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Chapter 1216 - The Super Zombie gene

Chapter 1216: The Super Zombie gene

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The heaven’s favorites in the secret chamber were all terrified. How did Zhou Hao know that they were controlling the ship? this was the first time they had encountered such a situation.

This was completely unprecedented.

As long as they entered the Shura world, it would be like an airtight world without any external changes.

Logically speaking, Zhou Hao shouldn’t have known that someone was controlling it.

“Quick, use duplicate to kill him!”

The geniuses who had been confident could no longer remain calm. They started to realize that this situation would soon go out of control.

However, they didn’t want things to turn out this way. Therefore, they knew that they had to kill Zhou Hao as soon as possible.

However, Zhou Hao was not someone they could kill just because they wanted to.

“If you have any tricks up your sleeve, show them now. If you don ‘t, it’ll be too late later.”

Zhou Hao said indifferently.

The Shura elites outside were all pale. They didn’t expect this to be beyond their control.

Now, they knew that they had to do something. If things were the same as before, they would definitely regret it.

“We have to come up with a plan. We can’t let him leave here alive. Once he leaves, we Shura will have trouble sleeping and eating!”

Wata of the Shura clan said to all the other Shura geniuses with a dark expression.

The Shura’s elites all had unsightly expressions. They had thought that this matter would be resolved quickly and smoothly.

He had never thought that things would turn out like this.

I have a super virus here, taken from the corpse mother. If we use it now, it will definitely raise the strength of the mutant beasts, allowing them to become Shura Warriors!”

One of the Shura members, a scientist who liked to experiment, excitedly took out his finished product. Inside the bottle, there was a red worm wriggling.

In fact, these were not bugs, but a super virus found in the Necromancer’s body that could make the host mutate and unleash all of its potential.

The key was that if it was used, it would allow the host to obtain an extremely abnormal recovery ability.

As long as it wasn’t a fatal injury, it wouldn’t take long for him to recover.

They roughly knew what they needed to do now.

Following a deafening explosion, many of the mutant beasts could not withstand the heat and were instantly melted by the high temperature of the explosion, not even leaving behind any flesh.

“You’re looking for death!”

The heart’s demon on the other side was furious. Now, it also displayed the same movement technique. Although it was the same, there was a slight difference.

That was, the inner demon could not evolve now, which was equivalent to being fixed in the present world.

It was also because of this that Zhou Hao was able to regain the advantage he had now. It was also the best pivot for him to break the balance.

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