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Chapter 1229 - Mai Junjie's threat  

Chapter 1229: Mai Junjie’s threat

Zhou Hao hesitated for a moment, but he still chose to meet the little girl, Orkas.

In a resting room, Zhou Hao saw the beautiful girl, okas.

Previously, she was still a little immature and inexperienced. Now, she had completely changed into a different kind of temperament. She was cold and aloof, and had the charm of a mature woman.

Ockas was still wearing her blue dress, looking like a pure lotus in the world. She stood there elegantly, untainted by the dust.

“You’re here!”

At the sight of Zhou Hao, faint dimples appeared on ockas’s cold face. She was as beautiful as a flower in spring.

If anyone in the entire Karpas auction house saw this scene, their jaws would definitely drop.

This was because she had always been an ice-cold beauty who never smiled.

However, in front of Zhou Hao, okas’s face was full of smiles, and her eyes were filled with surprise.

Ockas even took the initiative to step forward, closing the distance between them.

Ockas was elated to finally see the man she had been thinking about day and night.

Ever since Zhou Hao had left, no one knew how much she had suffered.

“You’re looking for me because you need my help, right? tell me, how do you want me to help you!”

Zhou Hao went straight to the point. By doing so, he wanted to quickly settle the matters that needed to be settled.

“Don’t you have anything else to say to me?”

Orcas’s eyes dimmed. She had thought that Zhou Hao would be the same, or even more proactive.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Hao had not changed at all. He was like a block of wood.

Zhou Hao noticed that. However, he did not like her at all. He was not interested in such matters.

“No, I didn ‘t!”

Zhou Hao’s face was expressionless as he spoke his mind.

Orcas was disappointed, but she quickly adjusted her mood. She thought that it was already good enough that she could see Zhou Hao.

“I’ve asked you to come because of my father’s wishes. My father wants you to help him with something!”

Ockas explained the mission. Her father probably needed to escort a batch of goods, but it would be very risky to pass through a foreign Starfield.

When the time came, she would need a godly state expert to hold the fort. The first person she thought of was Zhou Hao, and she thought that she would be able to meet him.

“Sure, when do we set off?”

Zhou Hao agreed. Previously, ockas had helped him a lot, and he was worried that he would not have a chance to repay her.

Ockas knew that Zhou Hao’s mind wasn’t here. She was sad and began to let her thoughts run wild.

Could it be that Zhou Hao already had another woman? thinking of this possibility, ockas quickly denied it.

Not only was Zhou Hao a popular person in the various divine nations, but he was also a well-known expert in the entire universe. If she had a partner, the news would have spread long ago.

After confirming that Zhou Hao didn’t have a partner, she adjusted her state of mind and said,””I’ll go with you this time. My father said that he’ll allow me to complete the family’s training this time!”

Zhou Hao glanced at her, but she avoided his gaze.

Zhou Hao immediately knew that she was lying. It was only in times like this that she would not dare to look him in the eye.

Zhou Hao didn’t ask if it was true or not. It didn’t matter. His mind was still on what he had to do.

“We’ll leave tomorrow afternoon!”

After orcas finished speaking, she left immediately, probably afraid that her thoughts would be seen through.

Zhou Hao didn’t say anything as he watched her leave. He only sighed in his heart.

It seemed that he would have to leave behind another love debt, and it was the kind that he had to repay.

The next day, after the auction had ended, Zhou Hao took his reward and followed them to escort the valuable items out of the starry city.

When they left, she and Zhou Hao sat in the front row. They seemed to be very close.

This made Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan very envious.

“Ockas is still the same as before. She’s a Vixen!”

Although they were very dissatisfied, they didn’t say anything now.

To them, being able to help Zhou Hao carry out missions outside was already enough to satisfy them.

“Kid, you can’t touch orcas. If you know your place, you’d better get to the back!”

A young man with a full body of high-level armor, who looked like he was of high status, walked up.

Behind him, there were a few spell casters and a few spirit readers, and their realms were not low.

Zhou Hao looked at the young man in disdain. Although he didn’t know who he was, it was all the same to her.

“What if I don ‘t?”

The young man, mai Junjie, said coldly,””You are the first person who dares to speak to me like this. You are the first, and will be the last!”

This was a threat, and a very arrogant one at that. Zhou Hao was basically immune to it.

“Mai Junjie, you’re so annoying. Please disappear from my sight immediately. Zhou Hao is an important friend of mine. You’re the one who should get lost!”

The good mood that ockas had been in to spend some alone time with Zhou Hao was instantly swept away. She was now very annoyed.

A murderous look flashed across mai Junjie’s eyes. He snorted coldly and spat,””Just you wait. I hope you won’t regret your decision!”

This sentence was directed at Zhou Hao.

After mai Junjie left, okas said worriedly,””Zhou Hao, you have to be careful. Mai Junjie is from the Mai family of Zhongzhou city. His family is not any lower than mine!”

Zhou Hao did not think much of it. Even if mai Junjie was a godly state expert, he was no match for him and could not pose any threat to her.

Even if a godly state expert was here, he would not be able to do anything to him. Hence, it could be said that mai Junjie was as weak as air.

Looking at Zhou Hao’s nonchalant expression, ockas was exasperated, but she couldn’t say anything.

Zhou Hao had always been like this, and he had always been safe and sound. No matter what happened, he could always solve it.

“I hope you can remember this lesson after you’ve suffered!”

Orcas could only think to herself.

What she did not know was that Zhou Hao did not just remain in the same spot. He had directly skipped the realms that many starry sky elites had to go through and entered the next realm.

If orcas knew about this, she wouldn’t have thought this way.

After mai Junjie returned to his seat, he immediately looked for the few powerhouses he had brought to discuss how to deal with Zhou Hao.

“When we get to the outer realms, no matter what you do, I want to see Zhou Hao die and disappear completely!”

These few experts were all in the patrol realm, and their strength had yet to reach the harmony realm.

However, for a family like hers, cultivators in the cruising realm were already rare.

They all had prominent identities outside, existences that were out of reach.

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