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Chapter 1228 - bidding for the ruler's armor  

Chapter 1228: Chapter 1228-bidding for the ruler’s armor

However, how could the elder listen to him now? Zhang Zihui’s eyes were red with bloodlust.


Zhou Hao shook his head. This Zhang Zihui had no need to do this at all. She was just suffering for the sake of her face.

Originally, Zhou Hao did not want to look for trouble. What he feared the most came.

Zhou Hao immediately used [midair leap], dodging the sword attacks with the fastest speed possible and found a safe landing point.

When he reached that position, Zhou Hao immediately used his hand to touch a few of Zhang Zihui’s acupuncture points.

“Pervert, stop!”

In this world, the concept of men and women not being close to each other was deeply rooted. When the disciples saw their elder being taken advantage of by Zhou Hao, they could not stand it anymore.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know how to use acupuncture points, but the position of Zhou Hao’s acupuncture points was different from the usual.

Zhou Hao did not pay attention to those idiots. Right now, saving people was more important. His hand was a replica of the sunflower acupuncture hand, and he accurately hit a few acupuncture points.

The few disciples quickly turned into a torrent of abuse, but their mouths were dry after a while. They knew that it was useless to curse, so they could only choose to give up.

Just as these few disciples were about to call for someone, they suddenly discovered that their elder seemed to have signs of returning.

Zhang Zihui’s eyes were filled with energy. It was obvious that she had recovered.

How was that possible?

The few disciples all cried out in shock. This was a Qi deviation! It was actually resolved by pressing on the acupoints. This was something that even their sect master couldn’t do.

This wasn’t just an eye-opener for the disciples, it was also an eye-opener for Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would have thought that this was a fantasy.

“You saved me?”

Zhang Zihui wasn’t an idiot, so she could naturally see what was going on.

Zhou Hao didn’t say anything. Instead, he spoke in a tone of an old man,””We’re all young people. There’s no need to fight and kill. Now, can you take me to see the sect leader?”

Zhang Zihui was embarrassed. This guy actually said that they were all young people. Although she was very happy, she quickly returned to her icy appearance.

“You saved me, so I’ll naturally help you. Wait here, I’ll report this to the sect master!”

Zhou Hao was waiting outside.

After a while, Zhang Zihui came out with the sect leader.

“It’s not impossible for you to borrow the Supreme heavenly mirror. As long as you agree to become my disciple, I will allow you to leave now. I can also guarantee that you can look at the Supreme heavenly mirror whenever you want to in the future!”

Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect the old sect leader of the purple intellect sect to be such a sly old fox. He wanted to send her to jail.

Zhou Hao felt that if he were to enter the purple intellect sect, he would never be able to leave.

Zhou Hao had encountered such a situation before. After learning from his mistakes, how could he make the same mistake again?

“Old sect master must be joking, I am just an ordinary person, I can be found everywhere in the star field. Besides, I like to be free and unrestrained, perhaps your sect is not a suitable place for me to stay!”

Zhou Hao refused immediately. He knew what the old fox was thinking. He just wanted to see who commander Jiang was and where he was before he left.

“I now have the armor of The Fiend sovereign. If the old sect leader is willing to lend it to me, this armor is now yours!”

Zhou Hao took out the spoils of war that he had obtained after killing The Fiend Dominator. It was a piece of pitch-black armor that was still flowing with thick demonic Qi.

When he took it out, all the disciples turned pale with fright.

“You killed the demon Lord? how is that possible?”

In fact, these disciples had already received the news before this. However, they had only heard it and did not take it seriously.

He just thought that it was just some gossip like before.

Now, they all knew that it might be true.

“You know me?”

Zhou Hao looked at the group of disciples.

The group of disciples then told him what had happened.

“So you’re brother Zhou. I was blind. I take back what I said earlier. Please don’t take it to heart!”

The old sect master’s expression suddenly changed and he hurriedly changed his attitude.

Zhou Hao was now the most popular person in the royal family of the universe’s strong countries, and everyone wanted to win him over.

If the news of them offending Zhou Hao were to spread out, it would not be long before purple intellect sect would cease to exist.

Offending Zhou Hao was the same as seeking death. Zhou Hao didn’t even need to do anything.

It turned out that the news of him killing the demon ruler had already spread.

Zhou Hao immediately understood why they had lost their composure.

“Elder Zhang, hurry up and take out the Supreme heavenly mirror!”

The old sect master immediately said.

At this moment, it was as if he had changed into another person.

The disciples did not dare to say anything. Even the important figures of the divine Kingdom would have the same attitude when they saw Zhou Hao, let alone the old sect master.

Zhang Zihui immediately went to the sect and took out the Supreme heavenly mirror.

After a while, Zhang Zihui came to the door with the Supreme heavenly mirror.

Originally, the old sect leader had wanted to treat Zhou Hao as a distinguished guest.

However, Zhou Hao rejected her. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it here, but she really had things to do.

Seeing that he couldn’t make them stay, the old sect master was nervous, but he had no choice.

“Brother Zhou, I’m old and my eyes are failing me this time. Please don’t take this matter to heart!”

Before Zhou Hao left, the old sect leader was on tenterhooks. Once the news got out, it would be terrifying.

“Don’t worry, old sect leader. I, Zhou Hao, may not be a good person, but I’m definitely not a vile person who speaks ill of others behind their backs!”

Zhou Hao was in a good mood after receiving the Supreme heavenly mirror. This way, he would have less trouble.

He didn’t mind.

Hearing this, the old sect master heaved a sigh of relief. It was fine as long as he didn’t make a fuss.

With Zhou Hao’s current status, a single word from him could make purple intellect sect disappear completely.

“Then I won’t see brother Zhou out, take care!”

The old sect master accepted the demon ruler’s armor with an uneasy mood.

Zhou Hao, Joanna, and the others first went to the Karpas auction house.

“Boss, how much do you think we can sell for this time?”

Thinking back to the auction at the mercenary group, they had sold it for a sky-high price. Now, before the auction even started, Jonina was already excited.

Zhou Hao wasn’t sure either, so he said,””It should be 70 – 80!”

Zhou Hao wasn’t looking forward to the price. To her, no matter what the price was, it was just a string of numbers.

No matter how many numbers there were, they would be used up one day.

“Boss, Orkas wants to see you!”

At this time, Yang Yuanyuan walked over and suddenly said.

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