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Chapter 1215 - -invincible  

Chapter 1215: Chapter 1215-invincible

This boss was getting stronger and stronger. Things that seemed impossible before could now be easily solved.

“Let’s go. There are still many things to be solved. We need to solve them as soon as possible and then leave this place!”

Zhou Hao didn’t waste any time. After he was done, he went to the next level, which was more difficult to deal with than the ones above.

Zhou Hao brought the two of them down and suddenly found himself spinning.

“Not good!”

Zhou Hao knew that he had been hit by an illusion. It was an illusion from the Shura. There was a tribe in the Shura that specialized in creating illusions.

This kind of illusion could make a person fall into the world where the heart demon was.

This was a cruel and dangerous process.

Zhou Hao wasn’t afraid of anything but his own inner demons, which many people were afraid of.

However, Zhou Hao knew that he could not leave this world now. He could only overcome his inner demons and walk out of this world.

After he did all this, he saw a world of blood and soon, he saw another him.

“Boss, save me!”

Zhou Hao saw another version of himself. He was now the leader of the mutant beasts and was also in the immortal state. He was also in charge of an Army of mutant beasts.

Zhou Hao, on the other hand, had found his weakness, which was Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan.

Zhou Hao’s face darkened. This was the first time he felt that it was so difficult to deal with. He knew that as his strength increased, the inner demons would also become more difficult to deal with and stronger.

“Go, kill him!”

The other inner demon on the opposite side immediately gave an order to the mutant beast Army.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mutant beast Army immediately began to charge. They were densely packed, like a flood breaking through a dam.

“Boss, don’t leave us behind!”

At that moment, Zhou Hao heard Yang Yuanyuan’s plea.

Now, Zhou Hao realized that this time, his inner demon had reached the point where it could pass off as the real thing.

It seemed that the Shura had put in a lot of effort in this area.

At the same time, Zhou Hao began to be interested in the mysterious commander Jiang. He also thought that this might be the same commander Jiang that he had known.

“The Shura have nothing to do after they’re full. Now they’re even extending their hands to earth Star. You guys are so annoying!”

Zhou Hao didn’t pay attention to the cries for help. He had experienced many things in the past and had seen many storms.

At this time, he only had one goal, and that was to kill his other self, which was the inner demon.

The inner demon was very smart. Not only did he threaten her with two important people, but he also made the mutated beast protect her.

In other words, he basically didn’t have any advantage now, and he couldn’t defeat this inner demon.

Unfortunately, this time, the inner demon did not know that he was no longer the same person as before.

At this time, he would not be afraid even if the soldiers of the thousands of races in the starry sky attacked him together, let alone the Army of mutant beasts.

This inner demon could already be able to turn fake into real. It was indeed very powerful, but unfortunately, it was still far from it.


Zhou Hao easily carved out a bloody path in the mutant beast Army. The mutant beasts here were very real, but it did not affect him now.

Zhou Hao was still as invincible as he had been during the battle in the starry sky.

At this moment, fear and the like were completely non-existent.

It could also be said that Zhou Hao’s current state was impeccable.

Of course, the mutated beasts in front of him did not know, and neither did the inner demon.

“He’s too weak!”

Wherever Zhou Hao went, there were mountains of corpses. These mutated beasts collapsed one after another.

At this moment, Zhou Hao was like a god who had descended to the mortal world, invincible.

Even the mutated beasts were terrified. They felt that this human was too terrifying.

The inner demon was also frightened, but he pretended to be calm.

Di di!

Zhou Hao was currently on a killing spree. At the same time, the alarm in the base outside was ringing.

In a secret room on the third floor, there were some men and women in light armor.

If Zhou Hao was here, he would have recognized them as the young Shura elites.

These young geniuses wanted to use this illusion to make Zhou Hao suffer a mental breakdown.

However, they did not expect that Zhou Hao was not only terrifyingly powerful, but also had such a powerful spirit.

“Is this a human?”

The Shura’s top genius, wata, was dumbfounded. He thought that as long as Zhou Hao fell into the illusion, he would not be able to walk out and would eventually die in it.

However, he did not expect Zhou Hao to be fine. It seemed that he could even kill his way out of the Asura’s illusion with ease.

“We can’t let him out. Use that move. We must trap him. If he finds commander Jiang, we’ll be in trouble!”

Wata said to the other Shura geniuses. They had been sent here by their families, and it was their mission to gain experience.

All of the paragons here looked up to wata.

Vata was currently the only heir to the Shura clan’s patriarch, and they immediately began to curry favor.

They continued to invest more mutant beasts into the Shura world. The ones at the front were relatively weak, and the further they went, the higher the level of the mutant beasts they invested.

There were even some King-tier mutated beasts among them.

These mutated beasts all swarmed up and continued to launch another wave of fierce attacks.

“Although we can’t kill him this time, if we continue to develop like this, it’ll be enough to make him suffer!”

The Shura elites were confident that as long as they could trap Zhou Hao, their mission would be completed.

In their opinion, even if Zhou Hao could walk out of the world where the inner demon was, he would either be dead or injured.

He might even have a mental breakdown this time.

However, no matter what the final situation was, the end result would be the same.

However, they did not know that Zhou Hao already knew that someone was controlling this mental demon world.

The only reason he knew was because he could sense an external energy fluctuation in this airtight world.

Sensing this energy, Zhou Hao immediately knew that someone was manipulating everything.

It reminded Zhou Hao of the past. Back then, he was also very weak and could not solve the problems he wanted to solve.

Moreover, he was powerless to resist. He was a puppet that was being controlled.

Many times, he had thought of giving up on himself, but he had not. In the end, he had persevered.

At this moment, he had already reached this point. He definitely could not continue walking down the same path as before.

“Although I don’t know who you are, I can say that you’ve made a very stupid choice. Now, I’ll kill you!”

Zhou Hao looked up at the sky. His eyes were sharp like two knives that could pierce through the sky.

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