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Chapter 1220 - Asura Mi Tian  

Chapter 1220: Chapter 1220 Asura Mi Tian

Zhou Hao didn’t know that not long after he left.

A man walked out of a secret room in the Shura family. He was wearing gold-rimmed glasses and a white coat, and he had an elegant aura.

If Zhou Hao was here, he would definitely recognize this person as commander Jiang from before.

However, Zhou Hao did not know what he had missed out on.

“Has he left?”

Commander Jiang wiped his sweat. Before this, she had been worried that Zhou Hao would search the secret room. Once he did, she would not be able to leave the Shura family.

“I’m leaving. If you have any other requests, you can ask me. I’ll agree to anything that can be solved, as long as you agree to what you promised me when you first came to the Shura family!”

Mi Tian’s face was expressionless. In fact, he had long colluded with commander Jiang to conduct research on earth.

The research base on earth was only one of many.

Many people had guessed that commander Jiang’s pig was in the base headquarters, but they had never expected that the base was in the core of the Shura family.

It was very safe there, so commander Jiang was studying it. It was the ancestral land of the Shura, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter.

Although Zhou Hao did not search for it, commander Jiang still felt as if he had just survived a disaster, as if he had just brushed past the god of death.

If Zhou Hao had insisted on searching the area, he would not have been able to escape.

The last time he had met Zhou Hao, he had felt that he was very weak. But now, he felt that if he were to attack now, he would probably be hung up and beaten.

Therefore, commander Jiang knew that his current research was not enough to deal with Zhou Hao. If he wanted to deal with him, he could only continue to live.

“Continue your research!”

Shura Mi Tian did not say much. Right now, all her hopes were on commander Jiang. As long as the research was successful, the Shura clan would be able to regain their position as the Overlord.

At that time, they would stand out from the tens of millions of large families and become a super Overlord.

However, before that, she could only keep her expectations up. As for whether commander Jiang could complete the test subjects in this experimental base as he had hoped, it was still an unknown.

Now, she wanted to help out like before. However, ever since she had made things worse, she didn’t want to get involved in this kind of thing again.

He wanted them to solve it themselves now, but he would let them think about other things in the future.

Just like that, he roughly knew what he had to do.


Zhou Hao left the Shura clan’s territory and boarded the Flying Ship to another Nebula. He quickly entered the vast battlefield outside the domain.

When he entered, Zhou Hao frowned. What he saw was still an extremely tragic battle.

The mountains of corpses and rivers of blood he had seen before were the same now.

People from several planets had joined the battle, and both sides had suffered heavy losses.

Zhou Hao couldn’t figure it out. Such a method of killing 1000 enemies at the cost of 800 of their own people shouldn’t be beneficial to either side.

He did not understand why they were still fighting. In Zhou Hao’s eyes, this kind of battle was meaningless.

Zhou Hao didn’t continue to think about this matter. He knew that even if he was in the immortal state, he couldn’t control the overall situation.

The only thing she could do now was to help Captain Zhang as much as possible and reduce their losses as much as possible.

After entering the battlefield, Zhou Hao quickly met Captain Zhang, whom he had not seen for many years.

Captain Zhang was no longer the captain. He had been promoted to a general.

“You brat, why didn’t you tell me when you arrived? if you had told me earlier, I wouldn’t have to sit here and wait for you!”

Captain Zhang immediately stood up and walked over. He looked very happy.

He did not expect Captain Zhang to be the same after so many years. Zhou Hao was very happy.

His old friend was still the same.

“I came here to help you. Tell me, what tasks do you have for me? I won’t find it troublesome and I don’t have anything to do. Now, you just have to give them to me and I’ll help you get them done!”

Captain Zhang didn’t hold back. He told him directly that there was a demonic defense line in front that he needed to open.

Zhou Hao immediately brought Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan to the demonic line of defense that afternoon.

“Why are you here? you don’t have to come with me. I can do it alone!”

Zhou Hao did not expect Captain Zhang to follow them. She must have been worried about him, but she felt that there was no need to do so now.

Captain Zhang was indeed worried. After hearing Zhou Hao’s words, she still had no intention of leaving this place.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to stay, but there was still a position in the back that he needed to guard. The matter there was also of utmost importance.

At this critical juncture of the war, there were many things that they could not easily solve.

Now, they might encounter more problems, so they could only shorten the time they had.

After Captain Zhang went back, Zhou Hao immediately led his men to attack.

“You guys follow behind me later. If there’s no need to fight, don’t fight, understand?”

He knew that the person behind him, Yang Yuanyuan, was an impetuous person, so he felt that he had no choice but to say this.

Yang Yuanyuan was silent for a while, but she could only agree to her boss’s request. Now, she wanted to do the same thing as before.

However, Yang Yuanyuan knew what was more important this time. She thought it was better for her not to do that. If her boss was unhappy and drove her away, she would be in deep trouble.

“Boss, go do what you want to do now. We’ll solve our own problems!”

Just like that, Yang Yuanyuan accepted her boss’s arrangement.

Zhou Hao glanced at Yang Yuanyuan. She had grown up, which was a good improvement.

In the past, Yang Yuanyuan had always been very willful, so many things had happened after that. She didn’t want things to turn out like this again.

Zhou Hao immediately walked out. He saw many demons flying out from the demonic line of defense, all of them baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

“Chief sovereign, look! Haha, a few human ants want to challenge us!”

Some of the little demons immediately noticed Zhou Hao and Yang Yuanyuan on the battlefield. They were too eye-catching.

On this battlefield, other than them, everyone else was dead.

The appearance of three living people was particularly eye-catching.

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