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Chapter 1219 - Heading to the Asura battlefield  

Chapter 1219: Heading to the Asura battlefield

If it was before, Zhou Hao would not have let it go so easily. After all, he was not a three-year-old child.

But now, Zhou Hao decided to give Mi Tian some face. In addition, she didn’t want to start a war with the Shura race yet.

Now, he already had many enemies. If he had one more enemy, he would definitely have a lot of trouble in the future.

So, she thought that it was better for her to solve what she needed to.

In this way, if he encountered similar situations in the future, he could think of a way to deal with it easily.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, I won’t be calculative with them. However, I only hope that this kind of thing will only happen once. Next time, I won’t let them off easily, no matter who it is!”

Zhou Hao’s eyes swept over the juniors before finally landing on Mi Tian.

Mi Tian cursed in his heart. These idiots had already told them that if the mission didn’t go smoothly, they should immediately stop.

He didn’t expect that they didn’t take it seriously at all and actually continued to find trouble.

It was a good thing that Zhou Hao was willing to give them face this time. If they were to go as crazy as before, the Shura would probably never have a Day of Peace.

Before this, Zhou Hao, the God of plague, had caused chaos everywhere he went.

The places that Zhou Hao went to were still filled with smoke.

Countless forces were on guard against Zhou Hao, not wanting to see such a thing happen.

From the past until now, they had encountered countless similar situations. However, they had never dared to offend Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was too terrifying. He was already in the harmonization realm half a year ago. Now, he was even more terrifying. Even if he wasn’t in the God Realm, he wasn’t far from it.

Therefore, the current Shura patriarch, Mi Tian, was thinking that he absolutely could not become Zhou Hao’s enemy for the time being.

Otherwise, the Shura clan would not have a good time in the near future.

He definitely didn’t want to wait for that day.

“No matter what, this is the fault of these idiots. How about this, I’ll lend you my Asura pool for a day?”

Mi Tian knew that Zhou Hao would definitely hold a grudge against him, so after a moment of hesitation, he spoke.

The Shura family’s elites and the Army were all envious.

The Shura pool was actually the same as some spiritual pools. It could change their Constitution and temper their Foundation.

Even immortal State Warriors couldn’t refuse such a condition.

Countless experts had joined the Shura family in order to use the Shura pool.

This was also the true reason why the Shura could grow so strong.

“This condition is quite sincere. Take me there. I want to use it now!”

Zhou Hao said immediately. He was tempted. Such a place for cultivation was very difficult to find in the universe.

Most of what was discovered were taken by these powerful families.

He had thought about snatching it, but it was like snatching food from a Tiger’s mouth. He didn’t want to do that now, as he didn’t want to cause himself more trouble.

If it was in the past, it would be fine. But now, he estimated that he would have a headache for a long time.

Therefore, he didn’t want to do such a thing now.

Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan, who were following behind, were overwhelmed by the unexpected favor.

They had a good relationship with Zhou Hao, but they did not expect that Zhou Hao would value them so much.

Could it be that boss likes me?

Jonina’s face was flushed red as she thought of Feifei.

Yang Yuanyuan’s face also turned red. She also thought of this possibility.

In fact, they were thinking too much. Zhou Hao was not thinking in that direction, but he wanted to train them.

It was so that when they faced powerful opponents in the future, they could work together to deal with them.

Zhou Hao realized that this was the only way he could increase his chances of success in the future.

Before this, he had also thought of solving these problems by himself. After all, he was already able to take charge of an area.

However, after experiencing some things, Zhou Hao knew that there was a limit to a person’s strength. Therefore, he could only think in other ways.

This way, even if he died one day, he would be able to resolve his concerns.

He had improved a lot since then, but this was not enough. He needed to improve even more.

As long as he continued to improve, he would be able to solve the problem quickly while increasing his confidence the next time he encountered the same problem.

As soon as he entered the Asura pool, Zhou Hao felt the power in his body change. It had been static before, but now it began to stir.

It was like a lamp that had run out of oil had been revived.

“I’ve broken through!”

Not long after entering the Shura pool, Jonina suddenly felt her power rising.

To her, who had not changed for a long time, this was the biggest surprise.

After confirming that it was indeed the case, Jonina was very happy and very grateful to her boss.

If not for this boss, not to mention breaking through now, it would be impossible in the future.

Now that he had finally broken through, he would have more time to allocate his next tasks.

She had considered a lot before this, but there were some things in front of her that kept her busy. For example, this kind of breakthrough required her to keep persevering.

But it made her very distressed, and some things she had to do.

Such a problem would be easily solved after the breakthrough.

“Boss, thank you!”

Jonina was overjoyed, her heart bursting with joy. She couldn’t help but give Zhou Hao a light Peck on the cheek.

Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment. He thought it was an illusion, but when he touched the wet spot on his face, he knew it was real.

Zhou Hao only felt that it was strange, but he did not say anything. He thought that this little girl was probably not interested in him.

It was not that Zhou Hao’s reaction was slow, but that he was completely focused on solving the problem of the mutated beasts.

In the short term, he had no other thoughts. The mutated beasts were his top priority.

They had stayed in the Shura pool for a day, and when they were hungry, they would eat energy biscuits.

He only left the Shura pool the next day.

“Did I forget that I have something important to do?”

When they left the Asura zone, Zhou Hao suddenly remembered that he had forgotten something.

Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan were speechless. Their boss was still the same as before.

After thinking for a while, Zhou Hao still couldn’t remember anything, so he gathered his thoughts. He couldn’t continue to waste time on this matter. The most urgent thing now was to take on some more urgent matters.

“Head to the offworld battlefield. I think Captain Zhang needs our help!”

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