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Chapter 1230 - -cruising realm mutated beast

Chapter 1230: Chapter 1230-cruising realm mutated beast

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However, they were just a few dogs in front of mai Junjie now.

“Don’t worry, young master mai. This kid is just strolling in the sky. I have a thousand ways to kill him when he disembarks!”

“If young master mai wants to do something, we can help you!”

Mai Junjie’s heart was on fire. Naturally, he wanted to cook the rice. This thought often appeared in his mind.

However, he had given up, but it was not impossible.

Instead, he was worried.

If he really did that, then the consequences would be terrifying.

After all, if the two families went to war, both sides would suffer.

Even though mai Junjie was extremely perverted, she knew what was more important at the moment. She knew what she should and shouldn’t do.

Once she did some, she would not be able to withstand the monstrous anger of her family.

“In the future, don’t say things like” raw rice is cooked “in front of me. If anyone dares to say that again, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

The few experts felt their blood run cold. They naturally did not doubt that mai Junjie was not a kind person.

Soon, the Flying Ship stopped in a forest in the outer realm. This was already the territory of one of the divine kingdoms.

This was also a transit station, a route that many spaceships had to pass through.

“Ms. Okas, we have a situation here!”

As soon as she got off the spaceship, she thought that she might be able to use this opportunity to get closer to Zhou Hao.

However, this thought was quickly dashed. An abnormal situation had occurred here, so they had to take this matter seriously.

Ockas immediately brought her men to patrol the area and check for any abnormalities.

“What’s going on?”

After the vice-captain checked the items, the captain, ockas, immediately asked.

The vice-captain quickly explained the situation. There were probably many ship wreckages nearby.

“Are you sure?”

Orcas’s expression changed. If that was the case, then the risk here would increase. It would take a long time to leave this place.

“This is a part of what I’ve brought back. There’s also the mutated beast’s corpse!”

The vice-captain took out a small silver metal piece. There was a mark of a mercenary group from a certain Galaxy on it. This should be the spaceship of a mercenary group.

At that moment, Orkas knew that their situation was not optimistic.

“Zhou Hao, what do you think?”

Ockas immediately asked Zhou Hao.

Only Zhou Hao could give her advice at such a critical time.

To her, there was nothing that Zhou Hao could not solve.

Zhou Hao took a look at the fragment and immediately voiced his thoughts.

“Since the spaceship was destroyed, this place must have been attacked by mutated beasts. We can’t stay here for long. We have to leave as soon as possible!”

Zhou Hao continued,”

“In addition, we have to investigate the situation here. Although there are mutant beasts invading here, most of them are not very powerful. To be able to successfully take down the spaceship, one has to be at least in the cruising realm. From the current situation, there should be some mutant beasts in the cruising realm nearby. This matter is not that simple. I think we may need to investigate it before we leave!”

Orcas agreed and immediately made arrangements for her team.

However, just as they thought that this matter would continue smoothly, mai Junjie, who had been silent all this while, suddenly walked out from the crowd.

“I don’t agree!”

Mai Junjie looked at Zhou Hao and said,””This matter has nothing to do with our Karpas auction house. Right now, our top priority is to transport our financial backer’s goods. We should prioritize taking these goods and leaving!”

Zhou Hao frowned, but he did not say anything.

She was an outsider in this matter, so it was not appropriate for her to intervene directly.

“Mai Junjie, my father allowed you to come along on your father’s account, but he didn’t allow you to interfere. I’m the captain of the transportation team this time!”

Okas raised her brows and looked at mai Junjie unhappily. In fact, she had long found him an eyesore.

In the past, mai Junjie had been pestering her, but after so many years, he was still the same.

If it was before, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, they were currently in the middle of a mission.

The key was that although this matter was not directly related to the paska auction house, it was indirectly related.

Currently, mutated beasts had invaded many areas and were flooding the area.

At a time like this, what the major factions needed was a strong Alliance to fight against the mutant beasts and resolve all sorts of hidden dangers.

He wasn’t like mai Junjie, who was looking for trouble.

Knowing what mai Junjie meant, okas was very upset.

If not for her family, she would have kicked mai Junjie out of the family.

Mai Junjie’s expression was uncertain, and he hated Zhou Hao even more now.

“Are you sure you want to listen to her? if anything happens to this batch of goods, who will be responsible?”

This time, she chose to side with Zhou Hao.

“I’ll take responsibility for anything that happens!”

Mai Junjie was furious, but he did not flare up. Now, she was thinking to herself that she would let them off this time.

He would definitely kill Zhou Hao after this.

“Let’s wait and see, I want to see how long you can protect him!”

Mai Junjie left with his men and even glared at Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was the same as before, but this time, he changed his mind.

“Do you need my help?”

Thinking of the trouble that mai Junjie had caused previously, Zhou Hao thought that the same thing might happen again this time, so he said to okas.

Before this, this had nothing to do with him. But now that okas had stood up for him, this matter was now related to him. If she didn’t do anything now, she would be too inhumane.

“I can settle this myself. You don’t have to worry about me!”

Ockas was still the same stubborn girl as before.

Zhou Hao chuckled. Ockas was cold on the outside but warm on the inside. This side of her was quite cute.

I’ll help you solve it. This time, consider it as me repaying you for helping me before.

On the other hand, okas was elated. She had finally managed to close the distance between her and Zhou Hao. They were no longer as distant as before.

“Thank you. I’ll tell my father when I get back. I’ll give you enough compensation!”

After that, Zhou Hao led his men and started to search the nearby mountains. The patrol realm mutated beasts were even more terrifying than the demon ruler.

Coming to this place was something that shouldn’t have happened.

If they didn’t find him now, the same situation as the one in the star field battlefield might happen again.

At that time, the entire Galaxy would be wiped out.

“Search carefully, don’t miss any possible hiding spots!”

Ockas also led her men and started digging.

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