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Chapter 1226 - Borrowing the Supreme heavenly mirror  

Chapter 1226: Borrowing the Supreme heavenly mirror

“Let’s go!” The demon ruler said before escaping.

However, Zhou Hao quickly caught The Fiend’s clone and caught up with The Fiend Dominator with his fastest speed.

That clone was very weak and could not escape from him at all.

To Zhou Hao, this demon ruler was the same. He could forget about escaping from him.

“How is that possible?”

The demon ruler was shocked. He didn’t expect that the human in front of him was beyond his knowledge.

The demon ruler immediately knew that he was in danger.

“Don’t kill me, I beg you. I can be your dog!”

The Fiend Dominator kneeled on the ground with a plop, his face full of fear. All of his previous thoughts of killing had completely disappeared.

Zhou Hao looked down at The Fiend Dominator from above. He felt that it was really ridiculous.

“I didn’t want to kill you at first, but now, I think that if I don’t kill you, my clansmen will not die in peace. So, I have to send you down now!”

Zhou Hao’s words were like the emotionless judgment of the heavens as they fell into the ears of the demonic ruler.

The demon ruler didn’t hesitate and chose to attack. His arms turned into fists and punched forward.

‘This distance should be enough,’ the demon Lord told himself in his heart. Then, he smashed it.

Zhou Hao’s face was expressionless. He was not flustered in the face of danger.

“Boss, be careful of you!”

Although she knew that her boss was very strong, Jonina still couldn’t help but remind him.

At this distance, the explosive power of The Fiend Dominator’s body was very terrifying. In close combat, there were not many human powerhouses who could defeat this kind of fiend.

The main thing was that this demon was not an ordinary demon. It was a demon overlord.

Right now, Jonina also thought that Zhou Hao was only at the peak of the harmony realm. In the starry sky, he was only a top warrior.

However, what happened next made her realize that she had been wrong.

Zhou Hao’s fist smashed out, directly hitting the demonic Overlord.

The next moment!

The demon ruler’s body was sent flying like a cannonball and finally smashed into the battlefield 100 meters away.


When he landed, a huge pit instantly appeared on the ground, and the demon ruler also fell into it.

This was their boss?

Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan were both stunned. They couldn’t believe it.

They had thought that they had seen the tip of the iceberg, but now they felt that what they had seen was only a drop in the ocean.

Also, Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan both felt that their boss, who had been so familiar to them, was now a stranger. It was as if they were facing a stranger.

“Boss, when did you become so strong? did you break through to the God Realm?”

Jonina was bewildered. She thought of a possibility and couldn’t help but gasp.

Yang Yuanyuan was also looking at Zhou Hao, trying to figure out what was going on.

Zhou Hao didn’t try to hide it from them. Since they were on the same side, he told them that he had already broken through a few months ago.

“Boss, you’re a monster!”

“Boss, why didn’t you tell us earlier? we were so worried about you!”

The two girls were shocked. This boss was really freakishly strong. They had seen countless stunning geniuses from the ten thousand races in the starry sky.

However, this was the first time they had seen such a freakishly powerful human being.

This boss was definitely the most terrifying person they had ever seen in their lives.

Jonina was also envious. She thought that if she could fuse with the bloodline of the boss, then her royal family would definitely have an extremely powerful warrior.

It was no wonder that Jonina would think this way. Even if their country was rebuilt after the war, it would still be in a state of great damage.

Her royal family was currently frowning and frowning over this matter. They had always wanted to find a man for her to start a family and career.

The most important thing was to have an heir to take charge of the overall situation.

However, she had always been unwilling and told her family that even if they were to choose, they would have to go through her own selection.

The family agreed, and after that, Jonina went out to look for her.

However, they couldn’t find it. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even Joanna had decided to give up.

Now was finally the right time. Jonina thought that if she chose her boss, it would definitely be the perfect choice.

“Ahem, Jonina, what are you thinking?”

Zhou Hao’s face darkened when he saw Jonina’s eyes, which looked as if she wanted to eat him up.

This Jonina must still have that kind of thought, but Zhou Hao had no intention of starting a family.

Furthermore, he had already sworn in his heart that as long as he did not resolve the mutant beast disaster, he would never settle down.

“Boss, how did you practice? can you tell me the method? I will definitely bring your skills to greater heights!”

Right now, Jonina was very eager. If she could get some information from her boss, even if it was just superficial knowledge, then it would be more than enough to deal with the mutant beasts on quwu star.

Her home was being rebuilt after the war, and what they needed the most now was a powerful body-tempering technique to improve their basic Warrior Training. As long as their Warriors were stronger, the rest of the mutant beasts would not be a threat to them.

This had been his biggest headache ever since.

Zhou Hao knew what Jonina was thinking. He was having a headache and said,”I want to give it to you, but I can’t do it now. If you really want to learn it, just wait for a while. When the time is right, I’ll give it to you!”

Jonina was very happy. It seemed that her boss still treated her the best.

“Boss, I’m here too!”

Yang Yuanyuan’s eyes lit up. She was also very interested in this body-tempering technique.

These two girls would definitely be very persistent in the future. Zhou Hao was speechless. The reason why she did not want to give it to him was really hard to say.

After all, as long as he cultivated, he would grow a beard and leg hair, and become more like a man than a man.

However, Zhou Hao didn’t say the specific reason, knowing that it would be useless to say it now.

Because he knew that once they took a fancy to someone, they wouldn’t easily change their mind.

“Let’s go and take the ruler’s ink core, as well as the other valuable ones. I think we can make a good profit this time!”

Zhou Hao took away the demonic Lord’s magic core and some other valuable items.

Then, they left the battlefield.

After they left, the patrol team sent out by the city saw that the demonic defense line on the battlefield had disappeared.

All of them widened their eyes in disbelief.

“Heavens, am I seeing things?”

“That’s impossible. I must be sleeping. I’m going back to sleep!”

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