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Chapter 1221 - The demons 'line of defense    

Chapter 1221: The demons ‘line of defense


When they saw that Zhou Hao was indeed heading toward their territory, the demons immediately began to mock him.

In their eyes, Zhou Hao and his men were here to die. That’s right, to die.

“Brothers, leave the man to the ruler. The rest is yours. Do you understand?”

An evil demon leader said to the other evil demons.

Although the demons were very unwilling, they could only choose to accept it. At this time, it was already a blessing for them to be given some soup.

If there wasn’t even a mouthful of soup, they could only continue to watch helplessly.

“Where’s your boss?”

Just as the demons were thinking about how they were going to eat Zhou Hao, they suddenly heard a voice in front of them.

The demon leader was shocked. It was the first time they had seen a human with such a strange speed.

When they were sure that it was Zhou Hao, they heaved a sigh of relief. As long as it was not a human powerhouse, they could easily deal with him.

At this moment, the demons could not see Zhou Hao’s strength. They thought that he was just an ordinary person.

“Human, you’re not afraid of us. You dare to come over? this is the first time I’ve seen a human with such courage. I won’t kill you directly later, but I’ll have a good taste of your flesh!”

These demons all laughed eerily, thinking that they would definitely be able to taste a very delicious food.

The way they looked at Zhou Hao now was the same as how humans looked at delicious food.

Zhou Hao looked at them in disgust. He held back the urge to slap them to death and continued to ask,””I’m asking you, where is your boss!”

Zhou Hao didn’t care about these little demons at all. Now, she could easily get rid of them without any effort.

However, he did not do so now.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t do it. Now that she wanted to deal with the demon boss here, she left the rest to her brother, Captain Zhang, who was behind.

In the past, he hadn’t gone to the starry sky Academy because of Captain Zhang’s recommendation. If it weren’t for that recommendation, he probably wouldn’t have made any progress. He might even have become food for the demons.

It could be said that it was because of the opportunity that Captain Zhang had given her that her identity had changed dramatically. Now, he still wanted to repay Captain Zhang with a fountain like he had done before.

The little demons were stunned. They could not believe that this human dared to ignore them.

It was as if this human was looking down on them. This was the first time they had encountered such a thing since they came to this battlefield.

These little demons were all extremely furious. Although they weren’t the demon bosses here, they were still demons.

It was no wonder the demons were so angry. In their eyes, humans were born with inferior genes and were born to be enslaved.

Now, these slaves actually dared to look down on them. Instantly, they felt that they had been humiliated to the greatest extent.

“Human, you’re courting death! Brothers, let’s attack together and tear him into pieces!”

Some Imps couldn’t help but call out to their companions.

Soon, many demons gathered together. There weren’t many at first, but now there were thousands of them.

The scalp of an ordinary harmonization realm expert would go numb if they saw this.

However, it was a pity that the demons were not facing an ordinary person. They were facing Zhou Hao.

Therefore, what was destined to happen now would change because of Zhou Hao.

None of the demons knew what was going on, and all they wanted to do was kill Zhou Hao.

“Don’t dirty it. Also, don’t let him die so unsightly. I don’t want my food to be as sticky as before!”

The demon ruler warned them from behind.

“Master, don’t worry. We’ll definitely leave you with a complete meal!”

After saying that, the squad leader immediately ordered the Imps to attack.

In the next moment, the Imps began to charge and swarmed forward.

“Human, I will make you wish you were dead!”

These Imps were tenacious, but they didn’t have much strength.

Zhou Hao did not make any fancy moves. Just like when he dealt with the powerful enemies, he only threw a punch.

Her fist contained no ordinary strength.

She threw out a punch.

“All of you, go to hell!”

It was also this punch that blasted out a long passageway in front of these evil demons, which was hundreds of meters long.

Countless little demons were all killed, and many of them did not even have time to react.

This human was so terrifying that the evil demons all sucked in a breath of cold air.

They had never thought that an ordinary-looking human could actually use such a terrifying power.

In an instant, these little demons knew that they were no match for him.

“Boss, we might not be able to stop them. We still need you to help us!”

Some of the little demons immediately began to ask for help from their bosses. They had no choice but to do so.

If they continued to charge, it would be equivalent to suicide.

“A bunch of trash!”

The devil leader didn’t attack. Instead, he let his Devil Dogs charge forward. These Devil Dogs were all bred with super genes. They weren’t afraid of death and had a strong life force.

“You guys follow her immediately and find the right opportunity. We can’t let her escape. When the time comes, we’ll give her a fatal blow!”

The demon squad leader immediately ordered the remaining little demons.

Right now, the demon squad leader was also thinking that if they couldn’t even settle such a small matter, then they should all die.

These little demons didn’t know what their Captain was thinking. If they knew, they probably wouldn’t dare to make a move.

“Go to hell, all of you, die!”

Zhou Hao’s entire body was filled with hostility. He thought of how useless he had been in the past, unable to protect the people he wanted to protect. Thus, he began to madly slaughter these little demons.

They had killed many demons in the past, but the demons were very tenacious and could always rise from the ashes.

At that time, he was powerless and could only leave this place. Now that she had strength, her mind was filled with thoughts of killing these little demons.

He didn’t want to let a single one go.

The Imps were in a state of panic. They quickly realized that they had underestimated the human in front of them.

This human was far more terrifying than they had imagined. They also knew that they were more powerful than any enemy they had ever encountered before.

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