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Chapter 205 - Essence energy crystal

Chapter 205: Essence energy crystal

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“Then, what do you need to do after joining the Green Cloud Division? Do you need to enter the spatial rift immediately?”

Zhou Hao did not really need the subsequent cultivation techniques of the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art. In fact, with the Heaven Dao software, he might even be able to obtain the subsequent cultivation techniques very quickly. He might as well take the opportunity to dig up some useful information.

“Of course not. The Green Cloud Division is the top division in Huaxia. Members usually cultivate and rarely have missions.”

“Unless there are any special circumstances, there’s no need for us to immediately enter the depths of the spatial rift to fight.”

“However, when you cultivate to a certain extent and discover that your cultivation speed outside the spatial rift is getting slower and slower, to the point of stagnation, you will naturally want to go deeper into the spatial rift.”

“You have to know that the path of cultivation is like sailing against the current. If you don’t advance, you will fall behind.”

“In a place with thin Heaven and Earth essence energy, it’s not easy to maintain a high cultivation level without falling behind.”

Zhou Hao had been listening intently as Ling Shuying spoke.

These things were not recorded in Si Nanxun’s cultivation notebook.

Clearly, these should all be general knowledge. That was why Si Nanxun had not written them down in his cultivation notebook.

“So if I don’t enter the depths of the spatial rift and cultivate to a certain extent, will it be impossible for me to maintain my cultivation level in the outside world?”

Zhou Hao felt that there shouldn’t be such a limitation. Even if it was like this in the beginning, after so many years, the experts should have found a solution by now.

“Of course there’s a way to maintain it. Look at this.”

Ling Shuying took out a pale blue transparent crystal from her spatial storage.

“Colored energy crystals?” Zhou Hao immediately asked.

“No, the energy in this crystal… is Heaven and Earth essence energy!”

After watching for a moment, Zhou Hao’s heart stirred.

The blue transparent crystal in Ling Shuying’s hand contained an extremely powerful energy.

If it were in the past, Zhou Hao might not have known. However, now, he knew very well that this was Heaven and Earth essence energy. It was a higher-level energy that was above a martial artist’s blood essence.

“This crystal that contains Heaven and Earth essence energy is called an essence energy crystal. It’s also known as an essence crystal.”

“Essence Crystals need to be exchanged with merit points. There are also four types: low-grade, intermediate-grade, high-grade, and top-grade.”

Zhou Hao was just about to touch it when Ling Shuying put it away, treating it like a precious treasure.

Zhou Hao smiled bitterly. He had no intention of taking it for free. He just wanted to get a closer look.

“This is the benefit of joining the Green Cloud Division. By joining the Green Cloud Division and completing missions, you will be able to obtain merit points. With merit points, you will be able to obtain Essence Crystals.”

“How is it? Do you want to consider it carefully?”

She believed that even without her explanation, Zhou Hao could also understand how useful the Essence Crystals were.

With Essence Crystals, the cultivation speed of peak-level supernatural martial artists would increase drastically, allowing them to reach the Heaven Realm even faster.

And if one did not prepare to enter the spatial rift after becoming an early-stage Heaven Realm expert, their need for essence crystals would only increase.

It was even to the extent that after becoming a Heaven Realm expert, the cultivation effect of using essence crystals would also be better.

Therefore, no matter who it was, they had no reason to refuse.

Seeing Zhou Hao’s curious expression, Ling Shuying was even more certain that Zhou Hao would definitely join. After all, this was something that many people wished for.

“How frequent are the missions in the Green Cloud Division? And what are they like?”

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Hao decided that he could contact the Green Cloud Division.

According to Ling Shuying, there weren’t any powerful Heaven Realm martial artists outside the spatial rift, so he didn’t have to worry too much.

“The missions of the Green Cloud Division are not distributed. Instead, members get to pick their own missions. You have to complete at least ten one-star missions or two five-star missions every month. Of course, you can also choose to complete other missions.”

“As long as the total number of stars obtained from the mission exceeds ten stars.”

“This isn’t classified information anyway…” Ling Shuying said casually.

In the distance of the frontline defense line, Dean Shi Zhi and a middle-aged man with a hideous claw mark stood together.

This middle-aged man’s figure was ramrod straight as he stood like a spear. His aura was also like an abyss that surged and exploded. As he stood there, the soldiers and martial artists at the frontline of the defensive line felt much more at ease.

This person was one of the experts of the Huaxia military, Xiao Jiangtian, one of the Four God Generals.

Although this person’s martial strength was powerful and his military achievements were outstanding, he was not as solemn as ordinary martial artists. His personality was very unique, and he was secretly very gossipy.

For example, at this moment, looking at Ling Shuying and Zhou Hao in front of him, Xiao Jiangtian felt that the two of them were very compatible with each other.

It had to be known that although Ling Shuying was talented and powerful, she was very arrogant.

Usually, she would explode in anger after spending ten minutes with a male martial artist.

But now, the two of them were talking for a long time without her showing any signs of impatience.

How rare!

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