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Chapter 204 - Green Cloud Division

Chapter 204: Green Cloud Division

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“I see.”

Hearing Zhou Hao say this, Ling Shuying also relaxed. If Zhou Hao’s compatibility with the first two cultivation techniques was extremely low, it would be troublesome.

It had to be known that those two cultivation techniques were both extremely generalized cultivation techniques. If one’s compatibility with those two cultivation techniques was extremely low, then it was likely that one would not be able to find a suitable cultivation technique to cultivate.

“I’ll choose this one.”

After checking himself, Zhou Hao chose the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art.

His compatibility score for this cultivation technique was only above 70, far from reaching 100 for the Grand Yan Record.

However, if he wanted to make a choice now, he naturally had to choose the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art. Regardless of whether he cultivated it or not, he had to choose first.

“Are you sure?”

Ling Shuying looked at Zhou Hao in surprise. The level of the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art was not low. Most martial artists’ perception of the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art usually had a compatibility score of 1 to 30.

Only those with a compatibility score exceeding 35 could be qualified to cultivate the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art.

“I’m sure.”

Zhou Hao said indifferently. After all, he wouldn’t cultivate it anyway.

Or perhaps, he could also cultivate it to fool others.

“Sure, but your compatibility needs to exceed 35. How high is your compatibility with this cultivation technique?”

As Ling Shuying spoke, she took out a testing device.

This was not something that Zhou Hao could just casually say. Such a high-level cultivation technique came with an extremely precious Comprehension Crystal.

Comprehension Crystals were left behind by Heaven Realm experts who also cultivated this cultivation technique. There were very few of them.

Therefore, Zhou Hao had to have a good compatibility before he could cultivate this cultivation technique and receive the Comprehension Crystal.

“I probably have 70 points of compatibility.”

Zhou Hao said casually and began to test according to Ling Shuying’s requirements.

“Oh, 70 points… Wait, what did you say?”

Ling Shuying was instantly speechless. Zhou Hao really dared to say something like that. Even if he had 50 points of compatibility, it would still be very impressive. He actually said that he had 70 points of compatibility without thinking.


Just as he finished despising Zhou Hao for being ignorant, Ling Shuying was immediately proven wrong.

It turned out that Zhou Hao was not lying. This guy’s compatibility score had actually reached a terrifying 75 points. In other words, Zhou Hao was being too conservative by saying that he had 70 points of compatibility!

In an instant, Ling Shuying looked at Zhou Hao with a complicated expression.

Disdain, shock, envy…

After starting to cultivate the Heaven Realm cultivation technique, Ling Shuying knew even more clearly how important the compatibility of the cultivation technique was!

The cultivation technique she cultivated had a compatibility score of only 60 points with her. She did not expect Zhou Hao to have such great compatibility.

While feeling envious, Ling Shuying also handed a Comprehension Crystal to Zhou Hao solemnly.

“What is this?”

Zhou Hao realized that he had never seen a stone that was shining with white light before.

It seemed that there were still many things he did not know about outside the spatial rift, let alone inside.

“This is the Comprehension Crystal left behind by a Heaven Realm expert.”

“The mental strength of a Heaven Realm expert has already undergone a qualitative change.”

“Through some special treasures, they can be preserved for a long time.”

After Ling Shuying explained, Zhou Hao gradually understood.

This kind of Comprehension Crystal contained a portion of the comprehension of a Heaven Realm expert.

These crystals were very helpful for juniors that cultivated the same technique.

Unfortunately, Si Nanxun did not leave such a crystal behind.

Of course, with Zhou Hao’s compatibility with the Grand Yan Record, even if Si Nanxun left behind the Comprehension Crystal, it would still be of limited use to him.

In the future, after he cultivated to the Heaven Realm, he could leave behind comprehension crystals for Si Nanxun’s descendants, provided that he still had descendants.

“Are you considering joining the Green Cloud Division?”

Ling Shuying was very tempted by Zhou Hao’s monstrous talent.

“What’s the Green Cloud Division?”

This was undoubtedly another topic that Zhou Hao was very interested in.

“The Green Cloud Division is the highest-level division that directs and manages the Huaxia military and all martial artists. After martial artists cultivate to the peak of the supernatural level, they will be invited to participate in the assessment.”

“After passing the assessment, some martial artists will choose to enter the spatial rift to cultivate. Some martial artists can temporarily stay outside the spatial rift and work in the Green Cloud Division.”

Ling Shuying introduced simply.

“Can I choose not to participate?”

Zhou Hao asked openly. He did not want to be restricted too much.

“Of course you can, but the cultivation technique you have is only at the basic level.”

“If you don’t enter the Green Cloud Division, you won’t be able to obtain any merit points. Naturally, you also won’t be able to obtain any subsequent cultivation techniques.”

Ling Shuying crossed her arms in front of her, as if she was certain that Zhou Hao would join.

Zhou Hao’s compatibility with the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art had reached an astonishing 75 points. She did not believe that Zhou Hao did not want the subsequent cultivation techniques.

However, Ling Shuying did not know that Zhou Hao had another Grand Yan Record that was even higher than the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art. She was also completely unaware that Zhou Hao’s compatibility score with that technique had even reached the maximum of 100 points!

If he had known about this, Ling Shuying would definitely not be so confident.

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