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Chapter 1217 - Still too kind    

Chapter 1217: Still too kind


Zhou Hao clenched his fist and punched out. His fist was like a dragon, and it was very fast.

One force breaks ten thousand techniques!

This time, he didn’t drag things out. The terrifying power destroyed everything as easily as breaking dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The group of mutated beasts that seemed unstoppable instantly scattered like chickens and dogs.

Finally, the mutated beasts panicked. They cursed in their hearts. How was this a human? this was clearly a monster.

Di di!

In the secret chamber, the Shura geniuses were also shocked by the terrifying punch.

Although they were not in the secret chamber and were outside, they could directly feel an overwhelming power coming at them.

If it weren’t for the special energy barrier of this mental Demon Realm, they would probably have been annihilated along with those mutated beasts.

“Didn’t that idiot say that Zhou Hao was only in the harmonization realm? how could he be in the harmonization realm? damn it!”

Wata couldn’t stay calm anymore. If they continued to stay in this place, they would probably all die.

However, they didn’t want to die now, so a thought immediately appeared in their minds.


They had to escape from this place. If they delayed any longer, they would probably all be left here.

“Let’s go!”

The Shura elites all ran away immediately.

However, how could Zhou Hao let them leave? just as they turned around …

With a loud bang, the energy cloak behind them suddenly exploded.

A figure shot out from inside at an extremely fast speed, carrying a monstrous killing intent.

There was no need to guess. This person was Zhou Hao.

“You’re an immortal state warrior, how could you!”

When Zhou Hao’s aura was released and spread throughout the entire secret chamber, the Shura clan’s young master wata finally realized how stupid they were.

Only then did they realize that they had been tricked by commander Jiang. This was not the harmony realm that they had talked about before.

Before this, commander Jiang had informed them that Zhou Hao was in the harmonization realm, which was why they had stayed behind to do things.

He also thought that as long as he killed Zhou Hao this time, he would be able to get it done once and for all.

Before this, they had tried every possible way to kill Zhou Hao, but they had not been able to think of a good way to do it.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them, but they had never thought that they would be tricked.

“It’s you guys!”

Zhou Hao’s eyes were filled with killing intent, and his hands were covered in blood from mutated beasts. At this moment, he looked like an Asura demon who had just walked out of hell.

In fact, Zhou Hao was now the same as the Shura evil god to the Shura elites before him.

The evil Shura God of the Shura race was nothing more than this.

“Zhou Hao, this wasn’t my idea. I didn’t know it was you. Commander Jiang told me to do this. Don’t kill me!”

After provoking Zhou Hao once, vata was already traumatized. If he had a choice, he would not have provoked Zhou Hao.

The Shura’s heaven’s favorites all tried to act innocent, as if they had nothing to do with this.

Zhou Hao smiled coldly. It had been so many years, but the Shura were still the same.

When they had the confidence, they would bully others, but when they realized that they no longer had the advantage, they would start to beg for mercy and deny their relationship.

In the past, Zhou Hao might have given the Shura race some face and spared their lives. But now, he did not have such thoughts.

“I think I was too kind to you before. If not for the sake of your ancestors, I wouldn’t have given you a second more to live!”

Zhou Hao continued,””Don’t worry, I won’t kill you directly now. It’s not good for me to kill you at this moment. I’ll gain more benefits by keeping you alive!”

Zhou Hao then looked into the distance, where the Shura were.

Zhou Hao thought to himself that it was a good idea to trade these people with the Shura.

The Shura would not let them off easily. It would be impossible for these heaven’s favorites to get out of the Shura. They might even be stripped of their status.

To the Shura elites, the price of being stripped of their status was worse than being killed.

When the Shura elites heard Zhou Hao’s words, they felt that something was amiss, but they did not think too much about it.

They were all moved to tears of gratitude. They thought that Zhou Hao was only sparing their lives for the sake of the Shura.

However, they were unaware of Zhou Hao’s thoughts. If they had known, they would have been in a state worse than death.

“Tell me, who is commander Jiang? what’s his background?”

Zhou Hao asked.

The Shura might know some secrets.

Wata hesitated and shook his head.””I’m not too sure who he is either. I only know that he was in contact with my family’s patriarch. If you want to know, you can go to my family’s patriarch directly!”

Zhou Hao frowned. He had actually met the Shura family’s patriarch. It seemed that commander Jiang’s identity was not ordinary. This matter was far more complicated than he had imagined.

At that moment, Zhou Hao realized that he could not stay in this place any longer. He could only find a better opening as soon as possible and then solve all the problems that needed to be solved.

Zhou Hao didn’t continue walking. He led them to the Shura clan.

After Zhou Hao left, he took the fastest spaceship and passed through the wormhole, heading straight to the Shura family’s territory.

When they entered, the flying boat suddenly began to shake violently.


Some flying object hit the outside of the flying boat like a heavy hammer, smashing it hard.

Zhou Hao’s brows furrowed a little. Commander Jiang’s appearance here was already worth pondering over. Now that he had been ambushed as soon as he arrived, he suddenly felt that this matter was worth pondering over.

Could it be that Yang Yuanyuan’s case was not only related to her research, but also related to the Shura family?

Thinking of this possibility, Zhou Hao immediately flew out of the flying boat.

“Don’t move, I’ll settle this!”

Although the flying boat had flown out of the wormhole, it was still in the center of the space-time turbulence.

In other words, there was still the possibility of some unexpected situations happening. Once they were drawn into the center of the space-time turbulence, they would definitely die.

Yang Yuanyuan and the others weren’t WarGods, and they weren’t even in the harmonization realm. They didn’t have the power to protect themselves.

Jonina could only remind Zhou Hao to be careful, thinking how good it would be if she had the ability to help now.

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