000 groups of Illusionary Sonar Insects. If he had joined earlier, he would have 600 merit points and could exchange for 6 pieces of essence crystals!

It had to be known that essence crystals were very valuable. Previously, Ling Shuying was even unwilling to let him touch them.

Just thinking about it made his heart ache.

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