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Chapter 1209 - Watching the live broadcast while kneeling on the ground  

Chapter 1209: Watching the live broadcast while kneeling on the ground

Liu Peiyuan was so angry that he roared at them like an angry lion.

Just as the evolvers were about to increase the electric current to stimulate the mutant beasts, Zhou Hao walked out from the middle of the mutant beasts and said slowly,””No need. They’re dead, so your electric current control won’t work!”

The few evolvers were skeptical and did not know what to do.

They didn’t think too much about it. They looked at their leader, Liu Peiyuan, with uncertainty.

“Why are you looking at me? you idiots, you believe everything he says. He said you don’t have long to live, and you believe him?”

Liu Peiyuan didn’t believe it. His heart was beating fast, but he pretended to be calm. He looked at his subordinates and said angrily.

The result was that his subordinate immediately took out a remote control and pressed the red button on top. There was a small symbol on it, the symbol of lightning.

This was what they used to control the mutant beasts.


After they pressed the button, the mutated beast’s body glowed with a dazzling white light.

If one looked closely, they would know that these lights were electric currents.


However, they didn’t see the mutated beasts move even when the electric current burned them to ashes.

“The leader seems to have really died!”

Although these people were not very smart, they were not idiots either. They immediately realized that what Zhou Hao said was true.

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. How can my mutated beast die so easily? you idiots, I’ll do it myself!”

Just as Liu Peiyuan was about to grab the remote control.

Zhou Hao, on the other hand, felt that this leader was very pitiful. He was too conceited. Zhou Hao rushed over and used his finger to knock on the mutated beast a few times.

Then, the mutated beasts slowly fell to the ground.


The few evolvers were dumbfounded. They had been skeptical before, but now they completely believed it. They had no choice but to believe it.

This five-star demonic beast had died just like that?

They were all very surprised, thinking that their eyes were playing tricks on them. Now, they rubbed their eyes.

When they confirmed that the magical beasts were really dead, they all sucked in a cold breath.


Then, they widened their eyes. Although they knew it was true, they still found it hard to believe.

What they were seeing now was equivalent to seeing an Evolver blow up a planet. They were extremely shocked.

At the same time, they were filled with fear.

If Zhou Hao could kill the five-star demonic beasts so easily, wouldn’t it be even easier to kill them?

In fact, if Zhou Hao wanted to kill them, he would have done so long ago. After all, to him, killing these weak people was as easy as taking something out of his pocket.

Zhou Hao didn’t kill them because he wanted them to see clearly that he wasn’t here to frame them, and he wasn’t here to take revenge.

He had been slandered because of that before, and now he didn’t want to continue living the same life as before.

Therefore, he now knew that it was necessary for him to lead a good life.

“Awesome, the host is too awesome!”

“My mother asked me why I was kneeling on the ground and watching the live broadcast!”

[The streamer is simply a King’s beauty, no, a God’s beauty of creation!]

Many netizens appeared and were shocked. At this time, they thought that Zhou Hao was still the same as he was a few years ago.

From the beginning until now, it was not the right time for Zhou Hao to use it. He had always kept his strength a secret.

Usually, she would only take action when it was time to do so, because only at this time could she settle what she wanted to settle more steadily.

Just like now, he had successfully solved the current problem.

“How can you have this kind of power? this isn’t normal. It’s impossible!”

In fact, the leader, Liu Peiyuan, was a real talent. However, his vision was too narrow, and he was destined to not go far.

Now, Liu Peiyuan must not know that Zhou Hao was no longer human.

Zhou Hao’s successful transformation and rebirth had made him an extraordinary existence.

Of course, Liu Peiyuan did not know about it.

“You can’t kill me. If you kill me, the commander of the base will not let you go. The commander has successfully developed the Super Serum. He is now an important guest of mu xiuguo, the state preceptor!”

Liu Peiyuan had a strong desire to survive. He said everything that he should or should not say.

Hearing that, Zhou Hao was amused. Liu Peiyuan probably didn’t even know that he was just a pawn.

He also didn’t know that ever since he was exposed, he had lost the right to negotiate with him.

At this time, if the commander knew about this, he would not have sent people to rescue Liu Peiyuan. Instead, he would have chosen to leave Liu Peiyuan behind.

It was really stupid of Liu Peiyuan to mention the commander at this time.

“Although you have some real talent, it’s a pity that you’ve chosen the wrong path. You’ve chosen this path, and now you’re destined to die!”

“Hmph!” Zhou Hao snorted coldly, then rushed forward, raised his hand, and slashed down.

His speed was very fast and he could quickly cut out a wind blade, and it hit Liu Peiyuan directly.

“I don’t want to die, I can’t die!”

Liu Peiyuan was lying in a pool of blood, holding his neck in pain. He was begging with difficulty, but the syllables that came out of his throat were intermittent.

Zhou Hao just sneered. A parasite like Liu Peiyuan deserved to die.

Letting her die now was already being merciful.

Seeing their leader die just like that, the other evolvers were so scared that they lost their ability to resist and shivered.

If it had been before, Zhou Hao would definitely have dealt with them with a swing of his blade and then quickly left this place. However, he did not do so now.

“I can spare you, but I want to know who this commander is. The more you tell me, the faster one can leave this place alive!”

Zhou Hao looked at them with a smile, as if he was hiding daggers in his smile.

These evolvers were all terrified. Of course, they knew that if Zhou Hao really wanted to kill them, he would not show them any mercy.

Therefore, they only had one thought now, and that was to tell him everything and leave this place.

Originally, this place was a paradise for them to rest in, but now it was a territory. At this time, they all wished that they could grow a pair of wings on their backs and leave this place as quickly as possible.

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