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Chapter 1227 - what shouldn't be committed, committed  

Chapter 1227: Chapter 1227-what shouldn’t be committed, committed

They all felt that this was an illusion, and their subconscious was telling them this.

The leader rubbed his eyes. After confirming that he was not seeing things, he slapped the faces of his team members.


These team members instantly sobered up. Only then did they confirm that it wasn’t an illusion, but real.

When they confirmed it, they were all very excited and tears filled their eyes.

“Spread this news out. I think it must have been left behind by a powerful being. We have been cooped up for a long time, and now we can finally vent our anger. Spread this news to me. I want the entire universe to know about this. I want to see who will dare to look down on our soldiers on earth!”

The captain was elated and immediately asked his people to spread the news.

Soon, the news spread throughout the entire universe. Because the internet covered the entire universe, the news quickly spread to every corner of the universe except for the unpopulated corners.

The first ones to know were the strongest tribes, including the strongest God countries. After they found out, they were all secretly shocked.

They did not let their thoughts run wild like the other forces. A figure immediately appeared in their minds, and that was Zhou Hao.

“This guy seems to be hiding deeper than we thought!”

When the king of the Amay Empire saw the news, he was expressionless, but his heart was filled with regret.

He was not the only one. The elders of the other Academies who had initially rejected Zhou Hao were also filled with regret.

Zhou Hao was definitely a man of great potential, and he could even become a dragon among men at a higher level.

However, they had lost such a talent because of their wrong judgment during the assessment.

“Go, spread the news that as long as Zhou Hao is willing to come to our country, he will be our distinguished guest, our National guest. Seeing him is like seeing me. We must not neglect him!”

The big shots of these big forces couldn’t sit still and immediately spoke to their clansmen.

There was another reason why Zhou Hao wasn’t very important before this. The number of mutant beasts was very small back then, and they weren’t a threat to strong countries like theirs.

However, over the years, the number of rifts that mutant beasts appeared in had begun to increase, and now it was a huge threat to the universe’s God countries.

Although the mutated beasts were only at the periphery and hadn’t affected their God nation yet, they were still very weak.

However, the leaders who had great foresight knew that it was only a matter of time before they invaded their God nation.

They had to be prepared.

At this time, they were in urgent need of talents, and the scarcest ones were people like Zhou Hao.

Therefore, they all opened up their conditions and extended an olive branch.

However, Zhou Hao was not interested in the invitations, nor did he reject them.

Zhou Hao first went to a Mystic realm and met the disciples of the purple intellect sect. He asked them to borrow the Supreme heavenly mirror.

“How dare you! Who Do You Think You Are? the Supreme heavenly mirror of the purple intellect sect isn’t something you can just borrow as you please. Throw it out!”

The purple intellect sect’s elder immediately made a decision.

At this time, the purple intellect sect still didn’t know that Zhou Hao had already killed the demonic sovereign and had become the Supreme immortal state.

In fact, the immortal state wasn’t the most important thing. The key was that he wasn’t even 100 years old. Even in God nations that had produced all kinds of monstrous geniuses, he was unique.

“I’m here today, so I must take it with me. Whether you give it to me or not, I’m taking it!”

Zhou Hao took a step forward. An invisible force surrounded his body, forming a protective shield.

The purple intellect sect’s disciples immediately held their long swords and charged at Zhou Hao. However, while they charged up quickly, they were even faster when they returned.

These protective barriers were the protective gang Qis emitted by the human body. However, his gang Qis were far more terrifying than the gang Qis of the previous few realms.

Not only could his stellar energy attack, it could also defend, and its defense was even more terrifying.

The disciples felt as if they had hit an iron wall and were instantly sent flying.

When they fell to the ground, they were all bruised and swollen.

Zhou Hao did not attack because he did not want to kill the innocent.

“You’re no match for me. If you want to stop me, let your purple intellect sect’s patriarch do it!”

Zhou Hao’s words had completely infuriated the purple intellect sect’s elder.

It was one thing for Zhou Hao to look down on her genius disciple, but now he was looking down on her, an elder?

Zhang Zihui’s sword immediately struck out like a dragon. The autumn water swordsmanship that she had practiced to the peak was repeatedly thrust out like a storm.

“Elder, you must keep this fanatic here. Otherwise, if news of this gets out, our purple intellect sect will no longer have the face to continue living!”

“That’s right, elder, we must make him stay!”

The few geniuses were secretly angry. They felt embarrassed that they couldn’t defeat Zhou Hao. They only had one thought in mind, and that was to make Zhou Hao disappear.

“Shut up, you bunch of trash! Even if you don’t tell me, I know what to do!”

In the beginning, Zhang Zihui thought that she had the upper hand, but this time, she realized that Zhou Hao’s courage to come here was not because he was a hothead.

Facing the autumn water swordsmanship that she was most skilled in and had practiced to the peak, not only was Zhou Hao able to deal with it calmly, but he also seemed to be able to avoid it easily.

Furthermore, Zhou Hao was able to counterattack at the right time. It could be said that he was doing it with ease.

Zhang Zihui was very annoyed. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t hurt a junior even after cultivating for ten years.

In the past, even if those monstrous geniuses came, they would definitely not dare to be impudent in front of her and could only tuck their tails between their legs.

Zhou Hao had completely exceeded her expectations.

“Dammit, how could it be like this!”

Zhang Zihui was so angry that she gradually lost her mind. She only wanted to use her sword to teach Zhou Hao a lesson and stay.

However, she didn’t know that she had lost her mind, and various flaws had appeared in her swordsmanship.

To them, this was a taboo.

However, she had committed all the crimes that she shouldn’t have.

“Elder, stop! If this continues, you’ll suffer from Qi deviation!”

The few disciples at the side could tell that something was wrong, and they were all anxious.

If anything happened to this elder, the sect would definitely punish them.

An elder wasn’t someone a few disciples like them could compare to. Every elder was a core member of the purple intellect sect.

In the past few years, the purple intellect sect had lost countless elders in order to deal with the mutated beasts. They had been replaced batch after batch.

Now, every elder was in short supply.

If something happened to an elder, the sect would definitely find trouble with them.

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