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Chapter 207 - : Mutated Illusionary Sound Insects

Chapter 207: Mutated Illusionary Sound Insects

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“You’ve killed so many illusionary sound insects before, so you should be very experienced in finding them.”

Ling Shuying was surprised to see Zhou Hao struggle with finding the illusionary sound insects. For a moment, she could not help but begin to suspect the authenticity of the matter of him killing the illusionary sound insects.

Could it be that this guy was taking credit for other people’s contributions?

Or was it because this guy wanted to monopolize the credit and obtain more merit points, so he deliberately didn’t tell her where the illusionary sound insects were?

The more Ling Shuying thought about it, the more she felt that this was the case. She could not help but secretly despise Zhou Hao.

“Previously, there were nearly 3,000 illusionary sound insect groups and it was very easy to find them. Later on, I had to rely on luck to find them.”

“As for the special method to search for the illusionary sound insects, even you don’t know. How could I know?”

Zhou Hao felt that he hadn’t done anything wrong. He also wanted to gain merit points and exchange for some essence crystals.

After learning about the Heaven Realm, his thirst for essence crystals was extremely intense.

This was because he had to enter the spatial rift to completely resolve the problem with Xu Ling.

If he had the help of the essence crystals to break through to become a Heaven Realm expert, then he could enter the spatial rift. Although he wouldn’t dare to be careless, at the very least, he would have the strength to protect himself and wouldn’t be easily trapped.


Ling Shuying ignored Zhou Hao’s words. She stubbornly felt that Zhou Hao definitely had some special method, but he was just unwilling to share it with her.

According to the previous statistics, 80% of the illusionary sound insects that appeared this time had all died at Zhou Hao’s hands.

Under such circumstances, she would definitely not believe that Zhou Hao did not have a special understanding of the illusionary sound insects.

“Eh, I think I’ve found them.”

After traveling for a while, Zhou Hao’s eyes lit up.

Zhou Hao was certain at a glance that these illusionary sound insects were the ones that had escaped last time.

There was indeed a long path to justice!

“Hmph! I knew it. You definitely have special methods.”

Ling Shuying cursed in her heart. Men were all cheap and would not cooperate easily.

She felt that she always had to rely on her anger to get them to do what she wanted.

Now that she was angry, Zhou Hao indeed stopped beating around the bush and quickly found the illusionary sound insect groups.

However, Zhou Hao was really innocent. After all, it depended on his luck. After all, he only had a larger perception range and could only discover the illusionary sound insect when they were within the range.

However, judging from Ling Shuying’s current attitude, she definitely wouldn’t believe it.

“There are more than 600 groups of illusionary sound insects here. If we each get half, won’t we be able to complete the mission quota for this month?”

Zhou Hao looked at Ling Shuying.

“That’s true, but the illusionary sound insects here are different from the ones you killed before.”

Ling Shuying was not as optimistic as Zhou Hao. She had already prepared to ask Xiao Jingtian and the others to help.

Zhou Hao also discovered that these illusionary sound insects had undergone a second mutation.

Be it the vegetation or animals on Planet Earth, mutations could occur.

After the first mutation, some plants and animals would become more difficult to deal with.

However, these plants and animals would often undergo a second or even third mutation, making them even more terrifying.

It was the same for the Demon Race and Insect Race beings of the foreign races. It seemed that only the Machine Race beings would not undergo such a second mutation or even third mutation.

Last time, after most of the illusionary sound insects had been killed by Zhou Hao, those lucky escapees had undoubtedly been greatly provoked.

Perhaps it was because of this provocation that they underwent a second mutation.

Under normal circumstances, the illusionary sound insects were insects the size of a hornet with purple crystals.

Now, most of their crystals had turned from light purple to dark purple.

At the core area, some with red crystals even appeared. Clearly, these illusionary sound insects had already completed their third mutation. It was no wonder Ling Shuying was so cautious.

“I don’t think these red ones mutated because they were provoked, right?”

Zhou Hao looked at Ling Shuying and asked. As a senior member of the Green Cloud Division, Ling Shuying, who was ranked 72nd on the Skynet, still knew certain things.

“I can tell you these things now.”

“As time passed, we also discovered that under special circumstances, mutation is very easy to occur around the entrance of the spatial rift.”

“It’s usually fine if they’re low-level foreign race beings. However, if they’re high-level foreign race beings like the illusionary sound insect, then mutation is inevitable.”

“Therefore, once high-level foreign race beings appear around the spatial rift, we have to kill them immediately. Otherwise, this will happen.”

“According to the internal information of the Green Cloud Division, there have been encounters of fourth mutation Insect Race beings before.”

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